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hey liz!! if you're taking prompts, can you write something with the prompt, "we order different drinks at the same bar"? im obsessed with green light rn! thank you sm liz lov ya!!!! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

All Draco had wanted to was a have a nice, gay night out.

He just wanted to order a nice and tooth-rotting sweet drink, the soft buzz of alcohol singing through his veins, the nice thrill of dancing with complete and devastatingly hot strangers. 

It seemed, however, that his evening was going to be ruined beyond repair.

Because the guy standing next to him, ordering a pint with an impossibly loud voice while waving his muggle money around, was Harry bloody Potter.

Why, God, Draco asked mentally, casting his eyes skyward, his fingers clutching around his pink cocktail, why must you torture me so?

It took a while for Potter to notice him.

(Draco wasn’t going to make himself known, after all, he wasn’t stupid enough to believe Potter would be happy with his company.) 

(He couldn’t get himself to leave, either. Apparently his infatuation with the golden boy hadn’t lessened over the years. Wasn’t a big surprise - just a big disappointment. Get it together, Draco.)

But when Potter did notice him, it wasn’t what Draco had expected.

He’d expected Potter to become angry, shout above the obnoxiously loud music - maybe Potter would even punch him right in his ex-Death Eaters face. (He had the right to do that, anyway. If someone had the right to hurt Draco for everything he’d done, it was Potter.)

What he hadn’t expected, however, was the happy squeal that left Potter’s lips before the golden boy - who was still shorter than he was, thank the gods - jumped up and wrapped his arms around Draco. “Malfoy!” Potter shouted, only understandable because he’d basically buried his head into Draco’s neck, “Hi!”

“Uh,” Draco felt as though something had punched him in the gut, “hi?”

“Hi,” Potter repeated, not letting go, his grip so tight it started to hurt.

Draco didn’t mind.

“What…” Draco looked around, trying to spot any of Potter’s friends - this had to be a joke, it had to be - but whipped his head back down soon enough to look at Potter again. 

(He never had been good at not looking at Potter.)

“What are you doing?” He finally asked.

“Hugging you,” Potter said to his neck, his fingers starting to play uneven rhythms on Draco’s back, “obviously.”

“Obviously.” Draco repeated, feeling as though he’d died and gone to heaven. He could smell Potter from this distance - he smelled like cinnamon and something smoky, something irresistible. “Are you going to let go any time soon?”

“Why?” Potter lifted his head to look up (and up and up) at him, and he even pouted, his eyes shining ridiculously bright under the disco lights.

“Because, you idiot,” Draco drawled, for the first time wrapping his arms around Potter to hold him close - his drink fell to the floor, but neither him nor Potter seemed to care much about that - “I can’t kiss you like that.”

Potter blushed so beautifully Draco wished he could look at it forever.

For now, however, he was perfectly happy to bend down and connect Potter’s soft lips against his own, cradling Potter’s head, taking as much as he could before the golden boy would realize who was kissing him, before he would sober up and kick Draco’s shins to fight him off.

(Potter didn’t fight him off. He kissed him with such an eagerness it left Draco breathless. He kissed him, again and again and again and -)

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Can you draw what you think Scorpius animagus (I think I spelt that wrong) would be ?

My headcanon is that he’d be a white tiger Animagus, and would have a tiger as a Patronus too. (I’m still kinda conflicted on the patronus but oh well;;) Tigers are largely solitary animals and live in their own territory, much like how Scorpius was alone with his family in the manor in his younger years; however, they’re pretty amiable, sharing kill with other tigers(’Sweets help you make friends!’) or caring for orphaned tiger cubs. At the same time, they’re powerful and competent (did you know tigers are good swimmers? :^D ) and I felt that Scorpius has that strength of heart underneath his kind and sweet demeanor. This was also greatly influenced by this post regarding how Scorpius is truly strong inside to be able to stand up to Albus in the library scene. All the more reason to love his character /// <3

(the tigers were referenced from stock photos on Google images! i can’t draw animals by heart asdfjkl)


I Don’t Think Anyone Understands How Excited I Am To See Helena Bonham Carter As The Fairy Godmother 

Just a quick Saturday doodle that turned into James Potter and Lily Evans being cute and couple-y ^_^


   …To Harry it was meaningless noise, the deflected curses flying past them did not matter, nothing mattered except that Lupin stop pretending that Sirius, who was standing feet from them behind that old curtain, was not going to emerge at any moment, shaking back his dark hair and eager to reenter the battle –
   Lupin dragged Harry away from the dais, Harry still staring at the archway, angry at Sirius now for keeping him waiting –
   But some part of him realized, even as he fought to break free from Lupin, that Sirius had never kept him waiting before… . Sirius had risked everything, always, to see Harry, to help him… . If Sirius was not reappearing out of that archway when Harry was yelling for him as though his life depended on it, the only possible explanation was that he could not come back… . That he really was… .