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Sweet as sugar

“… hard as ice, hurt me once & I’ll kill you twice.” - Said every Slytherin ever.

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  • Gryffindor: Ravenclaw you look like a person who play chess in her free time?
  • Ravenclaw: No, I do not.
  • Hufflepuff (overhears): She's more of a Scrabble person and very pretentious when she's playing.
  • Ravenclaw: That is outrageous I...
  • Hufflepuff (Continues): She will scoff at your word choice. Totally ignore her set of rules and use the word "poop" to win the game.
  • Slytherin (turns page): That's my girl.
Something about Slytherins

So we know now, or most of us should, that Slytherins aren’t all evill, Merlin, Slughorn, Andromeda Tonks, Regulus Black, to name a few. Yeah we have our fair share but here’s something I think about a lot.

So imagine you’re eleven years old. You get sent away from home to this great school and you’re waiting to get sorted. So maybe your family didn’t familiarize you all that well with the houses and you know that Ravenclaws are smart, hufflepuffs are loyal, gryffindors are brave, Slytherins are ambitious. Or maybe you do know about the houses and you fully expect to be placed in ravenclaw or Gryffindor. You watch as a couple kids around you go up and the hat yells “gryffindor!” And there’s enormous applause. “Ravenclaw!” Enormous applause. So your name is called and you walk all the way up to the front of the great hall and sit down on this stool and this hawk looking witch in emerald robes places this worn old hat on your head and it starts talking. Asking you questions, going through your thoughts. Maybe it shouts it out immediately or maybe it takes a couple minutes, but eventually the hat yells “Slytherin!” EXCEPT instead of cheers and applause there is booing.
Now this upsets me because I don’t remember being eleven that well, it’s been ten years, but my little sister is eleven now and it’s amazing to me how young she is. Like how did Harry defeat voldemort at that age? She’s still a baby!
But back to the story. So there is booing from three of the four tables in the hall AT YOU. You try not to cry and go sit down at your table and an older kid says “Don’t let ‘em see you cry. Toughen up.”

This is how you’re introduced to your house and to the students of the school. Your house mates tell you to toughen up while people you don’t even know boo you. Of course you’ll dislike those people that boo you, just like they disliked you for the house a wrinkly old hat chose for you.

I cannot stress enough how young eleven is, I really can’t. I mean have you ever heard those stories about those kids who are bullied that eventually snap and become the bully themselves? Now imagine the children those people raise. Those kids would be tough and hard as nails and mean because that’s the only thing they know how to be. I can tell you something, when I was eleven years old, I wouldn’t have been sorted into Slytherin. Nope. I was the kid with her nose always in a book but all that got me was bullied. Eventually in high school I bit back.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, yes, there are plenty of Slytherins that are jerks. I’ve seen people saying not so nice things to Slytherins because they happen to be Slytherin so maybe before you’re mean maybe think about what that person might have been through that would get them sorted Slytherin. And also think about the fact that the sorting hat, the one who knows the houses and their founders best never calls Slytherin evil. He calls them cunning and resourceful and ambitious. They’re smart and clever and they have goals they are determined to meet. Those traits don’t make a bad person but they can end badly for someone with a dark past.

I know it’s not really but for many Slytherins I think we have experiences like this that have shaped us into who we are now.

make up game strong x hogwarts girls

Gryffindor: bold lips, nails perfectly matching.

Ravenclaw: eyeshadow & eyeliner on fleek

Hufflepuff: warm contouring, pale blush and a pop of highlighter

Slytherin: messy, dark eyebrows & very thick, black lashes

Dates x Hogwarts Girls

Gryffindor: spending a day at the beach & having a bonfire at night

Ravenclaw: going on a carnival date & your crush gets you a teddybear

Hufflepuff: visiting a flea market & listening to street musicians

Slytherin: a photo tour through the city & checking out the greatest coffee shops

love notes from a slytherin

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

This Avada Kedavra is made for you 💚

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