potty training

February 16, 2017:

We are attempting to potty train Milo. At first we tried to use a timer and put him on every 20ish minutes, but it was too overwhelming. We have always followed his lead, so we are taking a step back a little. He now chooses between his diaper and his big boy underwear. We don’t want to pressure him too early, but I don’t want to wait too long either. It’s only day 4, and he is still having more accidents than actually going in the potty, but he will now stop what he’s doing if he starts to pee and will go to the bathroom. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

The idea of potty training has always stressed me out. Hopefully, it continues to move in the right direction and remains a positive stress free transition for our little guy.


Potty Break

Guys. I’m so sad. For the first time in a long time I was having a very pleasant dream. I was happy. It was the first dream I can recall having in years that wasn’t in black and white. It was bright. The grass was green. The stone pathway outside had a pink hue to it. Flowers were blooming. Shrubbery was lush.

It started with me spending time with a large group of friends. We were eating outside, laughing and chatting. It was a comfortable setting. One of them asked me to get my cards out to do a reading. Everyone was very interested and there was no feelings of judgement. And then a group of young men came up, showing an interest and striking up conversation with us. The group got smaller until all that was left were me and two of the guys. They competed for my attention, heavily flirting, but I grinned at them, thinking, “silly boys.” I left that area and started down a path. It looked very much like a college campus (which isn’t surprising because I always have dreams of school settings), and I walked into a building for a meeting during which someone addressed me as Treasurer.

When the meeting was over, I walked outside and saw this older man looking at me. I smiled at him and he approached me. We talked for a long while. He had sad eyes, dark hair that laid just so, a dark five o'clock shadow that draped over a strong jawline, and a warm smile. There was an overwhelming sense of protection and affection and mutual respect. He reached over and touched my shoulder which was very new because no one I’ve ever dreamed about has touched me. It felt so good with him.

And then my youngest daughter woke me up. She’s in the middle of potty training and she had wet the bed. I wanted to cry, guys. Seriously. 😔

But now the sheets are washing and she’s dressed and in bed with me. Let’s try this again. Maybe Sad Eyes will come back. 😅 Anyone wanna take a crack at dream meanings? (aside from wishful thinking)

Here is a selfie I approved for use in mommy’s upcoming book ‘Selfish’. I love this pic because it reminds me of how simple life use to be. Before potty training… before sitting front row at NYFW… before inappropriate Easter outfits… before Tyga. I sometimes find myself longing for these days.