yes it’s that time again to talk about potterwood because it’s basically the most amazing ship in the entire world because you know like harry and oliver are so cute together okay okay (maybe fremione is as cute but nothing else okay)
like honestly you should just ship it because they are so cute and just they are okay let this explain my feelings on potterwood because they’re so strong i can’t


hallowsoverhorcruxes  asked:

Hey gurl hey. So, I'm intrigued by the idea of Oliver/Harry, can you explain (for want of a better word) it to me? I mean like what made you come to ship it, why it works etc etc? Please and thank you!

hey! First of all, we will be so glad to have you in this ship eheheh. But I’m not good with words, I will try my best for you:3 

To be honest with you, I ship it because a drarry fic which called “Ten Steps". And then I fall in love with this beautiful ship. Remember the moment when oliver was teaching harry how to play quidditch? 

THIS was a smile right from deep inside his heart, truly and without a fret. he didn’t know he loved him because the last time he felt beloved and loved, he was still a baby. he didn’t know his feeling for oliver was love but every moves they were showing to each other were obviously genuine and real. they never expressed their feelings for each other and that’s why they never know their feeling were mutual.

oliver is the first reason that harry loves quidditch (because he finally knew what it is all about)and every time harry rides on his broom, he thinks of oliver. this is the reason why harry so freaking love flying on broom because even though oliver wasn’t with him every single seconds,he can feels oliver’s with him when he’s on a broom. 

see this gif, why was he so happy and why was he doing that titanic pose? because he was thinking of oliver and he was imagining oliver was holding him from his back #justproofedtheyarecannon

and for oliver,

THIS is the most flirting face oliver has ever showed in all the harry potter films and he was smiling at harry. it all written in his face, his attention while playing quidditch wasn’t anything, it’s harry. Not just because he’s a seeker of the team, this is not a big-enough reason to explain his attention to harry.

THIS is the moment where oliver was showing he care harry more than himself. I mean he didn’t even look around and make sure everything is okay and just told harry to watch himself.

I know I really not good with words, but i truly hope it helps the confused people out there and explained my feeling for them. We await for more shippers!!<3