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I know that your probably really busy and I'm sorry for being an annoyance but I really love ur blog and your fics. Also if it's not too much of a bother could you write a fic where Alice kicks lily Marlene and someone else out of the dormitory early in the morning to get ready for her date with frank and so the girls are left outside of the dormitory in just their pjs and of course lily is wearing an oversized t shirt and knickers and the marauders see them. Written in james pov bc he is a dork

NO STOP YOU’RE NOT AN ANNOYANCE. I hope this is reasonable oops.

a continuation of this

Alice sat at the mirror, straight-backed. Rubbing her ruby lips together for the thousandth time, she tried out a nervous smile. Dorcas stood behind her, deftly pinning her curls into place. She held out her hand silently as Alice obediently passed another clip. Mary was sprawled on her bed, her pale face reddening as she tipped her upper body upside-down off the edge. Lily and Marlene sat cross-legged on either side of an impressive collection of sugar quills.

“Hagrid’s not the only giant at school, if you know what I mean.”

Lily nodded grudgingly, and Marlene smirked as she picked a purple one out of the pile. 

“Can I have one?” Mary’s voice inquired from the other side of the bed.

“Earn it,” Marlene said with a loud smack on hers.

“Where’d you get them from, anyway?”

“Nicked it from Sirius.” Marlene shrugged.

Lily thought for a bit. “Wanna make some magic together, Alice? My wand is at the ready.”

Marlene snorted, tossing Lily a red sugar quill. Alice glared at her through the reflection in the mirror.

Mary sat up and cleared her throat. “Been using the Petrificus on me? Because you’re making me stiff.”

Alice gagged. Lily laughed. “Awful. Try again.”

“Fine. I’ve been Whomping my Willow thinking about you.”

Marlene looked at Lily, who shrugged. “Bearable.”

Mary gave Lily a shove before bursting into laughter. She sifted through the lot, settling on a green one.

Lily deepened her voice. “I must have had some Felix Felicis, because I think I’m about to get lucky.

“That’s it.” Alice stood up abruptly. “That’s it. OUT.”

Dorcas had collapsed with laughter, gripping the back of the chair with white knuckles. Lily grinned, helping herself to three. Marlene rolled her eyes, a smirk on her face.

Alice crossed her arms. “Out.” She looked down. “You too, Doe.”

“I’m doing your hair!” She protested, pulling herself off the floor.

“You just said you finished. I can do my makeup myself.”

Mary swiped at her eye with the back of her hand, unable to contain another snort from escaping her. “We’re just trying to make you feel better…”

With surprising force, Alice grabbed the four girls, hurling them out of the room.

“…about how Frank’s gonna SLYTHERIN TONIGHT!”

The door slammed in their faces, but not before Lily caught Alice’s escaped laughter as she turned away. She turned to Mary, handing her a quill. “You earned it.”


James recognized the high peal of laughter before it even properly registered in his mind. Lily. He’d know her anywhere.


Hearing her, a smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

Also pathetic.

“Now what?” He heard another voice ask. Marlene? Dorcas, maybe?

“She’ll be done soon enough. God, I’m freezing.” Lily.

Ducking through the open entry, the Marauders encountered a group of four girls by the stone staircase that lead up to the girls’ dorms. Dorcas sat high on the stairs, rolling her eyes. A few steps down sat Mary, bright red with laughter. Standing against the wall was Marlene, arms crossed, and…


In a Quidditch shirt.

His Quidditch shirt.

He didn’t dare look lower.

Lily noticed him looking, and her eyebrows rose. “Oh,” she said, crossing her arms. “I forgot to give this back.”

“’sfi-fine,” he mumbled, kicking himself mentally. Losing coherency was a new low for him.

Sirius frowned at the girls. “Where’d you get those sugar quills?”

“Honeydukes’.” Marlene replied smoothly. James didn’t notice Mary glance sideways at her as he stared into Lily’s green eyes.

He could get lost in those eyes. Those eyes were safe. Looking at those eyes meant they weren’t looking at other things. Like what she was wearing. Or not wearing. NoJamesfuckSTOP. He did notice her looking back at him a little weirdly, but he kept his eyes trained on her face.

But no. She was looking at him weirdly, like she was expecting him to say something. He should say something, since he was staring at her like a creep, which was actually kind of what he was trying not to be. Say something.

“I like-” he started.


Marlene’s arm flailed out suddenly, knocking the remaining wrapped sugar quill out of Lily’s hand. As Lily rubbed her hand and glared at Marlene, James instinctively bent to pick it up for her.

Curse mum and her Good Manners.

As he looked down, his eyes trailed the length of her endless legs, and he got that distinct, uncomfortable feeling where you want to throw up and giggle at the same time. Pale and smooth, they crossed over casually as Lily leaned back on the wall again, tugging his shirt over her thighs. Under which she was wearing knickers. Fuck.

James averted his eyes as he handed the quill back to Lily, who blushed and muttered a thanks. James let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he took a shaky step back.

Remus glanced at James, then cleared his throat loudly. “We’ve got to get on with our Potions homework.”

“We don’t have any-”

“Yes we do, Peter. We have Potions homework.”

With that, he nodded to the girls before turning to go up the boys’ stairs, with the rest of the somewhat confused Marauders following. They made it to the top of the stairs, when…

A “You’re like Skele-Gro; you’re growing me a bone.” was followed by an almighty THUMP and a muffled oof.

James looked down, and slowly closed his eyes.

He could die.

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*Shyly waves hand and asks if you can write a fic where the maruaders and Lily, Marlene, Alice, and Frank are all sharing secrets and one of the girls let it slip out that Lily only sleeps in a t shirt and knickers and James starts freaking out and everyone else is just snickering.* It can be pre dating or post dating i don't mind.

*WAVES BACK VIOLENTLY* It’s pre-dating. I think. THIS IS A FAB PROMPT AND I’M NOT DOING IT JUSTICE. But I hope it’s acceptable. heh

The seventh years of Gryffindor sat in a circle by the dying fire, a comfortable darkness enveloping them. The other students had long gone to bed, and the castle was quiet.

Lily and Marlene sat cross-legged beside the fireplace, the orange glow illuminating half their faces. James, Sirius and Remus lounged on the floor, backs against the sofa, while Peter perched on the arm. Alice and Frank occupied the loveseat.

They’d gone through all the routine topics already, each swigging a bottle of nicked butterbeer. It had been determined that the hottest Ravenclaw boy was definitely Benjy Fenwick, having grown a full set of biceps over the last summer. Have you seen those arms, Lily had gushed, and James had reflexively flexed his own. Not that he cared what Lily thought of arms, of course.

Duncan McAdams and Lucy Song had been the most recent couple to get caught out by a prefect, they’d shared, and Lily had mouthed to Sirius, what about you? Sirius merely winked back, tying his hair into a sloppy bun.

Who is the fittest teacher, Alice had asked, and a chorus of MINERVAAAA by James and Sirius had earned a cushion in the face each from Remus.

When the laughter died down, Marlene took another swig, set the bottle down, and looked around.

“All right,” she announced, “embarrassing things about each other.”

Sirius spoke up at once. “Peter talks in his sleep.”

“I do not!”

“Remember when you fell out of bed at bloody four in the morning, screaming about cheese?”

“That was ONE TIME,” Peter sniffed indignantly, “and you’d stolen all my waxed cheddar.”

Lily threw her hair back with a laugh, and James had to admire the way it looked, glowing in the light of the fire. Well, no, he didn’t have to. And he shouldn’t. He blinked a few times, turning back to his friends.

“Sirius spends half an hour on his hair a day.” It was Remus who spoke next.

“I thought you said it was natural!” Marlene gasped in mock indignation.

“Look.” Sirius raised his hands. “The Scottish rain isn’t good for the curls.”

Marlene rolled her eyes, but Lily nodded in understanding, brushing her fingers through her waves. James blinked again.

“James,” Frank announced, “has taken to wearing cologne. He’s definitely trying to some girls.”

Peter leaned in to take a sniff, laughing in confirmation. James felt his cheeks burn. He wasn’t trying to impress some girls. He wasn’t trying to impress a girl, either, thanks.

“Alice sleeps in the cutest little teddy bear pajamas, even though they show her ankles and she’s had them since first year.” Lily said, blowing her a kiss.

Frank snorted. Alice gave him a slap on the arm, laughing.

“My mum made them for me, okay? It’s not like you’re any better, Lily, sleeping in just that giant Quidditch shirt and your knickers.”

James’s head snapped up, which he hurriedly disguised as noticing something really interesting, so so interesting going on at the back of the room.

Knickers. A giant Quidditch shirt. A giant Quidditch shirt that may or may not have been his, from that one time it started raining heavily during one of their patrols and they had to take cover in the changing rooms. And she’d gotten cold, so he’d tossed her a clean practice shirt from his locker. No, definitely not a Quidditch shirt that would be just right for him, but too big for the petite Lily Evans. Knickers. Lily sodding Evans in some knickers and his shirt.

He gaped at Lily for a bit, who sat with her head down with a glorious flush creeping up her ears. His heart thudded unsteadily.

This girl was bad for his health.

After a moment, Sirius leaned in. “Watch it,” he whispered, jabbing at James’s side.

James looked down, swore internally, and pulled a cushion over the tightening in his pants, looking anywhere but at the people around him.

He didn’t know who else saw, but he wished that a bloody basilisk would descend from the heavens and do him in. Save him from the embarrassment.

Taking a breath, he chanced a look around him. Frank and Alice were whispering to each other, oblivious, Peter was nodding off, and Lily was laughing at something Remus said. Sirius was biting his lip so hard he nearly drew blood, but at least he was holding his laughter in.

I’m safe, he breathed, but then his eyes locked with Marlene’s.

She raised her brows, smirking.



For the Rather Rad Rhiannon (settingfiretoourinsides-forfun, thebrieflywidowedlilypotter)(I apologize for the alliteration i thought i was cool), who requested a my shower isn’t working can i use yours AU. I hope this is acceptable??? What is wrong with my titling skillz????

James Potter groaned, dragging a hand down his groggy face. He was planning on sleeping in today after a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday, but something had woken him from his sleep. He listened for a second; hearing nothing, he rolled over, settling back into his warm covers…

When the doorbell rang again.

Who the hell is up at 7:30 on a bloody Saturday?

Rolling off the bed, he groped around for last night’s jeans, crawling up into a sitting position on his bed to put them on. He stumbled to his front door, not bothering to check who it was before swinging it open.

And coming face-to-face with hisrather gorgeous neighbor, who he may or may not have been admiring from afar for some time now. Who had decided to appear at his doorway on the one day he probably looked like the abominable snowman at best, with his messy bed-head and day-old stubble and his very confused face. Who looked, and he didn’t blame her, pretty horrified.

“I’m Lily. I live next door.” Her eyebrows knit together. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. I woke you up. You usually go jogging around this time.”

She bit her equally rather gorgeous lip, worry creasing her forehead.

“You noticed?” James said, wincing at how pathetically eager he sounded.

“I, um, I’m usually making breakfast. I can see you out the window. Sorry.” She blushed.

It took a second longer than it should be necessary to, to take his eyes off that lip.

“It’s okay,” he said, and he meant it. Which was weird, since if this was Siruis he’d be tumbling halfway down the stairs with a black eye by now. “What’s the problem?”

“My shower kind of broke. I called the plumber, but he won’t be in till Monday, and I kind of need to go out today,” she explained.

“Boyfriend?” The question was out of his mouth before he could stop himself. Bloody smooth, he was.

“No, just my grandma.” She smiled.

There was a silence.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, “but I brought you waffles.”

This girl.

He stood aside to let her in, subtly picking up a (clean, he swears) pair of boxers off a sofa arm while she’s not looking. The flat overall wasn’t that bad, though. Thank god Peter came over yesterday and complained that he had nowhere to sit. He led her to the bathroom door, opening it before turning back to her.

“You can, uh, use whatever you want in there. To use the shower, you just have to turn the little thing for hot water and-”

“James. We have the same shower.”

“Right.” He backed out and watched the door close, letting out a breath as he did so.

Lily freaking Evans was in his shower. Taking a shower. His heart thumped uneasily. He blinked, shook his head in disbelief, and sat down on the sofa.

The doorbell rang again. This time it was Sirius, who barreled in with a flying leap into the armchair.


James rolled his eyes, an action that brought him back to the closed bathroom door.

Shit, I didn’t check the bathroom before I sent her in. He hoped he hadn’t left anything lying around, but he did a mental inventory of the room just in case. He’d put the toothbrush back last night. The mirror was reasonably clean. He’d picked up all his washing. The toilet seat should be down…

“I saw your Ginge down at the supermarket the other day, by the way…” Sirius began.

Wait. Sirius had jokingly left a box of extra small condoms lying around by the sink to freak Mrs. Potter out the other day (Thank goodness the family dog had eaten a sock again, so his mum couldn’t come over to discover it). No, I’m safe. James had already thrown it out.

“…hair does look a bit like Ygritte’s, you’re right…”

He’d already thrown it out.

“…Speaking of, Prongs, you really need to catch up. Daenerys’ dragons in season four are…”


“…brilliant. Look, mate, are you listening to a word I’m saying?”

“No.” The rubbish truck came yesterday. Thank god. James exhaled.

Sirius smirked. “If you’re going to zone out every time I mention Red-“

Wait, shit.

“-you might as well just-”


“-ask her out instead of lusting after her like a pathetic little shit.” Sirius finally noticed the pink hoodie hanging off a chair. “Hey, is someone here?”

The bathroom door opened then and Lily walked out, wet hair clinging to her rosy cheeks. With a perfect brow arched just slightly, she looked Sirius up and down before turning to James.

“Thanks for that. I’ve left the waffles on the table.” With a wink, she turned. Picking up her hoodie as she passed, she walked out the front door, letting it close behind her. There was a silence, and then…


Lily snorted, slipping into her own room.

Oh, To Be Young

Shout out to the real-life six year old who confessed his love to me this week. I love you too, lil j

“Harry, honey, tell me what the matter is.”

Lily Potter crouched in front of the sofa, where Harry sat, head in hands. The six year old heaved a sigh, and shook his head.

“Come on, mate. Did you break something? I promise we won’t get-” James paused as his wife raised an eyebrow at him. “I mean, we aren’t promising anything yet, but just tell us.”

Harry didn’t respond.

“Did something happen at school?”

Another sigh.

“Has uncle Padfoot been eating your Every Flavour Beans again?”

“I got Goblin Piss last time. I’m not touching those again,” Sirius scrunched his nose, leaning against the mantelpiece.

“Serves you right.” Lily glared at him, before turning back to her son. “Harry, just spit it out.”

Harry lifted his head, peering at his mother with huge green eyes.

“Mum, dad…” He dropped his head again. “I think I love Aunty Marlene.”

Lily burst out laughing, a hand flying out behind her to stop herself from toppling over. She turned to James and Sirius, and found that neither shared her relief.

“Do you love her like you love mummy and daddy?” Lily wiped a tear from her eye.

“No, I love her like I actually want to share my Beans with her.”

Stating it like it was the most obvious thing in the world, Harry sighed again.

“Well… what do you like about her?”

“She’s beautiful,” he points out.

“That’s true.”

“She made me treacle tarts.”

“That was nice of her.”

And she smells nice.”

Sirius screwed his eyes shut.

“You know she’s a little older than you, right, mate?” James leaned down to ask him.

“Yeah, but mummy’s older than you.”

“By two months,” Sirius muttered. It was the first time he had spoken.

Lily shot him a look.


“What’s this?”

Sirius picked up a card from the top of the dresser as Marlene sat, slowly pulling pins out of her hair.

“Oh, Harry made it for me when I was babysitting him today. Isn’t it adorable?”

“Harry did?”

Sirius pouted, opening it.

Dear aunty marly

your hair is yelow like cheez

I lov u


“Cheese?” He laughed. “Even I could do better.”

“Could you?”

Putting the card down, Sirius came to stand beside her.

“Your hair looks like the beach.”

He took a strand of hair from the side of her face.

“Like dandelions.”

He tucked it gently behind her ear.

“Like the sun.”

His fingers moved to her chin, tilting it up for a kiss. Marlene reached for his neck, pressing her lips against his.

“Not too bad.” Pulling away, she raised her brows.

“And yet Harry’s the adorable one.”

Placing the last hairpin on the dresser, Marlene stepped back to look him up and down.

“Sirius Black,” she said incredulously, “are you jealous of a six year old?

“No,” he replied, far too quickly.

“I seem to recall that I called you adorable once, and you didn’t speak to me for a day.”

Sirius huffed.

Pressign her lips together, Marlene watched as his fidgeting increased. A crease formed between his brows.

“Oh, don’t be like that.” Unable to contain a snort, she ran a hand down his arm. “You love the kid.”

“Of course I do, but not when he’s threatening to take my girlfriend off me!”

“Always the drama queen.” Marlene rolled her eyes.

Sirius wouldn’t look at her.

“Look, Sirius. I promise I won’t go off and elope with him.”

He snorted.

“Because he, being a six year old, he won’t look at me like you do. Did,” Marlene amended, because he still wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“And he won’t make me quite as happy as you do,” she continued.

Sirius’s head was still down.

Merlin, Sirius. Harry, being a child, won’t be so fucking good in bed.”

With that, Marlene’s now-open shirt slid down her slender arms to land on the floor with a soft thud.

Sirius looked up. “I should bloody well hope not.”

With that, he pounced.


“You alright, mate?”

James ruffles the hair of his uncharacteristically quiet son, who stands beside him in dress robes, the exact miniature of his own. Picking at the confetti that remains in his hair, Harry looks over the wedding party.

After being danced around on the shoulders of his favourite godfather, Harry had decided to watch the next round. The groom is dancing with his new bride now, her blond curls bouncing as they twirled on the dance floor.

“Yeah,” Harry replies. “I saw uncle Padfoot kind of eating her neck when they were babysitting me.” He looked up at his father, a faintly disgusted look on his face. “If she’s okay with that, it must be love.”

James sighed, exasperated. That was the one thing he’d asked of his friend, to please not expose his son to things he didn’t care to explain to a seven year old. I’ll kill the git after his honeymoon, James vows to himself.

He merely shrugs at his son, who shrugs back.

Suddenly, a little girl in a cupcake dress flounces up to them. Dorcas’s kid, James realizes. She holds a cake out for Harry to see, and points to the food table.

“Let’s go.”

Harry, blushing red and ruffling his hair, turns to his dad.

“Daddy, can I…”

“Yeah. Sure.”

The two kids run off. James smiles at the pair, before feeling a chin rest on his shoulder.

“Like father, like son.” Lily has come to stand behind him, snaking her arms around his torso.

James rolls his eyes, snorting. “Hey, I don’t remember going through the older ladies phase.”

“Third year, McGonagall.” Lily whispers in his ear.

“Shut up.” The ear turns red.

Christmas Lights

Got stuck on the roof putting up Christmas lights AU from this list. I really should write some Jily drabbles with actual Jily happening in them sometime. Naming sense still needs an improvement.

James Potter sat on a roof on a frosty Saturday morning, measuring the gutter with his thumb and pinkie. Wiping his hand on his grimy tracksuit bottoms, he pulled out another meter of Christmas lights. He ripped yet another piece of tape with his teeth as he draped the cord over the wall. Securing them tightly, he exhaled.

Kneeling back, James admired his handiwork. He’d been out here a good hour at least, and he’d gotten around a good third of the roof already. He’d be finished with the framework by the time Sirius gets home from work, when he can kill the git for taking both the spare keys from under the doormat and the Drunk Garden Gnome.

James cracked his neck, once on each side, and rolled his shoulders back. He turned to grab his next handful of lights when…


His arm collided with the ladder propped up against the wall, and it fell to the ground before he could catch it. He looked around himself, down at it, and swore. It was a quiet, icy December morning, and no one was out for him to call to for help.

James sighed. Laying himself flat against the tiles, he looked over the gutter, where a window ledge stuck out unpromisingly. Maybe, just maybe, if he could get himself down to there…


Lily Evans hugged her wooly jumper closer as she trudged out the front door, shivering. If she could just find where the damned newspaper guy had flung the paper today, she could get back inside to her waiting mug…

Hearing a gasp, Lily looked up and screamed.

“SORRY! Sorry!”

A boy, roughly her age, swung dangerously upside-down from her grandmother’s roof, eyes wide in panic. Grasping the gutter with both hands, he stabilized himself. He looked down at her.

“Um,” he said.

“Um,” she agreed.

He pulled himself back onto the roof, exhaling a puff of white mist. He rubbed his palms on his ratty joggers and bit his lip.

“Hi. I’m James. I live next door.”

“Lily. Prudence’s granddaughter.” She frowned, eyeing the neatly-kept house over the fence.

You’re Grandma Prue’s-”

“Grandma Prue?”

“Right.” James smiled. “Sorry. We kind of adopted her.”

Oh. Nan had been telling Lily over the phone the past few weeks about how some nice boys had moved in nearby, and that she really ought to meet them. They came over often to mow her lawn or to clean her windows, apparently, and apart from their angry taste in music, they seemed to be stellar neighbors in Nan’s view. And they’re so handsome, Nan had gushed, earning a roll of eyes from Lily. You’re lucky I met them after I married your Pop.

The last nice boy Nan had had Lily meet had been some kid from church, three years her junior and reeking of pineapples.

Lily squinted back up at the guy, the one that wasn’t the serious one or something. His jet black hair was tousled maniacally, and the cold winter air had tinted his nose an alarming shade of red. Nan wasn’t wrong. He was pretty hot, if a little unconventionally. She’d bet he was tall, too, though with him trespassing onto her grandmother’s roof, it was kind of hard to tell. His deep hazel eyes stared into hers, unblinking, observing.

After a moment, Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Um,” she said, “so what’s got you hanging upside down from someone else’s house on a freezing Saturday morning?”

James blinked. “I went and got myself locked out of my house, so I thought I’d get started on Gr- er, Prudence’s Christmas lights.”

“I can share, you know,” Lily smirked.


“I’m willing to share Nan.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

James’s gaze shifted from her face, and she watched as his eyes widened. Lily looked down too, at the red jumper Nan knitted her this year.

She looked up to find that James was sporting an identical one, except in blue.

“She said her granddaughter was in need of a sweetheart,” he said faintly.

Of course. She should expect nothing less from Nan Evans. “At least you smell alright,” Lily muttered with a roll of her eyes.

“Yeah,” James agreed, then frowned. “What?”

“Nothing.” Lily shook her head.

Lily turned away and, spotting the newspaper in the flowerbed at her feet, she bent to pick it up. Dusting it off, she lifted her face again.

“Well. It was nice to meet you.” She gave him a polite smile and turned to walk back inside.


Lily turned back.

“I almost forgot, I kind of can’t get down,” James explained apologetically, pointing to the ground, where Pop’s old ladder lay.

“You really know your way around, don’t you?”

“She is the best cook I know, so, you know. I come to earn some cookies from time to time.”

Lily lifted the ladder with both hands and leaned it against the wall. James grinned in thanks and swung his legs over the edge of the roof. He quickly climbed down as Lily held it steady. A light brush of his fingertips on the back of her hand as he reached the bottom made her stomach flutter, but she stubbornly pretended not to notice.

James landed lightly on the ground. “Thanks,” he whispered solemnly, shivering slightly. He pulled his hands into his oversized sleeves.

“No problem.” Letting go of the ladder, Lily looked him over. “You look kind of cold. Care for a hot chocolate?”

James’s face broke out in a wide grin. “That would be great.”


Prudence Evans sat by the open window, cocooned in quilted blankets. Her breaths came out white as she stifled a victorious giggle.

P.S. Many thanks to actualdramaqueensiriusblack thehappypuffle coffeecatsconnor whoopdedooimafangirl elabean ooliverwood and a few anons for their track pants expertise.

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Hi! I don't know if the OTP request has to be canon or not... but if it does can you do Drastoria? I feel like they don't get enough attention from the fandom :P But, if it doesn't have to be canon, can you do Fremione? Thanks! Your blog is awesome by the way :P

Hey! I don’t actually know enough about fremione to not potentially insult people who ship it lol, so I’ll go with Drastoria! I don’t actually know anything about astoria so this is purely my imagination???

  • Who made the first move; 

Astoria. Draco is really really insecure after the war, and Astoria makes him see that he was a victim too, and he’s still amazing to her

  • Who said ‘I love you’ first; 

Draco. Somewhere along the lines of:





(and cuteness ensues) (oooooh drama) (that was shitty af and i apologize)

  • How often they fight; 

Only when Draco goes into his I’m-a-bad-person, don’t-touch-me, I-don’t-deserve-you stupors (Personally I think Astoria is a little Fleur)

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon; 

 Draco. They’re both long limbs and pretty faces and THEY PROBABLY LOOK LIKE A FREAKING CALVIN KLEIN AD OR SOMETHING

  • What their nicknames are for each other; 

Draco is Draco, but Astoria ranges from Ass to Tori and everything in between (im joKING)

  • Who’s the better cook; 

They both grew up as privileged purebloods, and so the house elves do all the cooking

  • Who remembers their anniversaries; 

They both do, oooh bring out the candles and red wine and fancy lingerie and even fancier sex

  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex); 

Just sit by the fire at night with some wine (MORE WINE) and talk

  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship; 

Astoriaaaa? Maybeeee?

  • How they would get engaged;

Expensive restaurant, dressed up, diamond ring the size of a small principality, the whole lot.

  • What their wedding would be like;

Small but hella gorgeous

  • How many kids they’ll have; 

Only child, maybe? Or since Draco grew up as one, he’d want siblings for his son. Ooooh, maybe a boy and a girl.

send me your OTP

Merry Christmas

Merry early Christmas, because I’m going away tomorrow and I might not be able to post on the 25th!! x

“Well,” Mrs. Potter exclaimed loudly, peeking out the window, “It’s certainly the heaviest snowfall I’ve seen in a while.”

“It hasn’t even covered the ground yet!” James reached for another gingerbread cookie, which Lily passed to him from her place by the table.

“Ah, but it will,” Mrs. Potter winked. “Just you wait.”

Lily had spent Christmas Eve at the Potters’ this year, along with Sirius, Remus Peter, Marlene, and Dorcas. Sirius lived there now, and the rest had flown back to their Wizarding families on brooms, so Lily was the only guest that remained.

She looked out the window also. Mrs. Potter was right- the snowflakes were getting bigger and bigger. Lily would have to hurry if she was going to make it home safely.

“I think I’d better head off home. Thank you so much for letting me come over.” She started to stand.

Mrs. Potter gasped. “Don’t be silly, Dear! You’ll get lost in the blizzard!”

James rolled his eyes.

“You must stay. You can’t even apparate yet!”

Lily smiled. “Thank you. But I don’t have any way of contacting my parents, so I had really better-“

“Actually,” Mrs. Potter cleared her throat. “I fellytoned your mother just before.”

“You did?”

Telephoned, mum,” James groaned.

She ignored her son. “I did. I popped over to the Swynfords’ just across the street. Cordelia’s a muggle, you see.”

Lily nodded.

“Your mother doesn’t want you out in this weather, either, and she didn’t know what apparition was. I got the number off James.”

Sirius snorted. James looked at his feet.

“So she said you could stay, and thanked me most politely. Of course, you can call her too. Would you like to call her?”

Before Lily could reply, Mrs. Potter grasped her arm. With a moment of disorientation, she found herself in a yellow living room. Mrs. Potter thrust a phone receiver into her hand, before leaning out into the hallway.

“Just borrowing your tellyfote again!”

“Go ahead!” A voice hollered back from somewhere in the house.

Lily dialled the number, glancing back at James’s grinning mother. After four rings, her own mother picked up.

“Mum? It’s me.”

“Lily! Tell Mrs. Potter thank you from me again. This is so nice of her.”

“You’re okay with this?” Lily’s eyebrows shot up.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You didn’t let me sleep over at Marls’s because she had a brother.”

“I wouldn’t let you sleep over because your room was atrocious.”


“Besides, James is a nice boy. He brought me flowers last time.”

“What does that have to do with-“

“You have fun. Be safe. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

The line went dead.

“Done?” Mrs. Potter beamed. 

“Y-“ Lily started, but with another firm grasp on her arm, Mrs. Potter apparated back home. 

Lily landed heavily, swaying slightly, but Mrs. Potter propped her upright. 

“Poor dear, not being able to go home for Christmas morning! The weather should be better tomorrow.”

Lily took a deep breath. “Right. Thank you so much.” 

“No problem, love. You can have the guest bedroom up by James and Sirius’s.” She turned to the boys. “No funny business!”

“No, ma’am.” Sirius smirked. 

Mrs. Potter looked him over. “Oh, that’s right. No funny business, James!”

James flushed scarlet.


Lily startled at a knock on the door. 


The door swung open as Sirius dragged James in purposefully. 

“What are you doing?”

“Waiting up to meet Santa.”

He shut the door behind him with a foot, and seated himself cross-legged opposite Lily. James, frowning, took the only open space left next to her. 

“So,” Sirius said, “How did your mum get convinced that it was a good idea to let their beloved daughter have a cute little sleepover with two deranged wizards?”

“Actually, I think she told me to use protection.”

James choked.

“Good for her! Better safe than sorry.” Sirius grinned.

Lily rolled her eyes. “So? You were saying before. What did you get Remus for Christmas?”

“A pudding sweater. Matching.”

“Merlin,” James muttered.

“D’you want one too?”

James pinched the bridge of his nose with a sigh, turning to Lily. “Getting any new muggle magic this year?”

“I’d hardly call Polaroid cameras magic.”

“Well, they don’t move, but they come out on the spot!”

Lily shrugged. “I might ask for a television, for when I move out next year.”

“A telly what?”


Lily stretched her legs out, unintentionally hitting James’s foot. He flinched, just the tiniest bit, but didn’t move away. Lily froze against the warmth. If she moved now, he’d know it was on purpose. If she didn’t… maybe he didn’t really notice. She left her foot there. 

“A television. A little box that shows moving pictures? Like an inconvenient muggle photograph with sound? We have one at home.”

Them?” James looked startled, admiration in his eyes.

“Well, the smallest one there is.”

“Why didn’t I ask for one of them? I’m just getting a new broom.” James sighed. “Someone wore mine out trying to sneak Remus out when he was grounded.”

Lily looked up to find Sirius slumped to his side, letting out a little snore. Toppling over, he curled up in a ball.

With a chuckle, James leaned back on his arms, accidentally placing his hand over Lily’s.

“Sorry.” He moved it away… but not quite.

“Hmm.” Lily didn’t move away either.

They sat in silence for a few moments, fingertips and feet touching. It was awkward. Beyond awkward. Lily should move away. James should sit up. 

Lily should probably start breathing again.

Just then, Sirius gave a gigantic snort, rolling over. His mouth drooped open as his snores recommenced with a vengeance. As Lily stifled a giggle, James slipped his fingers between hers. 

Lily froze. Slowly, slowly, she looked from their hands, up his arms, to his face. She looked into his eyes as she nudged her face up. James, swallowing, leaned down, softly brushing his lips with hers.

“Merry Christmas,” He whispered, and Lily leaned back in. 



“Hmm?” James pulled back. He opened his eyes slowly, quirking a brow. Lily tilted her head.

“The mistletoe… is over there.”

The twig hung from a neatly tied ribbon above the little sofa, twirling slowly. James looked at it for a second, sighed, and closed his eyes.


Wrong Suitcase AU Part 2

Part two of my Wrong Suitcase AU because people actually wanted to read more??? Wow. I hope I didn’t ruin everything hahaha

Part 1, Part 3

“Um, hi.”

A soft voice whispered through the phone. James pressed it closer to his ear, frowning.

“Hi… Who is this?”

“Oh, sorry. It’s Lily. Uh, lilac bra girl.”

Lilac br- shit. The wrong suitcase. The pretty girl. Said girl remembering the fact that he had to look through her clothes to find out who she was. Said girl thinking he was a complete pervert, and probably ringing now to confirm the fact.

“I swear I didn’t-“

“No, it’s okay. I’m just kidding. Well, I am the lilac bra girl, I’m not kidding about that bit. But. Right.”

“Right.” She didn’t sound mad. So why was she calling him?

“I told you, right? That I kind of looked through your suitcase as well, to see if I could figure out who you were?”

So. There was a slight possibility that she didn’t find him completely creepy, he guessed. Could this possibly mean… no, he shouldn’t hope.

“…Yeah. I accidentally forgot to put one of your shirts back in… the AC/DC?”

He hadn’t even noticed.

“…So could I meet you somewhere just for a second so I can give it back?”

Just a second. James deflated. Hope was a horrible thing, he thought. And then it was out before he could stop himself. “How about for more than a second?”


“As in, coffee? Can we get some coffee?”

Pause. “I don’t like coffee.”

Oh well. It was worth a try.

“But I do like tea.”

James let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. His face broke into an involuntary smile. “Okay. I’ll meet you down at The Three Broomsticks tomorrow? At about one?”

“Yeah. I’ll see you then.”

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Jily Muggle AU, pre-dating. I really don’t know what I’m doing.

Warning: body parts mention?? is that even a thing?? It’s not smut bc I don’t have the life experiences necessary lol, but if someone were to write a smut fic based on this that would be grand too wink wink

“So who the hell thought this was a bloody good idea?” James grumbled, brushing a sopping lock of hair out of his eye.

“Peter,” replied Lily with a sigh, “and he’s managed to weasel himself out of it.” Her shoe sank in mud, and she pulled it clear with an exasperated groan.

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus and Marlene were hiking somewhere out in the damned wilderness, soaked to the bone with practically no vision. They’d been walking for hours now, and what had first seemed like a pleasant little adventure soon turned into a struggle through torrential downpour. In addition, they had already gone through most of the snacks, as Peter had promised to bring the bulk of it but had gotten the flu at the last minute. Everyone’s spirits were low.

“Honestly, though. We should’ve just gone to the beach instead, like Marlene suggested.” Lily said, squinting at Sirius.

“Where’s the fun in that? We’re having a marvelous bonding experience, surviving life-threatening experiences together. Can’t get that on a pretty little beach.”

“Well, maybe on a pretty little b-”

Suddenly, the ground under Lily gave way, and she disappeared off the side of the path with barely a squeak.

Before anyone can react, and without a second thought, James leapt after her.

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James and Sirius attempt the ALS Challenge


“So I’m James,”

“I’m Sirius,”

“and we’re doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”

Lily raises an eyebrow at Remus. “How many times did they have to practice before they got the timing right?” She whispers.

Remus shakes his head. “They didn’t.”

“Thank you, Lils, for the nomination.” James winks at her, who blows him a kiss back. Peter mimes a retch.

“We’ll be nominating Professor McGonagall, Remus Lupin, and our good friend Snape. You have twenty four hours, or you donate $100. Or both.” Sirius grins at the camera, throwing his hair back.

With that, James and Sirius each takes a bucket of ice-water from in front of them, and Lily’s gaze wanders for a second too long on the tensed muscles of her boyfriend’s arms. Feeling her cheeks redden, she lifts her gaze.

With a nod, the two throw the water over each other’s heads, splashing everyone surrounding them in the process. Lily squeals and jumps back, but is too slow for James; despite her laughing protests, he wraps his arms around her and plants a wet kiss on her glowing cheek.

Remus chuckles to himself, holding his phone up to the scene in front of him. He looks into the screen, and his eyes widen.


The fact that he was still filming is all but forgotten as he turns and sprints, a grinning Sirius with fistfuls of ice chasing him across the field.

Severus attempts the ALS Challenge

LilyJames and SiriusRemus

“I am Severus Snape, and I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by James Potter and Sirius Black.”

He pauses for a few seconds, glaring at the camera.

“The rule appears to be to throw a bucket of ice water over myself, or donate $100 to the charity.”

Mulciber turns the camera to the laptop that sits open in front of them. alsa.org/donate is open, and under Select Gift Amount, with a dead face, Snape types $100 in slow, deliberate taps. His fingers hover over the keyboard for a second, before moving to Backspace. He re-types $500, before scrolling to the bottom and clicking Complete Donation.

Snape turns back to the camera, his slick hair illuminated by the screen behind him.

“Thank you for the challenge, and I nominate Mulciber, Avery and Lucius Malfoy to actually make a difference.”

With another meaningful stare at the camera, the video shuts off.

We'll Meet Again

World War Two AU from this prompt list of mine.

It’s a mushy, under-researched drabble and I apologize, but here ya go

We’ll meet again

Don’t know where, don’t know when,

But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day…

Bending to sing into the microphone, Lily Evans’ red lips curled upwards. Her gaze scanned the crowd, made up of khaki green and their colourfully-dressed counterparts. Couples swayed to the music, noses touching, their own little bubbles undisturbed by the rest of the world for just this moment.

Lily had been singing for the army for a year now, performing at various town halls around the area. She’d always liked to sing, and she saw this as a good way of shutting up her annoying sister, who worked at ammunition factories for the war effort and pestered her to do the same. She knew the songs well enough by now to let her mind wander as she hummed.

Looking over the crowd, her eyes lingered at a table in the back, where a group of three men sat. Two of them seemed suitably drunk, laughing into their glasses. The third, though, was looking straight at Lily.

For an entertaining event, this boy wasn’t smiling. His hazel eyes were thinking, she saw, as he considered her. His jet black hair was ruffled out of any attempt at a hairstyle, and his uniform hung on his slim frame, exaggerating his shoulders. He couldn’t have been more than twenty, she figured.

With her green eyes locked on his, the last note rang out.

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Great Expectations

A horrifically late birthday present for the amazing, beautiful, talented (h)ANJ (cinnamoncoffeecharms)! LOVE YOU TO DEATH. Thanks for putting up with my procrastinating self.

(also thanks to ravenclue for the idea!)


Lily sits beside James under a starry summer sky, silently slipping her fingers into his weathered hand. She squeezes gently, once, a contented smile settling on her lips. 

“It’s nice here,” she says.


James glances down at her. Long shadows cover her face, and her facial expressions are hard to tell. James, though, knows.

They have been dating for two months, but it feels like he’s known her forever. He still glances over at her sometimes, just to make sure that she’s really with him, after so many years of secretly obsessing over her. He’s a lucky git.

He reaches over with his free hand to tuck a stray stand of hair behind Lily’s ear, and she smiles. Looking up at the sky again, Lily slowly leans back until she is lying flat on the ground. With a gently tug on their joined hands, James follows her, shuffling closer as he stretches his limbs out. James marvels at the warmth of her, just there, lying still beside him. Her bare shoulder touches James’s arm, but she doesn’t move away. 

James takes a deep breath, holds it, and lets it out. He tries again, holding the silence out as long as possible, before he bursts out,

“I love you.”

Silence. Lily stiffens beside him.

James holds his breath, not daring to move, waiting. 

After what seems like an eternity and a half, Lily turns to him. She lets go of his hand, instead letting her other hand trail up his arm until it reaches his shoulder. James doesn’t think he can face her, so he starts counting the stars.

“Hey,” Lily whispers.

21, 22, 23…

“Hey,” she tries again.

27, 28, 29…

James sighs, and turns to her. Her emerald eyes search his in the darkness, before crinkling in that Lily way of hers.

“I love you too.”

She reaches up to touch his cold cheek, running her fingers along the edge of his jaw. He turns his face into her hand, pressing a kiss to the inside of her palm.

James doesn’t remember ever being so happy.



“I am going to burn you,” Lily says calmly, adjusting her foot on the point of the roof, “If we make it off here alive.”

James and Lily are hanging off a window ledge on the Astronomy tower at three in the morning, having badly messed up a prank. Fireworks litter the ground, a long way below them, and James isn’t confident that they won’t be next. Lily has managed to put her right foot on the very tip of the roof below, but James has only his Quidditch-trained arms to have faith in. 

 It was a nice two months being Lily’s boyfriend, James thinks. If they’re lucky, he’ll look back on it with some fondness as Lily runs off with some Transfiguration-prodigy git who won’t be putting her in near-death situations in the early hours of some bloody morning. If they aren’t so lucky, they’ll both die, whereupon Lily will find some attractive dead git to run off with, who also won’t put her into life-threatening positions because, well, they’d be dead.

“Fair enough,” James replies. He tries to edge his grip along the ledge to try and support Lily, letting one hand go to reach out to her.

“Save it,” Lily snaps. James pulls his arm back. “I’m not letting go just yet.”

James shuffles back to his original place, cringing as his foot whacks against something sticking out of the wall. His ankle is probably going to be bruised tomorrow. If he lives to see tomorrow. He laughs to himself. Bloody hell.

“James!” Lily hisses. James tries to turn his head to her, but then decides it isn’t a good idea as the wood above him gives an ominous creak. 


“Put your foot on that brick, test it for strength, and get yourself back up on that window frame.”

James lets out a breath. “You’re brilliant.”

“I know.”

“And modest.”


James creeps his right foot along the wall, pausing when it hits the object. Gingerly, he places his foot on it, shuffling along the wall until he can place a considerable amount of his weight on it. It shifts, just a little, but holds. Here goes. With a heave, James hoists himself up on the window frame. It doesn’t open, but this is better than nothing.

He reaches down, grabbing Lily by the arms. In a single motion, he pulls her up with a grunt to seat her next to him. 

“Now what?”

“I guess we wait to get caught. Or fall and die.”

Lily snorts, leaning back against the window. She watches the skies as silence envelops them.

“The stars are pretty,” Lily comments after a moment.

James sucks in a breath. “Yeah.”

“It’s a shame we’ll never see it again.”

“Yeah.” James laughs quietly. Lily’s frowning lips turn up at the corners.

She shuffles closer to James, pressing her bare arm against his for warmth. James hesitantly smiles down at her, but she is looking out over the forest in the distance. 

“It was a good life,” she continues. “I had fun. I traveled Europe with my family. I made some nice friends. I gave up on Petunia. I’d have loved to have lived to see her marry that cow, though.”

The window ledge creaks under them.

“I made Head Boy. I have three brothers to mourn me. I got you to hold my hand.”

Lily rolls her eyes, crossing her legs. The ledge tilts forwards, ever so slightly.

“Lucky you got that done before you landed us in this mess.”

James blanches. She snorts.

“I’m not joking. I think this thing’s going to give out on us.” Lily looks down, then up at James, an almost amused smirk playing on her pale face. James shifts his weight, and hearing the wood protest, takes a breath.

“Look, Lily. I just… I wanted…” He closed his eyes. “I lov-“

“Don’t you dare,” she interrupts, “say something you wouldn’t say to me if we weren’t going to die and if you hadn’t gotten us into this mess.”

There’s a silence, then James opens his eyes.

“I love you, Lily Evans.”

Another silence.

“I’ll consider it,” Lily says finally, “But it will work in your favour if you get us off here without any broken bones.”


A broomstick appears out of nowhere, and James barely has time to catch it as it zooms at his crotch. A grinning Sirius pops up from under the roof below, straddling one himself.

Lily rolls her eyes. “Was that sorry attempt what I think it was?”

“It sounded better in my head,” Sirius admits with a shrug. He holds out a jacket to Lily, who pulls it over her shoulders as James mounts his broom. James holds out a hand to Lily, who ignores it as she swings her leg over behind him. 

As they fly off under the starry sky, debating how to get back inside the building without being skinned alive by McGonagall, Lily leans forward.

“I love you too,” she whispers, tightening her grip around his waist as the broom, surprised, drops.

Righting it again, James smiles. He doesn’t remember ever being so happy.

Remus attempts the ALS Challenge

Lily, James and Sirius, Severus

It’s a bright, sunny spring morning at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Blackbirds hop on the waving grass, and butterflies flutter in the clumps of daffodil. It’s peaceful, the very best kind of day.

Until a resounding scream shatters the air.


Remus Lupin sits sprawled at the foot of some stairs, blinking at the ice cubes that lies scattered around him on the muddy earth. Eyes wide, his mouth opens, and shuts, and opens again. He shudders.

The air shakes again, this time with the howling laughter of two boys at the top of the flight, one clutching an overturned bucket and the other, his stomach. Sirius Black wipes a tear from his eye, turning to slap James Potter a high-five. They stumble down the stairs, and pull the still-shocked Remus to his feet, turning him towards Peter Pettigrew and his iPhone.

“You, Remus Lupin, have just completed the ALS Challenge, although you are still welcome to donate as well,” James says in a strained voice, before another snort escapes him.

“You were nominated by James and I. Who are you going to nominate?” Sirius claps him on the shoulder.

Remus wipes a hand down his face, screwing his eyes shut as he sighs, “Doe Meadows, Peter Pettigrew, and… I don’t know. Benjy Fenwick.”

“Great! You have twenty four hours to complete the challenge, or you donate $100 to the charity. Good luck.”

With blinding smiles from Sirius and James and a pained moan from Remus, Peter ends the video. He skips up to the trio, chattering excitedly about his turn with the bucket. Remus punches his friends on the arm in turn, finally managing to crack a smile over it. They turn to climb back up the stairs, and come face to face with a furious Professor McGonagall.

They freeze.

Lily attempts the ALS Challenge

James and Sirius,  Severus, Remus

“Hi, I’m Lily, and here’s me doing the ALS ice bucket challenge! As well as filming this, I’ll be donating $50 to the charity.”

Lily Evans grins at the camera, adjusting her loose white t-shirt by the hem.

“Thanks, Mary, for the challenge, and I’ll be nominating Marlene McKinnon, James Potter, and Sirius Black.”

“Oi!” Sirius protests, lowering his iPhone, before Remus quickly pulls his arm back up. Lily throws him a wink.

With a heave, Peter and James lift the large container of ice water, and shuffles up behind the tensing girl. One, two, three, they mouth, before the contents are tipped over her head.

With a squeal, Lily jumps up. She flicks her dripping red hair back, laughing, and James is struck by how cute she looks, right there, with her gleaming grin and wet lashes and the tempting cling of her now see-through shir-

James feels the sharp sting of an ice cube hit his cheek. He blinks, and looks up to a smirking Remus, who stands beside Sirius with a quirked brow. Smug git.

anonymous asked:

Hi, can you write a continuation of that blackinnon you wrote where Jo has a boyfriend and Sirius is jealous?

Here ya go! Daddy Sirius is cute Sirius. (i hope)

Here’s the other Sirius and Jo!

The floorboards protested loudly as Sirius Black trod forcefully across the room, Occasionally stopping to look pointedly at the pair in front of him before recommencing his stomps with a sigh. Reaching the window, he spun on his heels to pace back, yet again, to the door. 

James Potter’s eyes followed him with a frown, while Lily calmly sipped her tea. Sirius spun again.

After a particularly alarming creak, James leaned over to his wife. “Should we ask him what the matter is?”

“He wants us to ask, so just leave him.”

James raised an eyebrow, but sat back.

Sirius stopped by the mantlepiece to fix a photo of Marlene and him, scowled, and carried on pacing. He reached the window, spinning around. He took four more steps toward the door before stopping abruptly. 

“Look,” he said finally. “I actually invited you two around for a reason.”

“Really?” Lily raised her eyebrows. James snorted.

Sirius paced some more.

After a silence, Lily stood up. “Well, if you’re not going to-“

“Joanna.” Sirius stopped again, dragging a hand down his face.


“Joanna. She’s bringing home a boy.”


“Good for her,” James said.

Sirius’s eyes bulged. “Are you fucking- She’s a child! She’s my child! She shouldn’t be seeing boys! She shouldn’t know what boys are!”

“I thought you told her what boys are when she got her first period.” Lily smirked.

Sirius blanched. “Do not remind me.”

Lily sat back, taking another sip from her mug. “She’s fourteen, Sirius.”

“A child!” Sirius said again.

“As opposed to you at fourteen, when you and Fiona Garrett-“


“I’m glad you’re repenting,” Lily said.

Sirius’s glare was murderous.

“When is he coming, anyways?”

“In three minutes.”

“Thr- WHAT?” James stood up. “We’d better go, then-“


James frowned.

“You… you can’t apparate. Kid’s a Muggle. They might be here any minute.”

“A Muggle,” Lily repeated.

Sirius snorted. “A Muggle. What would her grandmother th- NO, THIS IS SERIOUS.”

“Was that pun intentional?”


Just as James opened his mouth to reply, they heard the front door open. 

“HIDE YOUR WANDS,” Sirius jumped, sliding his into his back pocket without letting it go. 

Lily sighed, turning as Joanna walked in.

“Hi, dad.” She paused, arching her eyebrows as she looked over the room. “And James. And Lily.” 

“Hi, sweetheart.” Lily smiled apologetically.

Joanna smiled back, before reaching around the doorway. Throwing a look of warning at Sirius, she pulled the boy through the door.

“This is Ben.”

Brushing his sandy hair out of his eyes, he looked at the three with a swallow. James gave a little wave, Lily winked, and Sirius frowned.

Nervously, Ben stuck his hand out. “Nice to meet you, sir.”

Sirius eyed it suspiciously before taking it, giving it a firm shake. After a moment, Ben pulled away slowly.

“Right.” Joanna took Ben’s hand, earning a glare from her father. “We’ll just be-“

“-In the dining room,” Sirius said. “Lily brought us some cake.”

Joanna sighed pointedly, stalking off with her boyfriend in tow. After seeing them through the door, Sirius turned.


“He looks like a nice boy,” Lily said.


I’m nice,” James said, affronted. Sirius threw a pillow at his face.

“Boys are not nice, all right? They make out with girls in broom cupboards for the hell of it. They turn people’s blond hair blue. THEY GET GIRLS PREGNANT BEFORE THEY MARRY.”

“I wouldn’t call you not nice, Sirius, it’s just…”

“Who said anything about me?”

“Right.” James smirked. “How long did it take for Marlene to forgive you for the hair incident?”


“So what is your point?”

Sirius sighed. “My Point. Is that. He-“

An ungodly squeal resounded in the next room, making them jump. They turned to the door, Sirius with his wand at the ready.

An exasperated god, not you, too accompanied a panicked looking Ben as he burst into the room.

“You. Queen. YOU.”

Sirius waited.


“A… branch. That… the cat brought in.” Sirius hastily threw his wand aside, clearing his throat. He edged his chin up. “I met them.”

“YOU MET THEM.” Ben’s jaw dropped.

“Back in ’79.” Sirius grabbed the boy’s shoulder, leading him to a framed photograph on the mantle. Watching the boy’s amazed face as he looked at the photograph and then up at Sirius, Sirius grudgingly smiled.


“See?” Lily said to Joanna, who had appeared at the doorway behind her, “I told you not to worry.”

Queen.” Joanna groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose. “Queen.”

“They’ll be alright.” James smirked as she tipped over the sofa, burying her face in the cushions.

“I’m not sure I want them to anymore.”

tinylilemrys  asked:

Aah I just thought of a prompt! James Potter vs the electric toaster. I don't mind how it happens, but since at Hogwarts they probably toast things by the fire. I would love to see James practically jumping out of his skin when he makes toast with the toaster for the first time and the toast pops.

Here we go, noonesheretogiveitup. I’m sorry it’s so late (and short), but I hope you like it! 

The doorbell rang.

Lily Evans sat up in bed, bleary eyed. Rubbing her face, she padded over to her bedroom window, where she pulled the curtain aside. Who the hell is at the door at seven on a Sunday morning? She peered down at her front lawn, where a tall, scruffy-haired, bespectacled figure paced.


When he had come to her at the end of term, telling her that his Muggle Studies grades had plummeted and he needed the help of a certain beautiful, smart, all-round fantastic witch, Lily had not-so-grudgingly agreed. He’d told her he only needed to see how some muggle kitchen appliances worked, so he could draw diagrams and hand in an essay. He hadn’t told her he’d be here for breakfast.

Suddenly feeling much more awake, she grabbed a hair tie from her bedside table before stumbling down the stairs. Pulling her hair into a lop-sided bun, she opened the door to bright morning sunlight.

James Potter jumped a little as the door in front of him opened suddenly. He looked up with a smile to find his girlfriend… in his Quidditch jersey. It hung off her petite frame, coming only halfway down her slim thighs and exposing a freckled shoulder.

“So that’s where it went,” he commented, feigning nonchalance.

“What?” Lily frowned, before looking down. “Oh. This. I, yeah, borrowed it.” She blushed.

James nodded, locking his eyes on her face as he tried very hard not to look down again.

“Right. Er… come in.”

James followed Lily into the empty kitchen as she explained how Petunia was at university, and he parents were out visiting a sick great-aunt who won’t be able to make it to the annual Evans family Christmas gathering. She threw him a wink as she washed her hands.

“So, breakfast?” Lily asked, pulling some overhead cabinets open to take out some peanut butter and a bag of bread. She tossed the latter at James, who caught it with one hand.

“Yeah, sorry I turned up so early. Did I wake you up?”

“Yes,” she replied, but she was smiling.

Opening the fridge, she grabbed two eggs and a package of bacon. She got to work, teaching James how the gas stove works. She pulled a frying pan out from under the sink, cracked the two eggs into it, and set it over the flames.

“I’ve heard about these!” James exclaimed suddenly, examining the electric toaster with wide eyes.

“So you know how to use it?” Lily asked, laying the bacon strips on another pan.

“Sure. You just… uh…”

“Pop the bread in the slot at the top, and push the side lever down.”

“Yeah, I know.” James nodded.

Lily smirked, rolling her eyes. She turned back to the eggs, which had burned slightly, sticking to the bottom of the pan. Damn, she muttered, using the spatula to delicately scrape around it.

After a few minutes, Lily heard a gasp behind her.

“Lily! Lily! The bread is actually turning brown! How do muggles think up this stuff without magic?”

Sensing trouble, Lily whirled around. James was peering into the appliance with one eye, when-


James gave a terrified yelp as he jumped, banging his forehead on the open cabinet door. To Lily’s (slightly amused) horror, he fell to the ground, where he lay still.

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