pottermore sorted me into ravenclaw

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I hit send to fast rip 2) u've probably heard this before but u seem more like a slytherin than a ravenclaw (im a ravenclaw but eveyone says im slytherin so yeet)

the psychology behind the houses is something i’ve really delved into, and honestly im of the firm belief that anyone can belong to any house. the houses aren’t a personality test - they’re teaching styles, they’re atmospheres that allow you to be the best witch or wizard you can. slytherin is very cut throat, and some people prosper under that pressure. i don’t, id fold. i need to be able to talk about big ideas and new ways of thinking and to sponge off of others’ wit so i can learn how to sharpen my tongue.

here’s how i condense it. let’s say you receive a failure on an exam


Hufflepuff: Oh no that sucks! well look, you got questions 1-5 right! it was only this chapter that you didn’t do so well in. Why don’t we study harder for that chapter next time, I have a group you can join. don’t beat yourself up too hard

Slytherin: I expected better from you. You’re smarter than that. Whatever hiccup you were in, snap out of it because this isn’t you. you’re a Slytherin and we don’t fail.

Ravenclaw: Well for starters, the test is clearly rigged especially by the way he was trying to psyche you out in questions 5-10 by including a faulty potion ingredients so you could stumble. Lame. Anyway, we’re breaking down the metaphysics of phoenix rebirth energy, what say you!

I never do this normally, but I am bored

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name: Fanny Rosie

nicknames: Too many, but my partner calls me Barns (which is not my family name, by the way)

gender: Female

star sign: Leo

height: 161 cm

sexuality: Bi, grey-a

hogwarts house: Pottermore sorted me in Slytherin, but all the other tests sorted me in Ravenclaw, so I guess a mix of both? My opinion is that I have Slytherin tastes, but a Ravenclaw personality.

favorite animal: Felines in general

average hours of sleep: About 8 hours? I am always tired, so I need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to function.

current time: 22h (I am going to sleep very soon)

dog or cat person: Cat, without a doubt

dream trip: I don’t have a special dream trip. I like to go to new places without any plans, and just discover them. However, I really want to go to one of those European lolita events one day.

when i made my blog: 2010… it reached its peak in 2014 and went downhill since then.

reasons for my url: It’s just my name. So original.

followers: 74,750, but most of them are inactive now

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Can I still be a Ravenclaw even if the pottermore quiz sorted me into Gryffindor? 'Cause I've always identified very strongly (and proudly) as a Ravenclaw, and I personally feel like Gryffindor really doesn't fit me.


Source: Pottermore sucks.

-Justin (Slytherin)

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Hello! I need advice! Pottermore first sorted me into Ravenclaw and then a year later Gryffindor. However, I deeply relate to pretty much all posts about Slytherins, but only a few about Ravenclaw and and none about Gryffindor. Do I listen to my wildly indecisive heart, or trust Pottermore?

*blares listen to your heart by Cascada on full volume*
I mean you do you

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I don't know why this happens, but now every time that I take the pottermore sorting quiz, it puts me in Ravenclaw! I mean, yeah, I'd probably fit in there, but I'm a complete Slytherin, you don't see Ravenclaws with all the attributes of a Slytherin, and while some of the Ravenclaw attributes might fit me, ALL of the Slytherin attributes and your lovely posts describe me perfectly.

Slytherclaw for the win !! 💚💙

- Céline

ID #32657

Name: Leyla
Age: 17
Country: Turkey

I am looking for a friend whom i can talk about our different cultures and languages. Also philosophy, fantsy literature (LOTR, Harry Potter, GOT, Star Wars etc.), science, games, music and sports (even im not exactly at the fan side of any team).
My English isnt the best but at least i think i can communicate with others. I was learning Japanese on my own but i have to took a break because of my school stuff. I love learning languages and i planned to learn German and Russian after Japanese. Who knows what comes next? :D I have played ice hockey and voleyball in a team in my past. I have joined folk dances for 6 years before. Other than these i tried a lot of sports and i will if i get the chance. I can draw professional-ish charcoal portraits.
I love animals and plants, and am a vegetarian. When it comes to Harry Potter i am a slytherin -pottermore has sorted me into ravenclaw for two times but i have enough ambition to try another time and sorted into slytherin, isnt it count? :D- i am an introvert ISTP person. I love listening music and i listen very different genres such as some pagan folk, nearly all kind of rock/metal, blues, jazz, anime openings and endigs, some old american song (Petula Clark, Dean Martin etc.), and some random stuff i found in a tv show or a movie and liked. And thats all what came into my mind ^-^

Preferences: I would like to meet a people from another country because i wanted to make a frienship that i can learn and teach something from world. And about the age, i prefer 17 and older. About communicate Tumblr would be good.

Making my friend who also loves Harry Potter guess what house Pottermore sorted me in;

her: Gryffindor?
me: No.
her: Oh, then Ravenclaw?
me: No.

*curious expression grows on her face*

her: …Hufflepuff?
me: No.

*a look of shock* *narrowed eyes* *she’s a gryffindork btw*

her: No… Not you…

me: *smiles and laughs maniacally*

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Hiya. So Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw but I know I'm a Hufflepuff (I've started going with Huffleclaw since I do still relate to Ravenclaw.) But are there any other Huffleclaws out there?!? (Or Ravenpuffs?)

I’m also a Huffleclaw and there are a few who follow this blog as well. I haven’t met any Ravebpuffs on here yet.

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So my test results were around 54% Hufflepuff, 43% Ravenclaw and 3% Gryffindor The thing is Pottermore sorted me into ravenclaw a few years ago and so no I've identified with that a lot more. I already recognized Hufflepuff traits but now I'm thinking that yeah I'm really Hufflepuff and so it's a bit weird for me to accept this.

Keep in mind that you scored pretty highly in both houses. So if you feel strongly about Ravenclaw the Sorting Hat would likely place you there. But hey if you feel like maybe you were meant to be a Hufflepuff I’m glad that you’ve discovered that other side of yourself.

Sometimes I think Pottermore mis-sorted me into Ravenclaw, but other times I spend 3 straight hours doing a crossword from last week even though the answers have already been published just to see if I can and I’m like “oh”

My Ilvermorny Conclusion

Based on different posts I’ve read and with a bit of thought I’ve given to this, I think there’s no direct connection between the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses even if it seems like it at first. 

I think you can find connections between every combination, for me it seems like the relation is: what you value the most (your Hogwarts house) and what you decide to do with it (your Ilvermorny house)

For example I’m a Ravenclaw and I highly value wisdom, new knowledge and creativity, I love history and cultures so I can also relate as a Thunderbird because I have a huge desire to travel, discover new places, learn from them and grow as a person this way. An adventure can also be daring to create something new.

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Identity ask - 11, 19, 28 ♥

  • 11. describe your ideal day.

It’s raining. I have an inspiring dream right before I wake up. My family is already up and they’re not yelling at each other. I play my favorite songs to start my day and no one disrupts my good mood. My room is clean and I don’t have to worry about that. I have no appointments. When I open my writing program, I can successfully write down the scenes in my head. I reach my word count and I can watch kdramas I love. Order take-out for dinner. Cuddle with my cats. Engage in nice conversation with my friends. It’s still raining when I go to bed.

(I’m a boring ahjumma with three cats)

  • 19. which Harry Potter house would you be in? or are you a muggle?

Pottermore has rightfully sorted me into Ravenclaw, the House I identified with from the beginning. Bookworm who’s into reading/watching things my classmates/co-workers aren’t into? Well then.

  • 28. on a scale from 1 to 10, how hard is it for someone to get under your skin?

A solid 1, lmao. I’m that girl who’ll respond to provocations and murder you with a look if you insist on jokes she doesn’t like. I hate explaining the same thing multiple times to a person who is clearly not making any effort to learn. I hate things that happen outside of a plan. My brother pisses me off on a daily basis.

On the other hand, I’m usually the person who keeps her head cool when someone else is losing their mind, so… It could be worse?? I dunno. Why am I like this, etc.

identity ask

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Nicknames - My name is kinda odd for my gender/in general so there aren’t any natural nicknames for it, but my family does tend to refer to my by my first and middle initial (”PH”) and I half-jokingly call myself “PDubb”

Gender - Female

Zodiac sign - Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Ascendant

Height - 5'2”

Sexuality - Bisexual, though with an all-male dating history so far.

Hogwarts House – Ravenclaw (after years of wanting to be a Slyth I have finally fallen in love with Ravenclaw, which Pottermore has sorted me into twice under two handles.)

Favorite animal – Orcas! Though tbh I am a nature documentary slut and can find a reason to love any animal. 

Average hours spent sleeping – I aim for 8 hours a night (I am a GROUCH if I don’t get a full night) but usually end up only getting 6.5 or 7.

Dogs or cats – 

Originally posted by marvel-dc-addict

Number of blankets I sleep with – A top sheet and a comforter. In the winter, I add a blanket in the middle.

Dream trip – Safari in Africa.

Dream job – Writer

When I made this account – 2012? 2013? I was under a different handle until recently, when I needed a change.

Why I made this account – As a non-fandom original-writing account. It became law and whale based account for a while and now I’m using it v devil may care.

Number of followers - 256, but I’m not here for follower counts.

I tag: @janiedean @subjunctivemood @bellsqueen @flawschool @failinglifetests @ellewoodsjr @lawandchill @radiate-lightt 

Pottermore Survey

I have recently been puzzled by the Pottermore sorting quiz. From simply looking across Tumblr, I have found out that a lot of my fellow Hufflepuffs, including me, have been placed into Gryffindor on Pottermore.

This has led me to wonder about the Pottermore sorting process, and my Ravenclaw side has kicked in curiosity. I want to find out how accurately the Pottermore quiz sorts people.

So, I am asking everyone to please REBLOG and state the house they identify with and what Pottermore placed them as. You can use the tags to say it if you want, but make sure you do BOTH parts of the question. And be specific- tagging #hufflepuff and #gryffindor does nothing for me.

Example: #i am a hufflepuff #pottermore put me in gryffindor

If I get enough responses, I’ll give you all a detailed analysis with pretty graphs. :)

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do you think there are many traits shared by both hufflepuffs and ravenclaws? because so many people say they're practically polar opposites but i spent so long believing i was hufflepuff until pottermore sorted me into ravenclaw. and now i absolutely think i'm ravenclaw but it's still rly hard to leave my old house behind y'know~ thank u!! xxx

Yes I think that hufflepuff and ravenclaw are incredibly similar! I like to think of the houses as being kind of like a venn diagram with each house being made up of certain components of the others, and I would argue that ravenclaw is the result of a hufflepuff and slytherin combination. 

But I digress

Ravenclaw and hufflepuff both have their core foundations in acceptance and I think that’s what really holds the two together. They also both value hard work (though whether ravenclaws actually get round to hard work is another story) and are both strong believers in taking your time before acting or forming your opinions

In many ways hufflepuffs are the house that ravenclaws aspire to be (which I discuss further in this post) and so in short, yes I think it’s perfectly understandable to confuse your ravenclaw traits with your hufflepuff ones and I know that it can be hard adjusting to a new house so if this blog can help in anyway then I’m glad 

SUP WITCHES!! (and wizards)

My name is Justin, and I am thrilled to be your new Slytherin admin.

A bit about me: I am 22 and recently relocated to North Carolina from Tennessee, though I’ve lived practically everywhere. My interests involve video games, Netflix, MBTI typing, pizza, and cats. I earned my degree in counseling psychology with double minors in sociology and philosophy, so my hobbies basically include psychoanalyzing people and figuring out how people work in general. As Jamie said, I basically got my degree in being a Slytherin, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Growing up with the HP books, I actually identified as a Ravenclaw until Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin at least 5 times before I finally came to embrace the what it means to join the dark side and understand Slytherin is not at all what people may think. I have always identified as intelligent and creative, but I realize now that my otherwise-Ravenclaw traits are simply byproducts of my Slytherin ambition to get what/where/who I want.

As a Slytherin, I believe we are frequently considered the most misunderstood house, and I have honestly come to enjoy these many misconceptions to my advantage. People fear what they can’t understand, and fear means power. But alas, I am not evil and I do not wish to reinforce the negative stereotypes of Slytherin house. Simply put: we can be good, but we are okay taking the darker route to get there. As Slytherins, we want what we want and won’t stop for anything in our way to greatness. We may come off as cold and ruthless at times, but it’s likely almost never personal; we just don’t like distractions from our goals. In truth, we probably care a lot more than we seem to let on. Our presentation is often a mask or facade to maintain a seat of power in making you think we are someone/something else, but we also can be incredibly authentic and genuine with people whom we trust.

If there is anything else that you would like to know about me, my interests, or views on Slytherin (or anything else), please let me know either here or on my personal blog ether-feast​ .

I look forward to joining you all and sharing my Slytherin House Habits!