potter rowling

Yay another series about the Vintage Hogwarts Uniforms!

I thought it could be funny painting a series about Herbology Uniforms through ages! So i figured out what to wear during Herbology classes in Hogwarts greenhouses in the 40s. Good land-girls vibes, with a scarf over the hair! 

And YES, that’s a Mimbulus Mimbletonia!

Hope you like it!

I had a drawing session with @the-emu-can-draw and they suggested I draw Luna Lovegood. I absolutely adore this character… Luna is just too amazing… Anyway, so I drew her! (As usual, ignore the hands; they are Riddikulus…)


snapchat, insta, and quidditch=games that gryffindor JUST CAN’T LOSE. 

amazing illos & hilarz captions created exclusively for SparkNotes by the awesome @sasmilledge