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Se há algo que essas histórias provam é que o heroísmo existe em várias formas, tamanhos e tipos. Afinal, não é preciso ser da Grifinória e empunhar uma espada para ser um herói – às vezes, tudo que se precisa é ter o coração no lugar certo.
—  Histórias de Proezas, Percalço e Passatempo Perigosos, de J.K. Rowling.       
Ilvermorny Sorting Questions

What’s your preference:

  • Plot
  • Explore

Would you rather:

  • hunt
  • heal

Do you prefer to…

  • Remember
  • Experience

I challenge…

  • Authority
  • other people’s patience
  • convention
  • myself

I often think…

  • Why did I do that?
  • Why can’t I do that?
  • I wish I had done that.
  • I wonder whether I should do that…

My beliefs are

  • hard won
  • whom I am
  • constantly evolving
  • few but strong

What would you least like to lose:

  • Reputation
  •  Health
  • Luck
  • Dreams
  • Love
  • Hope

When will I learn…

  • to keep my mouth shut
  • to say no
  • to do things on time
  • the secret

I most value…

  • Freedom
  • Individuality
  • Service
  • Ambition

Where would you least like to find yourself?

  • Imprisoned alone in a silent dungeon
  • locked in a crowded cage, standing room only
  • in the dock in court, accused of a crime you did not commit
  • on the deck of a ship as the tidal wave comes over the horizon
  • trapped in the attic as the house burns below you
  • On the rope bridge fraying over the canyon
  • lost in the forest at night, eyes staring at you through the dark

My magic is:

  • Inborn
  • in need of work
  • unique
  • powerful

All I need is…

  • an opportunity
  • a little more time
  • some help
  • already inside me


  • Why not?
  • Because I want to
  • stupid question
  • we may never know

Whose judgement do you most fear?

  • Nobody’s
  •  my own
  • my friends’
  • my family’s
  • the world’s
  • history’s

Think of the question you would most like answered, by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you’d like to hear?

  • Without a shadow of a doubt
  • Never
  • very soon
  • it is impossible
  • yes
  • I will show you everything
  • only if you agree
  • if you come with me
  • no I didn’t, you are
  • yes you may
  • only once
  • if you want to
  • forever
  • not for many years

Which would you choose if you could only have one?

  • The power to change one day in your future
  • the power to change one day in your past
  • the power to make one person impervious to harm
  • the power to bring one person back from the dead
  • the power to cure one illness worldwide
  • the power to eradicate one quality from all humans
  • the power to know the answer to any single question

I would like most to discover…

  • A powerful magical creature loyal only to me
  • An all-magical city hidden from the No-Maj world
  • A spell more powerful than any other
  • A magical plant that will cure any illness

I wish I knew how to…

  • Forget
  • Win
  • Escape
  • Get through

My greatest weakness is…

  • Nobody’s business but mine
  • What makes me, me
  • The source of my greatest strength
  • Something I must change

My best ideas…

  • Get me in trouble
  • Aren’t appreciated enough
  • Have changed my life
  • Have gone to waste

If I could, I would never feel…

  • Pain
  • Fear
  • Regret
  • Shame

A soulmate is…

  • Out there somewhere
  • An illusion
  • A psychic twin
  • Strong where I’m weak and weak where I’m strong

What would you exchange for your heart’s desire?

  • Anything
  • That which I can afford to lose
  • Blood, sweat, and tears
  • What it is worth

What jinx would you least like to experience?

  • A jinx that meant nothing was funny
  • A jinx that made all my food taste like straw
  • A jinx that kept you constantly awake
  • A jinx that constantly played music in your head
  • A jinx that struck you dumb
  • A jinx that forced you to tell the truth

No curse can work without the secret consent of the victim.

  • true 
  • false
Remus Lupin things
  • When Remus was little, he was not allowed to play with other children, because his parents feared he migth let slip the fact that he was werewolf - meaning James, Sirius and Peter probably were his first friends ever
  • When Dumbledore visited the lupins to tell them that Remus could go to Hogwarts, he spent a lot of time sitting by the fire eating crumpets and playing gobstones with remus - the lonely, friendless ten year old
  • Peter became one of the marauders because Remus cared for him even thoguh “James and Sirius might not have thought him worthy of their attention” otherwise
  • Although Remus tried to hide his condition, it only took his concerned friends one year to figure out that he was a werewolf
  • While the wizarding world was celebrating Voldemort’s downfall and the beginning of a new, terror free era, a long time of loneliness began for Remus, who had lost as good as all of his close friends overnight
  • At this point, his dad offered his son to stay with him, but Remus refused because he felt it would be too dangerous for the old man
  • When the wolfsbane potion was invented, Remus had no way of benefitting from it, since he did not have the funds to afford the ingredients (classism exists in the wizarding world as well as in the muggle one)
  • Tonks was the first person Remus ever fell in love with - but he never imagined someone like her would ever fall for someone like him because he was so used to seeing himself as “unclean and unworthy”
  • And Tonks told him off for being silly and self pitying and that he would “know perfectly well who she’d fallen for, if he wasn’t too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice”
  • Hearing her say that was the happiest moment in his life
  • Remus was the first werewolf ever to recieve the Order or Merlin, first class

- I just read the text about Remus on Pottermore, now allow me to cry

@punkdraco and I have already had part of this conversation but I just wanted to put this out here & add some thoughts I’ve been having out here - 

the star wars novelizations are great and all but I’m sort of weirded out by the kind of information they insert about the characters into the text, but not in the films. Some of it, okay, it adds depths to characters - but I genuinely have questions about whether a film’s (and given that the film canon existed first) characters should be interpreted differently based off information given in the novelization of the film. Like, I’m currently reading the OT novelization & Han Solo the womanizer is very much played straight in the novelization - which like, the way Harrison Ford plays Han Solo in the films is very much a Han whose real self is at odds with the image he wants to project (he’s not a cool guy womanizer, he’s kind of a totally reckless and impulsive screwball who pretty much shouts about how much he likes Leia). Here he has a woman sitting on his lap at the start of the Mos Eisley cantina despite the fact that this doesn’t appear in the films. There’s bits of descriptors that are obviously channelling us towards the Cool Guy Han Solo reading, even though those sections, viewed purely on film, could be read very very differently.

And like, there’s shit in the TFA novelization I know of, for example, which alter how people interpret Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren - Kylo more so than Poe. 

So this is the question - which ‘canon’ is more canon and do filmmakers get to cover up on their inability to show onscreen by putting additional facts into a novelization? Do we have to accept that as canon or continue our conversations based purely on the films? What does it mean for fans who can’t get the goddamn novelizations or who don’t know of their existence? How does death of the author work when you have like, coded descriptors trying to guide your reading of a scene which was previously ambiguously coded on screen?

These are just questions, I don’t have answers. But it’s something that’s been niggling at me for some time.

amici-di-pallone  asked:

on twitter they're telling everyone who complains that "the algorithm is still the original one JKR created, maybe your opinion has changed or you were distracted by the new illustrations?" yikesssss.


stars should be a Ravenclaw answer now and forever and ever 90% stars seriously Pottermore NINETY PERCENT OF CLAWS

(Also, does that imply the pet option doesn’t change anything? Because tbh my first thought was that it would be the case - that they just put the pet option in and it won’t affect anything. But I have had someone tell me that they re-created two former-Hatstall data sets that are no longer Hatstalls when a pet option is added, so that implies that Pottermore either *did* change the algorithm or the pet option *does* alter the outcome, in which case they really can’t say it’s exactly the same. Although that would leave them open to the whole “so I’m a Gryffindor just because I want a snowy owl?” issue*

*no, I don’t know if snowy owls lead to Gryffindor yet. I don’t have enough data to know about any pet/House weightings, or even if the pets are going to change the weighting. 

sigh. Personally I think they’d have saved themselves a WORLD of hurt if they hadn’t required registration for the quizzes and had just opened them up completely, allowing people to take and re-take them a billion times without having to use multiple e-mails.