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Thoughts on Halsey's VMA performance?

um i don’t care about her so i took a potty break and got sum orange juice 

The world is testing me.

Potty training seems like paradise compared to the MASSIVE palmetto bug, aka roach, I caught cruising in our kitchen last night. (Thankfully Eric killed it but it isn’t the first we’ve seen recently so that means there are more.)

FUCK THIS, guys.

I called exterminators first thing this morning but they can’t come until tomorrow so until then I will sleep with 1 eye open and basically stay in one spot all day.

“I mean Dean and Renee gonna be a couple in the show,so they most likely will kiss and cuddle” – I can write fanfiction, too!

“Dean stomped to the car, and quickly threw his bags into the trunk before the Blonde could find him. He drove to WaWa for a quick pit stop and potty break before the drive to Allentown. A few pics with fans and then, there in the corner of his eye, he saw it. Her. The annoying blonde. He gave the poor fan who just wanted a pic with the champ a pity slap on the shoulder, then paid for his granola bars and slurpee. And ran.

Speeding down local roads to the hotel, he managed to avoid being followed. Checking in to the Garden Hilton, he was told that his roommate was already there. He smiled. Grabbing his bags and running to his room, the door was opened before he could take out the keycard. The large Italian-Samoan greeted him. Both men smiled. Kisses and cuddles await…”

The City Streets

Tavi collapsed their size back down to normal height and popped Dana down. “Ok potty ummm so we could portal somewhere…my place technically has a functioning toilet…I could portal you home? ” Tavi rummaged around in their tatty lab coat and fished out a portal gun that was just as battered looking as they are


 That’s a picture from a couple nights ago. I wish I had an actual non-phone camera to take the picture. Oh well, still pretty!

 Hope everybody had a great Sunday. Mine was spent sleeping until mid day. Late Saturday, towards 11 pm, I got very tired very quickly. I went to bed a few minutes after and minus a potty break, I slept until past 11 am the next morning.

 Shortly after waking up I took a couple of leftover steaks from the Saturday BBQ and took them down to a friend’s place and we fried up some spuds (without the actual oil part), mixed some sliced up steak with some eggs and cheese and we had a nice brunch… well lunch really.

 We spent the rest of the day playing some videogames… well, game, really. I got him Aliens: Isolation (and another) for his bday and we spent the good portion of the afternoon playing that on his PS4.

 After that we switched to more Smallville season 9 as it had been a couple months since we watched any. We managed to watch 4-5 episodes and now are on the last 2 episodes before the final season. This is all new to him, and I’ve only watched it all the way through once, so it’s a nice treat.

 I didn’t get home until almost 10 pm and didn’t feel like turning on my pc or using the horrible Windows Phone Tumblr app, so I relaxed for a bit and went to bed.

 This morning I had an early Bible study session with my friend, so we did that from 9:20-10:30 or so. We haven’t met in a few weeks since he’s been on vacation at his ranch in Colorado, so it was nice to see him. We had plenty to chat about as well as do our study (we’re on Hebrews).

 Now I’m at home changed into a nice dress as it’s supposed to be in the mid 70′s. Also doing some laundry and relaxing. May just take a nap in a couple hours too.

 HRT wise not a whole lot to report. With the recent breast growth I decided to see how wearing a bra all day the last couple days felt, and it was good. Even though the growth is minimal as I’m only a bit more than a month in, things were certainly held in place better and there was a lot less movement while walking, pretty much indicating that wearing one from now on - sports or otherwise - may be a good idea.

 Emotionally things are kinda weird right now. I feel like tearing up at the smallest things. So far I’m holding it together, but dang, a mildly sappy ad on TV or a My Wish subject on ESPN is just making me want to ball my eyes out. Always thought those were sweet, but now I just want to cry and hug those kids. I’ve always been a bit emotional, but not on this level. It’ll be interesting to see if this gets… I don’t think worse is the right word… more intense? That sounds good. That will be interesting to see if that changes at all.

 Anywhoozles, you’re all caught up on my weekend. I hope you’ve all had a nice, relaxing one as well. For those of you who had a not-so-great weekend, don’t worry, the next one will be excellent! And it’s only a few more days away!

 - Lana

Amphibian August #17 – Plagiosaurus

Plagiosaurus lived during the Late Triassic of Germany (~205-201 mya), and was one of the last members of the plagiosaurids. Part of the same lineage of temnospondyls as the metoposaurids, this group took their body shapes to even more of an extreme – wide and flat, with stubby limbs and mouths that opened upwards like toilet seats.

Very similar to its close relative Gerrothorax (who was featured on this blog a few months ago), Plagiosaurus reached a size of about 1m long (3′3″). It was a fully aquatic bottom-dwelling ambush predator, waiting for smaller animals to swim close to its mouth and then sucking them in.

These animals are often depicted with external gills as adults, and I’ve done the same here, but some sources interpret them as having internal gills like the dvinosaurs.


Baby buttons: it was so comfortable 🙄 now I could hardly fit into a small potty tray…..