OBSESSED with those ears 😍😍😍 and perfect lighting outside today. Recently she’s been ringing the bell just to lay outside because it’s so nice out 😒😒 I try to be consistent with teaching her that that’s not how it works but….she’s just so cute. And it really does feel good out there lol so I just try to leave the patio door open for her after she pottys

Just a little update, sorry I havent been posting much, but I’ve been pretty sad so heres an update

The first thing I want to say is that I failed all of the exams for my classes, so I ended up with failing grades, but since I’m special ed now and I’d be going into my third year of grade nine there pushing me ahead and asigning me my own personal TA next year, in stead of getting attention from just the class TA

The Second thing is that I’ve finnished another package of pull-ups with only two accedents so moms gonna let me try underwear again and it starts tommorow

and lastly I’ve been getting made fun of latly and people have recently started calling me the baby of the school and when I asked this nerdy kid named Jerry why they were calling me that and he said it was because I “Pee your pants, are alway a freshman every year and have the breasts of a 12 year old.”

So yeah I’m just really sad latly.

Ready to Potty Train

There have been a couple hints here and there that Minky was getting the potty thing more over the last couple of month, but in the last week it is pretty clear that he is maybe ready to take that to the next level.  Yesterday and this morning he immediately asked for a diaper change as soon as he had gone to the bathroom (poop or pee), and apparently he has been doing this a bit at daycare and for Navyy too.  There is still a ways to go from noticing a messy diaper to actually anticipating when he needs to go (and making it in time), but I think it is time to go out and buy one of those toddler seat covers for the toilet!  We will see what happens.

What P.T. REALLY stands for:

Originally we were thinking a game that would make you pee your pants,” Hideo Kojima said about Silent Hills on Konami’s Twitch (via IGN). However, now “we are aiming for a game that will make you shit your pants.”

It’s clear to me now that PT stands for “Potty Training”


We’re in the thick of potty training over here, and he’s taken to it so well, just like big sis did. We started Lily on the 3-day, pants-free method, and it worked like a charm. Within a week, she was potty trained. With Drew, I’m taking the same approach, and he has responded just how I hoped. We’ve been going at it hard and as consistently as possible for the last week, and he barely has accidents as long as I stay on his case about it. Two kids in and I am certain that I know the key to getting results: consistency. I’m figuring this parenting thing out :)

The last 4 nights in a row he hasn’t wet his diapers at all and has woken up dry. I put him in a diaper when we go out, and every time he comes home dry, so we set his little butt right on the potty as soon as we get in. Sometimes he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to hop on, but I can bribe him with a piece of candy easily and I have absolutely no problem doing that. A little bribery never hurt anybody, and even if he gets right back up as soon as I set him down, at least he was on there and that’s a big part of this method.

Potty training him has been a breeze because he just wants to do everything Lily does, so he’s all about it. It’s also ten million times less stressful because I know what to expect and I know that accidents happen. Strange as it may be, I’m enjoying potty training. Seeing how proud he is of himself makes me happy, and the naked baby booty running around the house doesn’t hurt either. I think I can safely say that diapers are a thing of the past, and even though it’s one more step away from babyhood, I think it’s a happy one. 


An autobiographical film, produced at CalArts in 24 hours.


3 weeks ago Harry started sitting on the potty & wearing pull-ups. His interest comes and goes on both but today he made 2 tries after telling me he had to poop and peed both times! Yay!

However, he keeps telling us he pooped on the potty. His mind will be blown when he realizes the difference.

Potty learning update!

So Milo will be 18 months tomorrow and in just a couple months he’s pretty much fully toilet learned. He wears a diaper at nap time and bed time. Naps are hot and miss for waking up dry and he’s usually soaked in the morning. But he drinks a bottle(s) of water when he goes to sleep and I guess there could be worse habits for him to have so I’m gonna let that work itself out in time.

His accidents are few and far between (and we don’t make a big deal of them, just bring him to the bathroom and don’t even call it an accident which would give it a negative connotation) a couple weeks ago we took the plunge to wearing underwear on outings. He had successfully been staying dry in his diaper and going to the bathroom in public restrooms. We bring his wee pod seat and keep in our “diaper bag” backpack to use on the toilet. We can pretty well gauge when he needs to use the toilet and he’s only had a couple misses. He knows what he’s supposed to do when we put him on the toilet and any time he’s distracted or just wants to play with the toilet paper we can bring his attention back to going to the bathroom and he’ll stop and try. He knows the sign for toilet but doesn’t use it. He’s very good at bringing us to what he wants and communicating that way so the next step is bringing us to the bathroom when he has to go. For now we take him ever so often throughout the day. I’m so amazed and proud of my little guy with what he’s able to do when we give him the opportunity!


Three omg’s because HOLY CRAP YALL!

So I had to pee and she said potty and insisted so I sat her down. SHE WENT PEE! AND WIPED.

I’ve NEVER shown her how to wipe!

And then I clapped and dance and got her diaper on. She kept wanting it off so I took it off and she sat back down AND POOPED.


So I then clapped and danced some more and we got in the shower. Then in the middle of the shower, she kept saying potty. I figured she was just still excited. But she wanted out so I took her out and she sat down AND PEED AGAIN.


I’m sooooo beyond proud! Where did this come from?! I legit want to cry!

So now I gave her a cookie and were gonna nap and cuddle. :)

But I seriously am still in shock!
I’ll post her first video in a bit! I didn’t record the other two since I was caught off guard but OMG.

Potty "training" update!

"Training" because we’re not actually potty training at all. We’re just practicing sitting on the potty a couple times a day. If he happens to actually go, we celebrate. Mostly he just sits and we read a few books.

Today, though, we had a bit of a break through! I asked him if he wanted to use the potty and he immediately ran over to it and pointed emphatically. As soon as he sat down, (drumroll) he pooped!

Lol, apologies to anyone who reads my blog who isn’t into hearing about this, Very understandable.

Anyway, I feel like it was pretty significant! He knows what the potty is for! He gets the concept!

I think now I’m just going to have him visit the potty more frequently and see what happens. I really don’t know if this is an effective method at all, but it cant hurt, right?


I’ve been meaning to do an update on Milo’s progress. We’ve hit a good rhythm now and seem to have it down pretty well. When we first started we did the little potty on the floor and tried to get him to sit on it of his own accord. He’s a very busy boy though and who wants to just sit?? He didn’t like it much and trips to the potty were usually unfruitful. Then we moved it up to the toilet and he seemed to like that more and he could explore this area from a new perspective. Also I like that it’s in the bathroom and he’ll learn to associate going to the bathroom with the actual toilet. I know one of the main reasons for potty learning early is to help him gain independence in this as he is becoming aware of this new thing during this sensitive period. But having him go and sit on his little potty just wasn’t happening, and it was making me sad that he didn’t want to and maybe he wasn’t ready? Maybe this whole thing was wrong? But we decided even if he wasn’t ready we’d keep at it because it’s called potty learning for a reason, and if we kept at it he’d learn and grow and understand and he’d be ahead of the game when he finally was ready. So for a week or two we’d go and sit on the toilet and read books and play games. And if I got him there at the right time there would be potty. I don’t think he quite understood though that potty is the reason for going to the bathroom.

Recently I was in Target and happened to notice they had the Wee Pod that babymossphotography so highly recommended. And I’m a sucker for things that have cool design anyway so I bought it! It’s awesome and comfy and has a bigger lip on the front to keep him from peeing everywhere haha. Plus he can pee straight into the toilet now and it sounds more like it does when we go to the bathroom so I like to think that helps him understand haha. And now his other potty is back to the floor so if he ever does decide to go sit on it he can.

With the new seat came a new approach to potty breaks. Mike one night decided no games, no books, no distractions… and no escape haha. He put Milo down and told him to potty and that he would give him some privacy, then he stepped around the corner out of sight. There was a little bit of protest but then Milo tinkled! (I like to call it tinkling now because it really does tinkle haha) And that was the start of our new rhythm. I usually pick him up and tell him we’re going to take a potty break. Leading him to the potty doesn’t work for us, because like I said busy boy doesn’t like to stop what he’s doing and usually he’ll put up a fight and refuse to walk, sometimes he becomes a noodle sometimes he sits. Picking him up avoids the power struggle. We walk to the bathroom and I let him turn on the light, he really likes that. Then I put him down and hide around the corner. I listen carefully. Usually he does a little grunt, he knows now this is what he’s supposed to do and almost always at least tries to push something out. Sometimes he plays with the toilet paper, but he learned how to roll it back up and does that now. If he starts fussing or just wants to play I go in and ask if he’s all done. But usually he goes, and lately he’s been even poo-ing more often (he pooped for my pictures hahahahha)

Lastly (sorry for the long and rambling post) how we deal with around the house peeing…

I try to take him as often as I remember, and when I think he needs to, but sometimes he pees every 20 minutes and sometimes he’ll go over an hour without peeing so it’s hard to know exactly when to take him. Plus I get busy too. He’s usually bottomless around the house because that’s just easier and we can see and hear exactly when he starts going. If I catch him soon enough which I usually do I pick him up and bring him to the toilet and he finishes there. I think he’s starting to learn to hold it because sometimes he’ll start and there will be a couple drips and he’ll look down then look at me. He also doesn’t keep peeing when I pick him up, he stops and waits til he’s on the toilet to finish. I’m thinking we’ll switch him to wearing underwear when he starts being able to tell us when he has to go. He still wears diapers while we’re out and during nap time and at night. We tried bringing the potty in the car once and getting him to go but he HATED that. Plus it’s cold and rainy and our car isn’t the biggest of cars. I’m thinking eventually maybe I can bring the Wee Pod into wherever we go (maybe in a big reusable shopping bag so I don’t look crazy??) and have him use the restroom that way, or just hold him over the toilet. I don’t know, I’m not ready to tackle that yet haha. We’re taking it slow and I’m actually very happy with the progress he’s made and the understanding he’s gained of his body. (: