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tardisdust  asked:

Laurennnnn, I started posting Harry Potter stuff! :D Do you have any quality HP blogs that you could recommend to me? Cause right now I barely get any of it on my dashboard. :(

Sure! These are just off the top of my head lmao, if you’re already following all of them message me again k :p

FIRSTLY —> the must be following

buhtterbeer mravolo dracoqmalfoy hp-picspam quididtch cruciomalfoy peanutbutterbeer scteumsempra leakycauldrcn queerscorpius prongsxdoe borginburks petrificustotlaus professorlockhart

hrgranger ohremus alohomorea crookshankx georqeweasleys cedricdiggery siriusblacck fiendfires ginnywheezy felix-felices phadfoots alrightpotter paddfoot hogwaarts  gxldentrio  voldemortrs patronuscharm 

dracoumalfoy harrypottcrs lorde-hufflepuff avadaginevra ohneville quillsandink  whosdraco thcstrals  transfigurration grindlewold dracomalfouy

SECONDLY —> more awesome people that you must be following

luxiusmalfoy jamesandhislily incendiomalfoy honeydukinq expecto-patronox openthesnitch rubeushargid quaffhle marauderssmap weasloy hogwartianos triwizarding lestranqe lestranqes dearsirius ginvraweasley messrpronqs whatginny potterdark stuckwith-harry leviohhsa potter-time azkcban

THIRDLY —–> the multi must be following people 

aubreyplzas odairannies amyskhaleesi protectmccall godlygillan nebnla 

This was just off the top of my head and I forgot a lot of people so don’t be upset if you aren’t here! I love every single blog that I follow :)

I hope you don’t mind me posting this! 

Hey! I just reached 500 followers (yay!!) so I thought I’d do something special. First off, I want to thank every single blog that is following me. I couldn’t have done this without you all and you’ve made me so happy. Let me also add that while I think having you guys as my followers is amazing, it’s even better having you all as friends. Don’t hesitate to owl me if you want me to check out you blog or help you with something. I love you all!!! And now *drumroll* a list of the coolest potterheads on the block (̶◉͛‿◉̶)

Bold : My lovely mutuals = automatic fav

Italic: Actual angel on earth. Thank you for being there for me ♥


alrightpotter acciopeverell / animaegus / azkcban / braveremus / biliusronald /  borginburks / boytoymalfoy / basilisksfang / cruciomalfoy / cedricdiggery / crookshankx / deatheatcrs / dracoqmalfoy  / diagonsalley


felix-felices / felicismalfoy / flitwixgxnnyweasley / ginnywheezy / godric-hollow / ginnypotterr / hermiionegrangers hogwartianos / hogsmeaded / halvblood / hermionegrangcr / hedwigslettershrgranger / hermioneshour / hermioniegranger hermionejeangrr 


knockturnallley / longbottomn / leakycaudron / latefebruary / leviohhsa / lestranqes / literalhermione / luxiusmalfoy / lunalocked / lupinpottermandrakescry / myfairytal-emoony-at-hogwarts / muddybloody / nevillles / ohremus / oliverrwoods / ohlumos / occlmency / ollivandirs / otterandterrier


pottersir / petrificustotlaus / pronqsie / professorlockhart / prongsxdoe / phoenix-or-the-flame / potterdark / pottern / potterswheeezy / pottersprogeny / quaffhle / quillsandink / queerpctter / queen-rose-weasley / quaffle-chasers / ronahld / ronyacciomione / remusmoopin / remoonslupinronaldroars / rowling / rowlinginthedeep / ronaldvveasely / ronaldweasl-y / ravenclawestruck 


stuckwith-harryscaredpotter / salazarslyterin / scteumsempra / scectumsempra / seriousaboutsirius / shacklebot / siiirius / siriusblacx / snatchersunite / sugarquillsandfizzingwhizbees / triwizarded / terrierandotter / teddyluping / tomrddles / theperksofescapingazkabantransfigurration / voldemxrt / victoiredelacoure / weasley-wheezy / watsonita / wlzardry / weasloy



Non Hp blogs / People I know in real life who found my blog (!!!)

mad-ne5s / salty apples 

I really love all these people on my list, but even if you’re not, I still really love you. You’ve actually stuck with me and my trash blog and that is more than I could ever want, so thank you <3. If you feel like I forgot you ( I might’ve because I’m a total loon) feel free to message me! Thanks so much again!


Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! It’s nearly time to say goodbye to 2013 and so I feel it’s appropriate to appreciate the blogs that have made tumblr so wonderful this year. I would like to first apologize for the images, this was sorta rushed together because I am extremely lazy and lacking photoshop talent. To all the incredible people on this list please know that I appreciate you so much. Thank you for brightening my day with messages and beautiful creations on my dash. Just thank you for being YOU.

I wanna start out with a special shout out to the lovely ladies that have always had my back since the beginning of my time here on tumblr. I would not be here without them and they have become some of my closet friends and I cannot honestly imagine my life without them.

NICOLE: TWINNNNN, sometimes I imagine what would have happened if I never invaded your ask. I am sooooooo glad that I have you in my life. It’s almost creepy how much we have in common but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Thank you for being there for me 24/7, you are amazing and I love you to pieces.

VERONICA: We honestly haven’t spoken in ages unless you count the few snapchats we exchanged about a month ago. I am in the process of writing you a letter so hopefully this will give us a better excuse to communicate more frequently? I truly hope that you still consider me one of your friends, and please know that even though we do not talk everyday I am ALWAYS 100% here for you. I will drop whatever I am doing and I will be there for you, that is a promise! Please just know that I love you and I miss you terribly.

SHANNON: Wifeyyyyyy, you are incredible and supportive and words cannot describe how much I adore you. You are always a ray of sunshine in my life and I am so thankful to call you my friend. Please never change, you are absolutely wonderful.

ADRI: I have known Adri for sooooo long, we met back when bebo was cool. I cannot believe that odds that we managed to stumble into each other here but I am so thankful that we have. She is such a sweetheart and I am blessed to have her in my life. 

KRISTINA: Jeez where to even start. I could seriously write a novel about how much I love this girl. If you are looking for a friend who puts 100% into your friendship, constantly does everything in her power to make you smile, and is just pure flawless, then look no further than Kristina. Kris was the first friend I made on tumblr and probably the closest friend I have in my life (on and off the computer). She challenges and supports me like no one else. I know for a fact that my life would be lacking without this gem in my life. I am so thankful everyday knowing that if I need her, she would drop everything for me. I do not know what she sees in me as a friend, but I love her.

A: -amandsadays, accioknickers, allesonargent, aintborntipycal, amysdoctor

B: barbieklaus, behindthedarkness, belastalbot, birdysalvatore, brainygranger, brookedavis-scott, buffys

C: captainduckling, ccaptain-oats, chandlersbing, crimeandcoffee

D: danielradcliffes, defans, delenanian-shipper, delenasalvation, dobrev-meester, doctorwhos, dracoharrys, drowninginawesome,

E: -emmaduerres, elenasbutt, emcharlottedw, emmagnifiance, emma-zing, endlessdrop, escaparr, exbloodjunkie

F: fairestcharming, fennick, flordemort, frankenwolff, frenchmystake, fyreign

G: gifmesomemore,

H: harrysmione, hollyrodens

I: iansmolderholic, ishazelgrace

J: jessramblings,

L: leave-me-hypnotized-love, ledelenadiaries, legilimen, lustgood

M: mareluna3001, mionesgranger, misgiving, missfrays, mockingheartbeat, msndobrev

N: northerndawn,

O: oblivates, obliviatingg, ohdoppelgangers, omgrevenge, opposite-directions

P: penelopedavis, petitebelette, -pierce, potterdark

R: reigndaily, rodenshollands, rosetylered

S: simplypotterheads, sophiebush, soulseternalmate, stuartmry

T: teresaslisbons, tessgrays, thequeenofdrama, tomriddle, twin-flames

W: waitingondhr, waltzingwithfire, wandereres, watsonlove, weaselette., weslewski, wildfire-attraction, winslet