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Happy National Book Lovers Day!

To celebrate, here’s some earrings I made of characters in books.

Harry and Ginny - Harry Potter

Hermione and Ron - Harry Potter

Cath and Levi - Fangirl

Rhys and Feyre - A Court of Mist and Fury

Ronan and Adam - The Raven Cycle


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Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite wizard, wallflower, UN ambassador, Disney Princess, and that time she was a burglar in The Bling Ring.

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #3
  • Slytherin to any other house at a Christmas party they're hosting: "Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of no where and leave you for dead?"
Bite the Hand that Feeds.

Who : Draco Malfoy
Where : Harry Potter Series
Prompt : You will search for me in another person, I promise. But I will not be found.

Someday I will find someone who will love me the way I loved you.

I’m playing a game with myself on my day off. Find a pair of quotes that may or may go together and incorporate it in a small prompt. Want to help me? Send me two quotes with your HP character preference. I’ll be here all day and if I don’t get to them today, I’ll work on them tomorrow ;) 

It had never been her intention to fall in love with Draco. It had happened merely on a whim when she had been paired with him during Potions. She fell for his undoubtedly witty charm and the ability to make her smile even when he wasn’t meaning to. She had followed him around like lost puppy and obeyed every command he’d throw at her. [Y/N] was in a trance and believed that it was love. But, Draco never loved her. She was simply just a girl who would get on her hands and knees and do whatever he pleased. He liked that power, it was empowering to have one of the smartest [house] girls groveling at his feet and worshiping the ground he walked on.

But, it all changed when she saw the dark mark on his forearm. And like a switch, all of his intrusive behavior and unloved demeanor came out in front of her eyes like crystal clear water. How could she have been so blind? How did she not see the mental abuse he had caused her? Her heart shattered into pieces, she was a fool to think Draco Malfoy could ever love her. She took a stand and in the midst of her tears, she broke down and cried. “You will search for me in another person, I promise. But I will not be found.”

“Oh, please.” Draco sneered, unfazed by the girl’s sobbing nature. 

“Someday I will find someone who will love me the way I loved you.” She whispered softly, wiping away the tears from her [color] eyes. “I only hope that you won’t take the next one who loves you for granted because love is a wonderful thing.” 

“Love is a poor excuse for weak minded people.” He spat, rolling his eyes and shoving his hands in his trouser pockets and turned to walk away. As he walked down the corridor, realization struck him in the worst way. He was all alone now. No one to take his mind off of the dark deeds he would have to perform in just moments time. No one to keep him entertained to keep the dark thoughts away. For once, it struck him that possibly, maybe, he actually did like [Y/N]. 

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default.
—  J.K. Rowling
National Book Lovers Day!!!


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