Yesterday, the weather was nice and our minds were fried (or at least Jeff’s was from studying all afternoon), so we grabbed late afternoon beers at two of our favorite places, followed by all the delicious salty carbs at our favorite dumpling house. Pictured: raspberry habanero collab beer at Odd13 Brewing, grapefruit IPA at Strange Beer Company, wontons in peanut sauce, classic potstickers, and the best soup dumplings ever (Xaio Long Bao) at Lao Wang Noodle House.

It’s the little things.

i’m just saying, the fact that lena calls kara a friend already probably means they’ve talked to each other more than just what we’ve seen

and i’m just saying, if i’m remembering correctly, Lena was on the cover of CatCo magazine. That means there was a photoshoot (…..and if i’m not remembering right, well. she’s an attractive, young, female CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, who CatCo just did an article on. there’s a photoshoot somewhere) . And clearly Lena knows exactly where Kara works. like even knows which floor and the building is huge. also the photoshoot may very have been in the same building so imagine Lena done to the nine’s and she’s kinda bored and wants to see her favorite journalists so she texts kara to come down during her lunch break don’t worry she’s ordered takeout and poor kara this is pre-gala so she hasn’t actually seen???? lena in “dressed to kill” clothes???? really???? not like That and with professionals working on her hair and makeup.

and oh no she’s smiling at kara like her entire face goes from ‘i’m going to feed you your arm with a spork” to “this winter has lasted for over 100 years and you’re the first warm ray of sunshine in spring” lena just looks so happy to see her and oh no lena has potstickers

listen lena now has a new goal in life :for kara to look at her the way she’s looking at the plate of potstickers in lena’s hands and just the fact that this is what makes kara look at her like she’s the second coming of jesus–and sure she’s been on the receiving end of that look plenty of time, the luthors have the influence of kings but this time, it’s not because of power or technology or gold or jewels or a political favor. it’s because of pot stickers. and poor lena those noises kara is making as she eats them should be illegal ok they stopped for lunch because the photographer was trying to get her to give them her best “seductive/powerful” look and it just wasn’t working she knows this isn’t a waste of time or anything, it’s necessary for her image but listen she’s very busy ok she has a multi billion dollar company to run, along with the r&d department because she’s a damn genius and that she probably has enough paperwork they actually need to shovel it into wheelbarrows

but after hearing kara make those noises oh what do you know, she has no problem with getting the look the photographer wants, much to his relief. he later gushes about the difference in emotion from before lunch to after and guess what–the entire photoshoot she was looking at kara

honestly like. the entire time is literally that line “Lightning strikes every time she moves/and everyone’s watching her/ but she’s looking at you”

lena has the focus and attention of every single person in that room–but she only had eyes for the for the girl who tries so hard to go unseen. kara’s a horrible liar but she’s usually so good at fooling people–listen, Red!K kara didn’t come out of nowhere.

but it’s too late. lena’s seen her, and she’s enraptured. and that’s why there are potstickers, of all things, at her very elegant and high society gala.


this literally will bring a smile to your face no matter what

just a room full of precious puppies