I’m so pissed off yet this is such a stupid FWP…. I wanted to buy clothes from Market HQ’s clearance sale (WITH EXTRA 20% OFF) and when it came to the checkout, it only accepted credit cards which means that I

  • either had to go to the post office on Monday to reload my Load-and-Go card (which by that time SALE IS OVER)
  • beg my mum to loan me her card

So I actually have the money, and I gave the money to my mum PLUS added interest, and politely asked if I could borrow her card and not only did she start yelling at me and told me that I “should be studying”, she completely snatched my money ($60) off me and told me that NO way she won’t lend her card to me. (FYI I just spent the majority of the day studying, from 11-5)

I don’t often ask for money, and usually my money is what I’ve saved up and earned. And I will ALWAYS ALWAYS buy clothes that are on sale (pretty much all of my wardrobe is under $25), and I felt I just couldn’t pass up on the deal at Market HQ -AUSSIE LABELS - $14 clothes + 20% off?!!??!

Anyway, now I’m $60 short, I’m shut in my room with a pile of work and I can hear my mum and my sister talking in the next room. My mum just told my YOUNGER sister that she was allowed $100 on HER CARD just because my sister is helping her set up some frequent flyer qantas card. 


konorose asked:

My favorite thing about your blog: your theme and your dianna icon!
What fandom I associate you with the most: probably harry potter :P
What I think of your URL: its original I LOVE IT :D
If I follow you and why: nah sorryy :/