potty patrol

GPOY on Potty Patrol

Hubby got me a new Life Is Good hat. He must love me.

R: “So, that means you will wear that every day now, right?" 

Me: "Until there are 26 hours in day. Right.”

ps. R’s class benefitted from the extra bunny cookies today because the mom in charge of cookies sent store bought ones with peanut warning on them.

Seriously? It’s April bitch, when will you catch on the the “No Peanut” rule. To think that R’s class would have had no fun sweet for their big party. Divine intervention. There was a reason my kitchen was overrun with bunnies. 

The hunt was awesome. Mom in charge numbered the eggs so they had to find their number. Genius. It lasted a long time and the kids were helping each other find their number. Jesus would highly approve.