The Avengers

Dating Pietro Maximoff

Dating Bucky Barnes (2)

Dating Steve Rogers

Being Friends with Them

Dating Peter Parker

Dating Wanda Maximoff

Dating T’Challa

Being Clint Barton’s Sister

5 Seconds of Summer

Dating Luke Hemmings

Being Friends with Them

Dating Michael Clifford

Teen Wolf

Dating Derek Hale

Dating Stiles Stilinski

Being Friends with the Pack

Being Best friends with Allison and Lydia

Being Best Friends with Derek Hale

Being Best Friends with Isaac Lahey

Dating Isaac Lahey


Being Friends with Them

Having a Crush on Sam Winchester


Being Friends with the Wolf Pack

Being Friends with the Cullens

Harry Potter

Being Friends with Them

Being Best Friends with Draco Malfoy

The Flash

Being Friends with Team Flash

Dating Barry Allen

Being Best Friends with Cisco Ramon

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Being Friends with the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Legends of Tomorrow

Being a part of the ‘Legends’ Team

Criminal Minds

Being a part of the BAU Team

Being Best Friends with Spencer Reid

Dating Spencer Reid

Being Best Friends with Penelope Garcia

Having a Crush on Spencer Reid


Dating Peter Maximoff

Being Part of the X-Men

Having a Crush on Peter Maximoff

Dating Kurt Wagner

Having a Crush on Kurt Wagner


Dating Jillian Holtzmann

Being a part of the Ghostbusters Team


Dating Matt Murdock



Christine x Immy


Next Generation Aesthetics: James Sirius Potter

Being the first Potter to enter Hogwarts after the War had been a daunting experience, but James had always had a healthy disregard for public opinion, and was thus best suited for the job. He lacked Albus’ perfectionist tendencies and Lily’s dreaminess - James, just liked his namesakes, arrived with trouble written all over him. With an air of casual arrogance his parents could only attribute to a certain Godfather, James had a knack for charming everyone around him and an incredibly sharp mind to boot. 

Sorted into Gryffindor, he went on to become Beater for the Quidditch Team during his years there and graduated to become a Hit Wizard for the Ministry, never having lost a need for a consistent adrenaline rush. His parents never explained to him why his Animagus form brought them to tears - he just figured the black dog was that cute. 

Chained books have never been cooler because:

a) they were in Harry Potter

b) they were in the last episode of Game of Thrones season 6

The reality is that lots of books used to be chained to their shelves simply to stop readers nicking them. Books were valuable and expensive before the age of mass printing!

This particular volume is a  1616 edition of Seven Treaties by Richard Rogers, just spotted on its way back from a visit to the reading room.

Just 00′s kid things

when the teacher says click on the floppy disk to save but you don’t know what that is so you just click on the save icon

pretending you are older than you are to get onto facebook

club penguin bants

not knowing the propper amount of abreiviation to put into text messages

ICT teachers who don’t know what they’re talking about

having no idea what exams you will actually sit because micheal gove keeps changing things


thinking a meme is just any picture with a caption in white capitals with a black outline

your parents referring to actors by their roles in harry potter

being nostalgic about things that happened before you were born

saying “are you twelve” even when you, yourself, are twelve