The Cathedral of Learning is a Pittsburgh landmark, and the centerpiece of campus here at Pitt. The 42-story Cathedral is commonly compared to Hogwarts, the prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardy, because of it’s 4-story high vaulted, gothic study and event hall:

Many current students grew up reading the Harry Potter series, and have embraced the aesthetic similarities that the Cathedral shares with the wizarding world. In fact, some students have become so dedicated to keeping the Pitt/Potter culture alive, they have taken it to the stalls…. the bathroom stalls, that is.

Pure genius, a hidden gem some might say. You’d never know it was there unless you happened to stumble upon it. The “Potterstall” (a single stall in the women’s room on the 3rd floor) has now become an infamous attraction, along side the 29 Nationality Rooms which the Cathedral houses. The anonymous contributors to the Potterstall have copied down their favorite, scenes, quotes, and one artist has even left a portrait of Harry himself:

^^^^Now that’s commitment.

Potter fan or not, you’ve got to hand it to this anonymous team of taggers…They’ve made Potterstall a true tribute to “the boy who lived”, and who’s story makes this place just a little bit more magical.

Mischief Managed,