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El movimiento fue de 8,4 grados Richter frente a Illapel, a las 19:54 horas de este miércoles, esto afectó a ocho regiones. De momento hay cinco muertos confirmados y un millón de evacuados.
Por lo que escuché/leí/ví otros países también sufrieron un movimiento sísmico.
Dijeron que se sintió en Buenos aires, bueno, les dejo el dibujo. (¿)


El Fantasma de la Opera, Buenos Aires March-Nov. 2009

Cast: Juan Pablo Skrt/Carlos Vittori (Phantom), Claudia Cota (Christine), Nicolas Martinelli (Raoul), Ricardo Bangueses (Firmin), Walter Canella (André), Mirta Arrua Lichi (Carlotta), Lucila Gandolfo (Madame Giry), Santiago Sirur (Piangi), Silvina Tordente (Meg GIry)


Clip with some scenes of The Phantom of the Opera in Buenos Aires


Russian costume mashup: 

The Latin/South American productions (Mexico/Spain/Brazil/Argentina) has always been a mix of styles. Main reason is that the 1999 Mexican production inherited most the Canadian costumes when the Toronto production closed the same year. But the Mexican production also got heaps of new costumes made in the UK, especially for the Christines. So it was a mix of two styles. Later, in Spain, the stock was supplemented with items from Belgium. 

Now, it’s this stock they use in the Moscow production. But to add a bit to the lot, they also seem to have a few US items (for example that slavegirl tiara), and the wigs and masks appears to be World Tour based. As such you can say the production is in fine Russian spirit - a mix of the East and West. 

1. Elissa costume (Christine): The bodices looks like the South American ones. But the skirt is unmistakably Canadian. They’ve given it a saggier apron, though, and moved the distinctive X ribbon decoration higher up, on the red drape, and the trimmings on the edge is instead a golden fringe. This has also been added to the tabs. But the skirt decorations and tabs are definitely Canadian. Left: Russia, right: Canada. 

2. Elissa costume (Carlotta): This skirt was one of the UK made costumes originating in the Mexican production, modeled after the contemporary West End skirts. On most wearers the skirt has a solid stripe of green in the upper half, but the Russian Carlotta appears to be smaller so the green is almost all hidden by the apron. The skirt has been worn with many different bodices; all European in style as far as I know. Left: Russia, right: Brazil.

3. The Wishing dress: The South American ones are in newer European style, BUT they have the old-school blue velvet trims on the gathers (not pleats) on cuffs and apron. This is a mix quite unique to these dresses (maybe they’ve morphed two dresses, I know at least one had a Canadian backdrape). Left: Russia, right: Brazil. 

4. Christine’s dressing gown: The dotty fabric for the bodice and the pleats right above the lace engageants (not really viewable here) is, as far as I know, unique to the South American versions, and easy to identify. I thought at first the rose skirt came from the Essen costumes, but it seems Sara Sarres’ costume also had it, so there. Looks like they’ve replaced the lace, though (and IMHO they’ve set the lace engageants way too low on the sleeve and made it the same length all around. Me no gusta). Left: Russia, right: Brazil. 

5. The slavegirl tiaras. WHERE ARE THE UBER COOL GOTHIC SOUTH AMERICAN TIARAS? At least Tamara Kotova wears a US slavegirl tiara, and it’s cool and all. But the gothic ones are awesome, where are they? Bah. Left: Russia, right: USA. 

So is this an actual, official thing? 

Phantom in concert in Argentina, with members of the original Argentine cast, from September 7 to September 14? 

And if so, why is no-one talking about it?!?!? ( X )