After a year of developing prototypes, artist Jon Almeda successfully created a teeny, tiny pottery wheel that allows him to spin clay into quaint little pots.

Almeda makes vases, bowls, decor, and even tea kettles that are small enough to sit atop a piece of Scotch tape.

These pieces are sturdy enough to undergo standard glazing and firing, then transform into fully embellished ceramics.

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Today marks the second time the Department of Awesome Antiquities has found adorable paw prints unintentionally preserved for posterity. The first time it was a dog’s prints preserved in ancient Roman tiles. These tiny toeses frozen in time belonged to a cat back in 16th century Japan who walked across a brand new earthenware plate before it had hardened.

This plate was recovered from the ruins of Yuzuki Castle located in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan. The castle was destroyed in 1585, but this precious plate survived.

Photo by Japanese Twitter user @R_Perokun

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