potterhead always

-En español: Te amo
- En ingles: I love you
- En francés: Je t’ aime
- En Potterhead: Always
- En Divergente: Solo iría a tu funeral si hay pastel
- En Cazadores de sombras: Nefilim estúpido
- En Bajo la misma estrella: Okay
- En Hush Hush: Eres mía, ángel
- En Grey: Ven acá, te debo un orgasmo
- En Beautiful disater: Tu eres mi hogar
- En Percy Jackson: Sesos de algas
- En Lector: Te regalo un libro
—  Desorden-de-palabras

Snape not only deflects McGonagall’s attack but uses it to take down Alecto and Amycus in a single armwave behind his visual field. Like they both had their wands out too but BOY they did not see that coming. Snape knew that he needed to get rid of them before being driven out of the castle so that they wouldn’t harm any of the students GOD what a badass motherf#@ker.

10 Things Potterheads will never get over:

1.- “Harry, DID YAH PUT YAR NAME IN DA GOBLET OF FIYAH?!” he asked calmly.

2.- Albus Severus Potter. The world’s weirdest name for your mini-me, Potter

3.- “Always”

4.- The ‘Severus Snape was a hero or a real douchebag’ debate.

5.- Not being able to go to Hogwarts every September 1st.

6.- Draco Malfoy is a kind but greatly misunderstood soul.

7.- Hedwig’s theme

8.- Not being able to summon that lost-something, no matter how many times you use Accio!.

9.- Being completely obsessed with reaching your House’s goals, and feeling so offended when people don’t recognize you Slytherin/Ravenclaw/Gryffindor/Hufflepuff value.

10.- Flipping out whenever someone as mentions anything Harry Potter related, and being quick to correct them when they get their facts wrong.


Have any others? I can sure as hell think of a hundred more. Thanks, J.K. Rowling for filling our lives with magic.

And imagine..

You’re walking down the open hallway after the first snow. The courtyard is covered in white but there are still some snowflakes steadily falling to the ground.
From the classrooms you can hear the soft muttering of spells and the scratching of quills on parchment.
The wind gently whistles through the air and your cloak flutters behind you, making low noises.
A red cat sits underneath a stone arch and lazily blinks into the descending sun. The Grey Lady comes floating through the wall and nods at you before disappearing again.
On the other side of the yard you can see the slytherin Quidditch team sneaking out of the castle and you hide your grin as one of the girls winks and you and puts her finger over her lips.
From behind the corner you can hear Hagrid chanting an old song and huffing from time to time , struggling with the Christmas Tree that he is dragging towards the Great Hall.
Eventually you reach the end of the hallway and tighten your cloak around you.
Looking up you pull your nose out of your thick, woolen scarf and breathe in the cold and fresh air.
It tastes like firewood and smoke.
Like magic and promises.
Surprises and a great feast.
For a moment you close your eyes.
That’s what it feels like to be home.