They say that eventually everything comes back around….right?…life goes in cycles, fashion, music etc. Well thank god…cuz that sound that I miss so bad has made its way back to my happy soul & ears in a band called POTTY MOUTH. Thankfully I got to the Perfect Pussy show at SLC’s Kilby Court early enough last night to catch this rad garage-punk band from Northampton. These girls killed it and now have a new fan for life. It’s that sound that made me fall in love with distortion pedals back in the day. Everything I loved about HOLE’s “Live through this” but never heard again. But now I’m the old dude at the show and these young punk girls are revitalizing my heart. Breathing new fuzzy life into my dusty soul. I can’t wait to see them again. Check them out if they hit your town. They’re on a pretty heavy tour this summer and not to be missed. 

I hope to post some tracks soon.

This shot is of Abby the lead singer/guitarist who holds down the set with such great stage presence, singing through her hair and stomping on her pedals. I wanted to buy them all breakfast. 




Potty Mouth is playing with Ovlov and Wolvings at The Monkey House in Winooski, VT TONIGHT (details)! 

For the show, we are doing something a little wacky. We’ve made 12 special, hand-numbered, blue tinted versions of our out of print compilation First Gear: Feminism in the Northeast (they are more blue in person). These will only be available at the show tonight and are on a first come basis. Hope to see you there! Stop by the Stick Shift Records table!