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Celebrating 20 Years of Harry Potter with Illustrator @taryndraws

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Like millions of others around the world, Taryn Knight (@taryndraws) first discovered the magical world of Harry Potter when she was a young girl, and hasn’t stopped loving it since. “I just kept reading them over and over,” she says of author J.K. Rowling’s book series. “Something just clicked. I was immediately obsessed.”

It wasn’t until Taryn, a Colorado-based freelance illustrator, was older that her love for all things witchcraft and wizardry began to manifest itself in her drawings. “I didn’t do a lot of art when I was first reading the books,” she says. “But once I started drawing regularly, my passion for Harry Potter began to creep in.”

Taryn, a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, is excited about the celebration surrounding #HarryPotter20, the 20-year anniversary of the UK release of the first book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.” “It seems to be reigniting everyone’s love for the Potter world,” she says. “It feels a bit like that old familiar buzz of a new book release.”

HP Houses: What I have observed from people I know in each house

Everyone believes that Hufflepuffs are innocent, carefree, and always happy. Despite that actually being true, there is so much more on the inside that people overlook. Hufflepuffs know what it’s like to feel pain, to feel unloved and to be underestimated. Hufflepuffs want to spread kindness all throughout their world, to their friends, family and others, so they do not have to go through what they have gone through. They take on challenges and want to prove themselves, staying up late to study or practice something consistently to do so.

Slytherins have a big reputation of badasses or evil reincarnated which couldn’t be more false. Slytherins have a bad reputation. The Slytherin’s I know are some of the most enduring people I know. Despite their hard interior and sly remarks, Slytherins have a golden heart. They want to take care of themselves making sure the do not get mistreated. Slytherins value friendships beyond what you would expect. They always have funny remarks to cheer a friend up, or to lighten mood, which usually works. Slytherin’s are the most ride or die people I know. Once they let you in, you are there for the long run.

Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence (which, trust me, they are very intelligent) but their other traits aren’t really spoken about. Ravenclaws are the type of friend you can look at and just burst out laughing over nothing. They will come up to you randomly and talk about a current event, or a theory they have. They always spark a deep conversation and never boring small talk. They are the shoulder you can cry on when you can depend on yourself anymore. When in group discussions, if you are talking and nobody’s listening? Ravenclaws will give you their full attention. Although a little spacey at times, you have to understand they are ALWAYS thinking about something. If you ask, they will spill all their thoughts and begin to write them down so they don’t forget later.

Being a fellow Gryffindor, I automatically connect with the people within my house. What I have noticed from them is they are always present. Whether its a small conversation in the hallway or at lunch, they will never be distracted or doing something else. Gryffindors underestimate themselves so much. They never truly see how wonderful of a person they are, and when given a compliment, they often feel uncomfortable. Gryffindors also have a presence to them. When they walk down the halls or into a room, people (friends or classmates) automatically look towards them or listen when they are talking.

Harry Potter is the Ultimate Bi

- biracial (aunt marge didn’t know about magic but still thought Harry was no good and “it all comes from the blood” because she is fucking racist) 

- bisexual (a crush on every seeker in hogwarts)

- bilingual (english + parseltongue) 

J.K.: *I should apologize for all the ships I never made happen*

J.K. : The reason Draco was so mean to Hermione was because he loved her.

J.K.: Harry and Hermione should have ended up together

Gay Side of HP shipping: *wolfstardrarrydeamusgrindledore*

J.K.: What’s a Drarry?

J.K.: Dean and Seamus were just friends nothing more.

J.K.: Scorpius loves Rose just like Draco loved Hermione.

J.K.: I’m not homophobic dumbledore is gay!!!!!


J.K.: Remus had a child.

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Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme

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E’ impossibile vivere senza fallire in qualcosa. A meno che non viviate in modo così prudente da non vivere del tutto. In quel caso, avrete fallito in partenza.
—  J. K. Rowling


• them being annoyed with your laziness and lack of perspectives for future

• them doing the job they gave you because you can’t do it properly

• them scolding you for putting everything off

• them eyeing you strangely if you get too close

• them being WAY too judgemental at times

• them giving you the most honest opinions on everything

• you doing the dirty job because they can manipulate you

• them giving you rational solutions e.g. after breakup when everyone’s trying to cheer you up

• them being ready to give hell to anyone who gave you a hard time (and I mean HELL, they have their ways)

• them not looking the type to be mean and bad but turning out TOTALLY EVIL IF YOU GO TOO FAR

• you hiding your responsibilities from them so they can’t scold you

• them complaining at everything done recklessly

• you hearing ‘I told you so’ at least once a day

• a lot of hanging out just as two because 'we don’t need other people’

• you falling for their lies because they’re cunning

• them complaining a lot about how stupid people can be and telling you how lucky you are to be their friend

• them being the leader of everything you do together

• them being jealous and suspicious of your friends they don’t know/like

• them being able to persuade you to do things easily

The Hogwarts Houses As Ghibli Movies

Gryffindor - Princess Mononoke

“You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it.” - Hii-sama

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Hufflepuff - My Neighbor Totoro

“Everybody, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away! ” - Tatsuo Kusakabe

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Ravenclaw - Howl’s Moving Castle

“One thing you can always count on is that hearts change.” - unnamed prince

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Slytherin - Spirited Away

“Ive gotta get out of this place. Someday I’m getting on that train.” - Lin

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