pots of fish

Oh my God if I see one more tool bag post a picture or video of themselves doing any sort of weed related activity
Because they’re wearing a DSOTM tee shirt or have the fucking poster in the background


  • Fishbowl: *not for fish*
  • Vase: *not for fish*
  • Jar: *not for fish*
  • Cup: *not for fish*
  • A fucking coffee pot: *not for fish
  • Aquarium: for fish*
  • P: "yea, I guess. But they won't look nice in my desk... and I read that if I put a plant in the jar with it it'll be fine :) and I think I know that I'm doing, I skimmed the petco care sheet so yea..."

I know there are smaller versions, but all I can imagine when my farmer shows up at the Luau is..
Everyone is chillin, Marnie is stirring the giant soup bowl and everything is fine.

Then there’s a sound of.. sliding? Like something is being dragged? And all anyone sees is my dumbass pulling one of these monsters:

behind me.

“I brought a sturgeon!”

Like, ConcernedApe says the biggest you can get in the game is 61in/5ft or 155cm/1.5m. In real life, the larger end for lake sturgeon is 7.25 ft (2.2 m). Weighing 240 lb (108 kg).
I’m not saying walking up to the pot with this fish would be a FEAT, but i’m just saying that cooking that fucker would be a JOB and also probably not be done in like.. the 5 mins it takes to walk around talking to people.

I’m just laughing about this ok.