poto christmas


I thought a little prequel would be cute to explain my little Phantom of the Opera - Nightmare Before Christmas crossover. Also, this was in response to that sweet Anonymous message! THUS BEGINS JACK’S OBSESSION.

Well, I tried to colour the inked Christine Daaè portrait I drew some months ago.

There’s snow and stuff, so let’s try to forget the fact that she’s in a graveyard and a fireball-throwing deformed madman is about to try to kidnap her and consider this my PotO Christmas picture for 2014! Happy belated Christmas, phandom :D

The Nightmare Before the Opera:

Music of the Night

Fun fact! This was the first picture I drew with this crossover in mind. I just thought it would be really cute and then it snowballed into an avalanche of all my favorite Phantom songs. #SorryNotSorry


Angel of Music

Phantom of the Opera

Stranger than you Dreamt It.

All I Ask Of You