The fandoms

OUAT: Everyone is fucking related
Supernatural: The bad guys are mass murderers. The good guys are too. (Plus destiel) AND WE HAVE A GIF FOR EVERYTHING
Sherlock: Sociopath, not psychopath
Harry Potter: Still here, but is usually shoved into that little place under the stairs


Imagine: Sending George Weasley a note asking him to Yule Ball, because you’re too nervous and shy to ask him in person. [x] [x] [x]

George: *finds note left on her desk* *mumbles* Who’s this from?
Fred: What you got there, Georgie? *smirks* Oh… A love note. *snatches it from him* From Y/N. *raises eyebrows suggestively*
George: Let me read it, Fred!
Fred: Fine, fine. *hands it back* *reads it with him* Y/N’s asking you to the Yule Ball. *smiles*
George: They are…. *smiles dreamily*
Fred: Are you going to go find them and say yes?
George: Yeah, yeah- *rushed* I’m going to do that. *runs out of the classroom* I’ll see you later Freddie!

Want to request an imagine?


Requested by: Anon

Imagine being Freds best friend and finally having enough of his pranks so you decide to give him a taste of his own medicine. You’re having lunch in the great hall when Fred storms in really angry and you can’t stop laughing. Maybe they kiss somehow at the end????


You had been waiting for his reaction. So while one day, eating lunch with some friends in the Great Hall, you weren’t surprised to feel two heavy thumps on your shoulder.

You spun around in your seat, but you immediately turned back around as you started to choke on some pumpkin juice.

“Y/N.” Fred seethed through gritted teeth. “Can I speak to you, alone?”

You held a hand over your mouth as you laughed, but you still nodded your head. You stood up from your seat, tossed a wink to a friend of yours, and followed Fred out of the Great Hall.

“Freddie, I like what you did with your hair.” You teased, ruffling his hair a bit. “The purple doesn’t look the best, but it’s nice.” You snickered.

“Tell me how to get rid of this.” He hissed, motioning to his violet hair. “I tried everything! It either gets lighter, darker, or my hair just gets longer!”

“See, the coin isn’t as bright in the other side, is it?” You tilted your head. “It’s not really fun to be pranked, Fred.”

“I’m sorry, okay.” Fred huffed, taking a few steps forward. “I won’t pull anymore pranks on you, just tell me how get this out!”

“It’s a very tedious Charm, Fred.” You told him with a serious look on your face. “You might not be able to handle it.”

“Y/N.” Fred scoffed, giving you a grin. “I can handle anything thing.”

“You sure?” You asked, walking close to him and standing on your tippy-toes.


You grabbed Freds shoulders, and pushing higher in your toes once more, you pressed your lips to his. You took his shocked state to grab your wand, gently tap it against the base of his neck, and pull away from him.

“There.” You said with a smile on your face as you saw his reaction. “All better.”