potterhead 4 life

On May 2nd, I invite all Potterheads to please raise your wand for those we lost 14 years ago. The battle of Hogwarts. The darkest time. When You-Know-Who was taking control, getting stronger and stronger by each hour passing. Gaining more followers. Killing more innocent, pure and good people. These were the worst times, the most hopeless, the most awful and dark times. …So raise your wand, Potterheads, wear your Harry Potter shirts, take a moment of silence to mourn over those lost, whom we loved so much. We knew so much. We laughed with. We cried with. Those, although maybe only played a small part in the books, we will forever be thinking about. Those who are brave. Those who weren’t. Those who were selfish, those we were too generous. Those who were too quiet, those who were too loud. To everyone. Take a minute to think. 7 books; 8 movies. Millions of lives. Tears. Gasps. Chuckes. Silence. Conversations. Those hours spent, your mind wondering…thinking… The train rides to the most wonderful and magical place imaginable. The challenges. The situations. The mysteries. The romance. The secrets and lies. EVERYTHING. It all lead up to it. May 2nd, 1998. So reblog this post. Copy and paste it. Tell people about it. Make sure that this message gets around. Raise your wands, wear your Potter shirts, sing the Potter songs, think your Potter thoughts, read your Potter books, google your Potter things, shed your Potter tears, laugh, love, cherish, hum, fly, watch, whisper, talk, give, take, gasp, yell, sigh, let your heart stop, start then stop again…..BE. Let’s get together. And on that day we will do all those things, Potterheads. We can raise our wands and be thankful to THE GOD OF WRITING, the strongest woman, who ‘Found light in the darkest of times’ and wrote us the most amazing book series, gave us something to look forward to, gave us, no matter what age, a whole world to live, love and lose yourself in. WE ARE FOREVER THANKFUL, J.K. ROWLING. WE LOVE YOU. Thankyou, all the actors who had as much fun making the movies as we did watching them. We are forever thankful. Take that time, Potterheads, on May 2nd, to remember this post, and do these actions. Lose yourself in the best and most unbelieveable world imaginable, once more. Are you reading this and thinking, 'wow, these people are such losers’? You’ll never know love, or friendship, as us Potterheads do. And I feel sorry for you. I can say with PRIDE, that I owe J.K. Rowling my life. I will certainly be raising my wand and thinking about nothing but Harry Potter on May 2nd. Wand raised, and hoping people will join..