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i definitely think laundry and off the grid are the best options they've given us. i'm going to choose laundry, though, because i've always wanted to make those piles of clothes and baskets useful. if they ever made another nature-esque pack i think "off the grid" would be a great options. i wish they'd give us more plants and pots in this, though.

I voted for laundry too even if i thought it was already something we’d actually get as “default”, which is disappointing but i really like their ideas.

 “off the grid” is beautiful, i agree with you and i really hope they’ll use it for a future stuff pack in case it won’t win.

So this door has got to be one of my all time favourites. It’s just so regal, so perfect. I look at it as it seems to have been captured in a small village in the UK rather than Balzan. 

What’s also peculiar, is that I had already seen this door in photos. And I had consciously looked for this door, simply because when the creeper surrounding the doorway is in bloom, it is a feast of yellow and orange, which is quite uncommon. Generally the pink or reddish bougainvillea are favoured. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that some doors will simply have to captured more than once - it’s just like Monet’s Impressionist paintings. Sometimes it’s not about the subject itself, sometimes it’s about the weather, the seasonality, the light - elements which can completely alter an image. 

Hal-Balzan, Malta