..clouds turn to cotton..

.,I’m on a cloud 9 baby!! HAHA! 

.,I shot this photo because I love how it looks like. Its like cottons in the sky. As I looked at it, I remember my elementary days that our teacher told us to do the different types of clouds from a cotton and it should be look like this. And because of this little activity I thought that COTTONS CAME FROM CLOUDS. HAHA. I know it’s weird, and also I know that I have this what they call “WILD IMAGINATION”. Imagining that people inside a helicopter will get some of those clouds then turn it to cottons. :D But somehow looking at clouds makes me feel light and calm. Maybe because of the colors but I think it’s because of what am I thinking when I see it. 

And you know what?! I always dreaming that I’ll lie on the clouds!! Like what Peter Pan did. AHHRGHH! I wanna fly! Is anybody their know where I can get a fairy dust?? HAAY!