12th Monday

“Zayn Malik appears to be someone that might be more useful than I originally thought. I was skeptical at first… His physical appearance wasn't exactly one that made me have confident thoughts on his abilities, however his mental capabilities make up for that by far.

He’s quick to think on his feet and he seems to use his leaner build to his advantage in a fight. His fighting style is unique to anything I have yet to see. I tried to observe it when he was in action, but it was difficult to really fit into my head.

My own intuition is telling me that he may be more trouble than he’s worth considering the story surrounding him that he informed me about, however I’m going against and pitting a gamble on him.

I can tell this will be interesting.”  -Via The Journal of Captain Harry Styles (Oxeh

omg im sorry it’s stronger than me

but i made him pigeon toed you can’t be mad at me

based on the fanfic POTSS by Oxy if you haven’t read it you have to do it now

and i mean it, NOW

warning: FEELS

Summary: Louis Tomlinson the crown prince of the United Kingdom was on a ride to France, when his ship was suddenly taken over by Harry Styles, the infamous pirate captain otherwise known as the Prince of the Seven Seas. 


anonymous asked:

do you have any larry fic recs? I'm not picky, ANYTHING will work :)

POTSS (here’s the catch—it destroys your soul lol nbd)

Mute (omg the feelings)

52 Birthdays With Lou (oh god whenever i think about it my heart clenches up in pain)

A Hogwarts Tale by thewhitetoymaker (grhjshhujdh hwy cnat she update)

and everything by brownheadedstranger yup