Your name is CRONUS AMPORA and none of your friends can stand you. But you don’t mind, because you know in your heart that you are an unbelievably CHILL AND NICE DUDE. As a sixth year SLYTHERIN, you spend a surprising amount of time with students from OTHER HOUSES, which clearly attests to what a SWELL GUY you are.

You excel at MUGGLE STUDIES and your many HOBBIES include listening to RETRO MUGGLE ROCK MUSIC and composing songs on your authentic mugglemade ACOUSTIC GUITAR. You are proud to identify as MUGGLEKIN, to which your fellow sixth year KANKRI VANTAS takes much offense, claiming it is a “triggering and decidedly problematic appropriation of Muggle culture.” He just doesn’t understand.

Lately you’ve taken to following Kankri to various CLUB MEETINGS and STUDY GROUPS, not because you are at all interested in improving your TERRIBLE MARKS, but because you heard that HOT CHICKS would also be in attendance. You don’t understand why a dynamite doll like ARANEA SERKET isn’t impressed by your romantic overtures, but you’re sure she’ll COME AROUND EVENTUALLY.

Cronus Ampora: Shel
Kankri Vantas: Gothichamlet
Aranea Serket: Seta
Photos: Pyropi

[Potterstuck AU]
[Spellstuck fic]


Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR and some days you don’t even know why you bother with all these gnomehumping Gryffindors. As a RAVENCLAW, you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and would rather PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER LEARNING A NEW SPELL than freeze your glutes off at a quidditch match. You are a fucking whizkid at ARITHMANCY and CHARMS, and you are apeshit bananas at JINXES. You hold yourself to RIDICULOUSLY HIGH STANDARDS, and tend to BEAT YOURSELF UP over your imperfections and swing into periods of MOODINESS.

You are still only a SECOND YEAR, but you are already humiliating seasoned sixth years with your unbreakable stranglehold on PRACTICAL MAGIC and your own personal blend of TRANSMUTED SPELLS. When you’re not serving upperclassmen a slice of humble pie in DUELING CLUB, you like to challenge yourself by writing your own SELF-DESTRUCTNIG HEXES and tricking your best friend KARKAT VANTAS into casting them.

You’d probably get more work done if you weren’t constantly plagued by the whispers of EVERY GHOST RESIDING AT HOGWARTS, and if KK would stop using your study time as an opportunity to WHINE ABOUT HIS GIRL PROBLEMS. You swear he has more issues than a VEELA IN A ROMCOM. He is almost as much of an embarrassing mess as your OLDER BROTHER, which is really saying something.

What will you do?

Sollux: Pyropi
Karkat: Hhhhammy
Photos: Gothichamlet

[Potterstuck AU]