The Seeker.


(I started this illustration thinking of James (of course!), but I like the idea that it could be both James and Harry…so it’s up to you to choose! )


it’s time to find out who dan and phil REALLY ARE. we take the most important quiz in the universe - The Pottermore Sorting Ceremony! 


“The first time I did it I got Slytherin!”

“Maybe you’ve changed! You’ve become more of a soft lad.”

“I am Harry Potter.”

“You are literally Harry Potter.”

@danielhowell​ and @amazingphil​ retake the pottermore sorting hat quiz (X)

(This is sort of sequel to my previous Slytherin!Dan doodle from earlier this year. Check out here!)

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Remus: Pads, the fact James has Quidditch training doesn’t give you the right not to study and -NO- the excuse that “dogs can’t read” is not accepted.


“I was always welcome at the Potters’.”

-Sirius Black

just done watching the fifth movie today, and felt like I wanted to make something like this again.. I did a redraw of the third movie here, while Sirius was asking for Harry to stay with him (first pict). And I think somehow it can be related to the fifth movie where Sirius told Harry that he was at James’ when he ran away from his house. besides the fact that Sirius was Harry’s godfather, I think he wanted to stay with Harry because he didn’t want Harry to feel any worse than what he’d ever felt before. he just wanted to welcome Harry just like James and the Potters welcome him. to feel a real home, to feel a real family. and that second pict, I made it shows Sirius went home with James.

and oh, thank you for not posting this without permission. please do tell me or credit me when you’re going to post it somewhere.

I saw someone share my artworks without telling me, and it’s a no good:(