potty training

My mother wonders why I don’t ask her for much. I asked her on Wednesday if she could get off next Wednesday because I have not been cleared to drive yet and both Veda and I have doctor appointments. She has yet to give me answer. Ugh. I love her but woman! Hopefully my my MIL can still take off.

It funny how much you forget after 3 yrs of not having an infant. I’ve completely forgot the exhaustion of breast feeding at night and the amount of diaper changes.

Speaking of diapers any ideas to get a 3yr to use the potty. We’ve done pee pee candy, timed bathroom breaks and forced bathroom breaks(go when we go). No go. Pee pee candy works for when he needs to pee but not poopy. He wears big boy undies pretty much all day but that doesn’t deter him from going in them. I feel like we should already be pass this.

Puppy raising rant

My dad wants to use physical force to correct my puppy’s behavior. All because Ajax had one accident today… like most 9 week old puppies do after week 1 of potty training. 

One accident a day is honestly better than I was hoping for since potty training takes time, for some puppies more than others. But apparently Dad knows More About It™ than I do since this is just the first dog I’ve trained. 

Not like the research I’ve done on raising a puppy is more recent than his knowledge or anything /s (since he’s stuck using awful methods he learned in the 80s). 

I told my dad we’re doing it my way. I mean I wanted to cry and run away to my room because I felt so disrespected, but I stood my ground. He said he’ll be patient with Ajax and I hope that’s true. 

All research shows that dogs don’t understand when you “rub their nose in it” or hurt them for doing something wrong. And I will not let him do that to my dog.

I just hope Dad continues to respect my wishes. If not, I’ll have to find another place for Ajax, my fiancé, and I to live safely. I mean it seems dramatic but that’s how strongly I feel about this.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just feeling so helpless and angry and I love my pupper so much.