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-En español: Te amo
- En ingles: I love you
- En francés: Je t’ aime
- En Potterhead: Always
- En Divergente: Solo iría a tu funeral si hay pastel
- En Cazadores de sombras: Nefilim estúpido
- En Bajo la misma estrella: Okay
- En Hush Hush: Eres mía, ángel
- En Grey: Ven acá, te debo un orgasmo
- En Beautiful disater: Tu eres mi hogar
- En Percy Jackson: Sesos de algas
- En Lector: Te regalo un libro
—  Desorden-de-palabras

July 22, 2017 | 11:44 AM PDT

Looking at the cost of planners made me cry, so I’m back to bullet journaling.  I know it’s a bit early for August, but I’d rather not be stressed later on.  

I also added a bunch of Harry Potter character birthdays to my monthly spread because I’m such a hardcore Potterhead lol.  Although I’m always kicking myself over the fact that, of all the characters in the entire series, I share the same birthday with Dolores Umbridge (why, Jo, whyyy).

The August cover page was inspired by this post from @studywithinspo.  I just love Brian’s ink drawings!

Its “19 Years Later”...and this is still me EVERY TIME after all this time.

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