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When you hear someone mention your fandom in public, but you’re too socially awkward to actually talk to them or anything:

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Rules for borrowing my book (if I even let you)

- no food in creases
- no bent pages
- no folded pages
- no ripped pages
- no bent edges
- no dropping it
- no one else touches it

Whenever I buy a new book I just want to show it off to the whole world. Look how pretty my paper package of pain and tears is. So shiny.

2 stages of reading books

1) reading so many books for few months straight and it destroys your life

2) having like a year break cause your body isn’t ready for that kind of commitment

hp characters + fanfic preferences
  • Harry: everybody lives au
  • Hermione: reads whatever the heck she wants and validates it with thorough literary analysis
  • Ron: doesn't want to talk about this rn
  • Draco: enemies to lovers trope (stop smirking like that, what are you implying? you don't know my life)
  • Ginny: porn with plot
  • Pansy: porn without plot
  • Luna: general audiences fluff
  • Seamus: truth or dare fics
  • Dean: friends to lovers trope
  • Fred and George: crack fics all the way

Nah but when you start to reread one of your favourite books and their world is just so comforting and reassuring that you sort of just sigh

rose-grangerweasleyisbae  asked:

If you're in the mood for angst with a sort of fluffy ending, maybe write about boggarts in eight year? I've always had this idea that maybe Draco would have his older self as boggart, because he's scared of the future and no one accepting him. (Possibly with only Harry seeing what that boggart means, while the other students just laugh bc they think Draco is scared of a retreating hair line) Idk Sorry this prompt is a mess

Holy fuck, I died at this prompt and then came back to life and then died all over again because of it. Ugh. Q U A L I T Y. I have no idea if this is what you had in mind, but I had SO MUCH FUN writing it!!! I am so sorry if this sucks lol I suck at editing and also proofreading and also like. Yeah. Anyways. You’re an angel.

The Boggart

He looked older. He was Draco, but he was weathered, the pristine glow of his high cheekbones now a muted grey, hair set a bit further back on his forehead, crows feet around the eyes that just looked… Dull. Everything about the Draco from the wardrobe was dull and grey, in fact, including the clothes he was wearing.

The boggart met Draco’s eyes with what looked like the remnants of a challenge, a war long lost, leaning forward and whispering something in his ear that made Draco stand even stiffer than usual. He looked down at his feet, eyes darting nervously from side to side as if to search for a way out, and everyone remained quiet, waiting to see when the scary part would happen. There was always a scary part with these bastards.

But Wardrobe Draco simply stood there, arms crossed, occasionally leaning forward to whisper something inaudibly in Real Draco’s ear, and Real Draco looked petrified. More terrified, Harry thought, than the time his own life had been at stake as he pointed his wand at Dumbledore because he had no other choice. He never had a fucking choice.

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