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To be immature is to be incomplete or undeveloped. In terms of emotional and personal growth, immaturity has to do with certain attitudes that show that an individual has not yet become an adult in the full sense of the word. These attitudes affect one’s ability to love, relate, care, and build good relationships. There are a number of these: Control, Irresponsibility, and Self-Centeredness but today I am going to talk about Detachment.

Have you ever been with someone who was physically present but a million miles away emotionally? His body was in the room, but his mind was elsewhere. This describes detachment, which is the tendency to disconnect from a relationship. The detached partner either distances himself mentally or focuses on something else, causing the other person in the relationship to feel alone and disconnected.

Detachment is a sign of relational immaturity. Adults need to have the ability to connect at deep and emotional levels with themselves and others. This is the basis of love itself. When you tend toward detachment, you are not mature and complete in the ability to love and connect fully.

- Dr. Henry Cloud