potted pot

2 kinds of gorillaz songs

• The ones with deep lyrics

• The ones where God is really testing you like “are you sure you want to stay with this band?”

  • me: plz don't think about sad things
  • my brain: picture young Murdoc !! in his horrible childhood !! after an especially rough day with his piece of shit father !! he goes to his room to listen to Demon Days and is telling himself to "pick yourself up, it's a brand new day..." as he daydreams about making a band someday !!
  • me: why must you hurt me in this way

anonymous asked:

2d's reaction to his s/o being into cosplay? I dont know I just imagine it being super cute....

  • At first he’d be like “oh ok cool” mainly because he doesn’t really know what it is and his attitude towards you is “you do your thing and I’ll support you” so he doesn’t really mind what you do
  • In all honesty, he probably forgets, until he walks in one day to find you doing a mini cos-test, completely decked out in makeup, costume and wig, and honey he screams
  • He thinks a weird colourful stranger has broken into the house and kidnapped you
    • He’d probably try and throw a lamp at you
    • Until you screech at him that it’s only you
  • He’d make you take off the wig to prove it, and ask you loads of questions about your relationship (some of which he doesn’t know the answers to himself) to check that it really is you
  • Once he’s sure, he’d just sort of blink at you and then go “did you do all that make up yourself?”
  • He’d insist on cosplaying with you the next time, and is genuinely sad when he discovers that white sclera contacts don’t exist
  • So you make lists of characters with black eyes/black sclera so he can cosplay with you
  • He also really enjoys sitting and watching you do your makeup, and even helps you out sometimes
  • He asks a lot of questions though
  • “What show are they from? Have you cosplayed them before? Can I see a picture of them? How much did that wig cost? Are you gonna use the waterproof mascara? Can I paint your nails? Can I help you with the makeup?
    • He just wants to be included
  • On April Fools day, you wake up extra extra extra early, grab your black wig, slather yourself in green paint, pop in a red eye contact and grab the hot pink thong you’d had stowed away and slip back into bed beside him
  • His screams wake up the whole house, and the real Murdoc finds it hilarious
  • 2D is less enthusiastic about your cosplays for a good while after that escapade