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Headcanon that despite Christine and Erik trying for years, she never gets pregnant.

Instead of being heartbroken, the two decide to adopt. They bring four children into their home in the span of five years.

Their only daughter, and second oldest, was found wondering the streets as a small toddler after her grandmother’s home burned down. She’s shy, and has an immense fear of the dark and of being alone. She often clung to Erik’s leg during her first year with them. Eventually, she grows to become an avid reader and author. She has a few scattered burn scars across her arms and neck, but she’s never once felt ashamed of them. Erik made sure of that.

Their second child was left in a church immediately after his birth and has never known anything beside Christine and Erik as his parents. He’s incredibly curious and has a huge heart for animals.

And then came the twins, two boys that look entirely alike but act like total opposites. One loves to run and climb anything he can, and the other prefers to spend time with Christine- he’s the biggest Mommy’s boy in the world.

They are a happy family, and the children are loved and adored by both parents.


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Favorite E/C Fanfics

*LOTS of old fics I haven’t read in ages and are sitting in my favorites folder so I’m names and summaries so I won’t forget. AGAIN.*
****will update list after re-reading stories****

Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10031962/44/
- Status: COMPLETE 44 Chapters
- Au: Modern, Supernatural
- summary: Christine begins to hear a mysterious chiming when working at her library job which leads to to the terrifying Erik who is plagued by a presence that can destroy others or himself. As time goes on she comes more and more involved with him; whether wanting this or not, Christine can never go back.
-Personal opinion: Written well and interesting. The first part went every fast and was easier to read. The second part felt kinda dragged in the beginning but it picked up the pace and had a very nice ending.

Link: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/8044417/1/Anathema
- Status: COMPLETE 46 Chapters
- Au: Modern, Supernatural
- Summary: Christine and her father immigrated from Sweden to the United States many years ago. Christine is VERY dependent and sensitive. When he goes missing and is presumed dead, she is of course heartbroken but Raoul is there to pick up the peices. Without much help from police she decides to seek out a dangerous and mysterious figure to help find her father,,
-Personal opinion: Love this fic, but Christine can be infuriating sometimes. I absolutely loved the dynamic between Erik and Christine in the middle of the fic. Near the ending there are a couple of scenes that INFURIATE me to no end, but the ending is sweet.

After the last few days of reliving my youthful obsession with Jewels, now I want a PotO/Jewels fusion, where PotO is set in like the late 1920s, and everything happens and Christine goes off with Raoul and Erik doesn’t die. He flees to the country and takes up living in this abandoned chateau, and everything is peaceful and lonely for 10 years until suddenly a rich English Duke buys the chateau for his new American wife. (Because of course Erik doesn’t own it. He just kind of lives there.)

In those 10 years Erik has had time to mellow, and learn his new self after Christine and sometimes he brings gifts to the village children. But when William and Sarah arrive to start restoring the chateau Erik hides because he doesn’t want to hurt them because that’s not who he is anymore, but he doesn’t want to be sent away either. But Sarah senses someone there, and eventually they get to befriend each other, even if he still wears his mask.

(William is more wary, but being an Actual Ray of Sunshine he gives Erik a chance, and Erik, as it turns out, is invaluable in the restoration project.)

Everything goes well until September 1939, when war breaks out and William has to return to his regiment in England. Erik swears to take care of Sarah and the baby, and of course Emanuelle is now on the scene too. And when the Germans invade France and Emanuelle joins the Resistance, Erik helps her and Lord help him but he’s come to be protective of this family, maybe because in some small way William and Sarah remind him of Raoul and Christine and he still feels guilty over that.

Then when William is declared MIA in Germany Erik decides that it’s his duty to go off and search for him.

This is the AU I’m desperate for. 

Hey, reblog/like if anyone out there has watched a boot but is still dying to see the show live, it just doesn’t work out financially, geographically, or timewise (it’s already off Broadway/tour). I’m trying to make a fucking point.

Sadly in the London Production [the chandelier] falls very slowly because of Health and Safety. I always wanted to have a block of seats in the middle of the stalls that were 50p each and you had to sign a form, saying “I sit in this seat at my own risk” and really have the chandelier belting down.

In the Australian Production - naturally, them being Australians - the chandelier comes down at a hundred miles an hour and stops an inch above the heads of the audience, and is much more exciting.

I’ve seen chandeliers fall now at productions all over the world and you can kind of tell which country you’re in by the speed of the chandelier.

—  Richard Stilgoe, Co-Lyricist on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Phantom of the Opera [in regard to his feelings on the Falling of the Chandelier and International Productions]