potter quote

I have more school pride for Hogwarts than my actual school.
  • Remus Lupin: Have you done anything bad recently? Anything wrong?
  • Sirius Black: Wrong?
  • Remus: Yes, Sirius, wrong. You remember right and wrong, the difference between the two?
  • Sirius:
  • Remus: Honestly, Sirius! This is very basic stuff. What is wrong? Give me an example of something that's wrong.
  • Sirius: Just give me a second, Moony. I, uh—
  • Remus: Arson - there's one. Murder. Stealing.
  • Sirius: Stealing, yeah.
  • Remus: Anything else?
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: Hexing people?
  • Remus: Well done! Yes!
  • Sirius: Thanks, Remus.
I care. And I just like anyone else fall in love , every now and then. But even though my intentions are gold, my words aren’t. I don’t know how to love. My whole life I have been taunted for not being good enough, living under the weight of expectations. The only love I received was in the snarky remarks. And that’s how I love. My love is in my snide remarks, in my subtle bullying, in my indirect help. I’m sorry if my love is repulsive to you but its the only way I know.
—  Draco malfoy (for all the things I didn’t say)