Over the Garden Wall - Pottsfield

Alright so I’ve made a theory about Over the Garden Wall. When Wirt and Greg travel with Beatrice to Pottsfield I felt like I had heard the name before that’s when I realized something.

In history people who where highly in debt or where poor and couldn’t afford to buried in a cemetery they where buried in unmarked graves called Potters Fields (at most you where given a number on a small stone like this)

… So when Wirt and Greg are digging and finding these skeletons the reason they are not marked graves is because it’s a potter’s field hence the name of the town.

This is just something I thought of when watching the series and I must say it’s a wonderful series and has tons of historical references for history nerds like me


So I was listening to Lore (a fantastic podcast by the way) and was introduced to a term I’d never heard of before: a potter’s field, which refers to a common grave or vast cemetery of unknown/unidentified people (often times prisoners or those without next of kin were buried in potter’s field as well) Now I’ve watched the fantastic cartoon mini series Over the Garden Wall probably a dozen times by now, it is hands down one of my favorite pieces of animation in recent years. It occurred to me that the inspiration for the town of Pottsfield in the show most likely came from this term. The townsfolk refer to the newly unearthed skeletal citizens as a “harvest” and with the exception of Enoch (the pseudo mayor/leader of Pottsfield) none of the residents of Pottsfield are named, likely referring to the unknown/unidentified status of those buried in potter’s fields. Another neat bit is that the name Enoch likely derives from two separate men by the same name who feature in the Bible. Curiously enough, the Bible is also the origin of the term “potter’s field” Just a neat little piece of lore and background about one of my favorite cartoons that I noticed only now, years after it aired! Well done to the creators!


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Harvest Celebration
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Harvest Celebration

Figured it was an appropriate time of year to remind everyone of my favorite, somewhat underrated, song from the OTGW soundtrack. I love the harmonies!

From flesh removed our chalk footfall
tempers this holy ground
Where timeless spirits meet
Round the heart of Pottsfield town

O Hi thee forth o’er golden mead
yon is the maypole set
A ribbon to wind thy soul
And to bind love to thy breast