I present to you an excerpt of something I experienced from the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

(Everyone is standing in line at the San Antonio Rivercenter Mall book store. It is very close to midnight)

Girl in the Line: READ US THE FIRST WORD!

(Employee opens up the book in front of everyone. He speaks)

Employee: “THE”

(Everyone cheers)

People will say things like “Do you remember in Harry Potter when...”

Of course I fucking remember. There’s not a part I don’t remember. You think I don’t remember that reading Sonnets of a Sorcerer will make you speak in limericks for the rest of your life or that Ireland won but Krum caught the snitch. Or that Slughorn’s fish was named Francis. Or the song that the Valentine’s dwarf delivered to Harry from Ginny. ‘His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad’ is a ditty embossed on my brain for the rest of time just fucking try me I have all the knowledge and I am always ready.


The 16 Best Reactions To The News Of An Eighth Harry Potter Book

Everyone try not to freak out, but J.K. Rowling’s publishing company just announced that there will be an eighth Harry Potter story coming out this summer and – OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD HOW HAVE I BEEN HAPPY BEFORE THIS MOMENT?!?!?!?!?!!?


You know the more I think about this the more I could see Harry doing this for these reasons. He’s the kind of person who would realize that your name is only remembered if you pass it on. His eldest is named after James and Sirius. Teddy’s middle name is Remus after his father. But no one would name their kid Albus or Severus. Also I think in naming his son after Snape it takes away the bad stigma behind the name because if The Boy Who Lived is okay with naming his kid after this man maybe he want so bad in the first place. I know he wasn’t a good person but he wasn’t all bad either. Like JK said he was shades of grey.

Amanda Penley’s Magical Tour Of The World Of Harry Potter

Amanda Penley is an New York based artist currently working as a designer for Weber Shandwick. She holds a BFA degree in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design ( SCAD). The artist’s creative mind is constantly fed by the movies, television and books she watches and reads as her work, the Harry Potter series below emphasizes it.

Penley’s passion about all things design is diverted to exploring cell animation and motion media. In fact, she experiments with motion in several of her works, including the magical Harry Potter series where she exhibits the different locations and famous buildings featured in the timeless story.

Amanda Penley’s tribute to the iconic Harry Potter franchise respects the story while keeping true to her modern touch. She has chosen a sober and dreary palette for the images, while maintaining consistency to the emotion of the story and the look of England where the story is set. Each picture is punctuated with a powerful quote that substantiates the importance of the location preceding it. The artist has taken a minimalist approach to the graphic series - flat designs playing with texture and clean lines.

However, it wouldn’t carry the same weight if the series didn’t have a touch of childishness or a little spell of illusion to make us  feel the same delight that Harry Potter cast over us. Penley uses her expertise in motion graphics to cleverly add a smooth motion to the magic element in several pictures.

Amanda Penley’s artistic interpretation of one of the most enchanting stories does away with the clutter and takes you straight home to the welcoming world of Hogwarts.

How It Should've Ended
  • Harry:Nimbus Firebolt Potter, you were named after my first two racing brooms both of which, quite frankly, treated me better than Snape ever did
  • Harry:Now you know why you're named after racing brooms and not my bullying professor who was obsessed with your grandmother
Things all Potterheads should do during holidays

Read all the books again 

Watch all the movies in a row

Spend an endless amount of time on pottermore

Make HP themed Henna-tattoos 

Collect the Harry Potter wands | Here are some shops for fan-articles:

harrypottershop.com (us)

harrypotterplatform934.com (uk)

Drink and make homemade Butterbeer

If u are in London make sure to check out the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour!

or Wizarding World in Orlando

After all we never want it to end, do we?

Slytherin Harry.

I want Slytherin Harry being dormates with Draco. I want Slytherin Harry to argue with Draco playfully every single day. I want Slytherin Harry to still be friends with Ron and Hermione and stand up for muggle borns. I want Slytherin Harry to sass the fuck out of Snape wIth the help of Draco. i want Slytherin Harry to rise Slytherin out of its stereotypes because of how freaking nice he is to everybody. I want Slytherin Harry to encourage his fellow housemates to not be dicks, so that all of them can be seen in a different light. I want Slytherin Harry to comfort Draco whenever the poor boy needed it, because let’s be honest, they’re both broken. I want Slytherin Harry to look really intimidating at first then end up tripping on his own feet which pretty much tells everybody how much of a dork he is. I want Slytherin Harry’s amazing sass to unleash in the common room every night. I want Slytherin Harry becoming best friends with Draco in their first year, because once you get through all those mean comments, Harry saw a boy just like him. I want Slytherin Harry being looked at respectfully by his fellow housemates when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire because it fit so perfectly with Slytherin. Harry “cunningly” put his name in, he “ambitiously” thought of it, and he did it so “mischievously”. I want Slytherin Harry to convince at least his dormates that he didn’t put his name in, and I want them to roll their eyes and go “We believe you, Potter, but good luck. You were far too stupid to even figure out how to put your bloody name in there, anyway.” I want Slytherin Harry to laugh at all those “POTTER STINKS” badges because it’s such an inside joke to the Slytherins, and that Blaise started it as a joke in History of Magic. I want Slytherin Harry to hide behind the older Slytherins when people would taunt him for being “The Heir Of Slytherin” because they believe him and as we all know, “You’re far too stupid to even get to class without tripping, Potter, how the fuck would you be an heir to our almighty ancestor Salazar?”I want Slytherin Harry to come barreling into the common room right after his talk with Dumbledore and start sobbing. I want some of the Slytherins to start comfroting him and bringing him chocolate. I want Slytherin Harry to amazingly stop the prejudice. I want Slytherin Harry to jokingly blow a kiss to Malfoy when he wins the quidditch cup. LOOK I WANT MALFOY TO ROLL HIS EYES AND SARCASTICALLY WINK BACK WITH HIS SIGNATURE SMIRK ON HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE. I WANT THE SLYTHERINS TO RISE A REBELLION AGAINST UMBRIDGE ONCE THEY SAW THE WRITINGS ON HARRY’S HAND. I WANT THEM TO BRING HELL. I WANT THE SLYTHERINS TO BE SUCH AN AWESOME HOUSE WITH HARRY BY THEIR SIDE. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO STRUT INTO THE COMMON ROOM WHEN ANNOUNCED QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO SNEAK INTO THE KITCHEN WITH DRACO FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO LEAD DRACO BACK INTO THE GOOD SIDE. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO HISS AT DRACO WHENEVER HE COMES IN WITH “Malfoy.” I WANT A TON OF SLYTHERINS TO STAY BEHIND FOR THE BATTLE AT HOGWARTS BECAUSE HARRY THOUGHT THEM WHAT GOOD MEANT AND THEY WERE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT EVEN WHEN THEY COULD BE FIGHTING RELATIVES. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO JUST FUCKING SAVAGE YOU KNOW.

Slytherin Harry.

  • fanfic has ruined me so much, I can't look at books the same. I've become so picky. like every time I go to a bookstore and see a book I go "oh I've read this in that fanfic, I know how it goes"
If James and Lily had lived and Harry wasn't the chosen one

Imagine if James and Lily had lived.
Imagine First year student Harry, sitting alone on the train, his face pressed against the glass as the train’s about to leave. There’s quite a crowd for him on the platform, James, Lily, Remus, and Sirius have all come to say goodbye.

Imagine how proud and happy James would be when he hears that his son made the Gryffindor quidditch team. And on his first year too

Imagine the Christmas holidays, the Potters hold a party. Sirius and Remus are there, and the Weasleys too. James and Sirius are talking to Fred and George about secret passageways and pranks. James loves those ‘two brilliant Weasley boys’ as he calls them, because they remind him of his Hogwarts days.

Imagine the summer holidays, Harry invites Hermione and Ron over to his house. James helps Harry and Ron practice quidditch. Hermione and Lily watch them while discussing Hogwarts, A History.

Imagine James noticing how down Harry looks lately and confronting him. Harry admits to James that he’s developed a crush on Ginny Weasley. James decides to help his son out, after all, he is an expert on such things, or so he says. James discusses with Harry strategies on how to ‘get the girl’ and he calls up Sirius too, for extra help.

Imagine Remus helping Harry out with his homework over the summer, and Lily too. James and Sirius are teaching Harry how to do the best pranks, but Lily shoos them away, laughing,

Imagine James and Lily at their son’s wedding, they’re happy and proud of him. James makes a beautiful speech. Sirius makes a funny one.

Imagine James holding his first grandchild in his arms for the first time and tears are in his eyes. Lily notices them and smiles, but Sirius teases him.

Imagine Harry waking up in the middle of night. He’s back in his room at the Dursley’s house. It was all a dream.