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“A sneak peak at Christine Daae’s new dress!” (from Maree Johnson’s Insta)

It appears Ali Ewoldt is slowly getting a whole new wardrobe. She recently started wearing a different wedding dress, she has worn a new dressing gown for some time. And now also a brand new Wishing dress.

If Phantoms Had Last Names that Described Them (Pt. 1 of 2)

*WARNING* Possible spoilers and personal opinions!

Mr. I-am-accurate-to-the-book

Mr. You-never-stood-chance-competing-with-two-hot-guys-and-the-stage

Mr. Loves-music-above-all-else

Mr. I-am-so-sorry-your-directors-were-high-on-acid-when-they-made-you

Mr. You-are-disturbingly-insane

Mr. I-am-the-most-accurate-version-to-date-and-I’m-a-badly-animated-short

Mr. Completely-badass

Mr. Adorable-cinnamon-roll

Mr. You’re-an-embarrassment-to-musicals-around-the-world



A detail unique for Japan is that the Phantom sings his curse from the Pegasus-like sculpture in the Rooftop set instead of from the lowered Golden Angel.

This is done in cases where the stage opening is too low, or whenever the proscenium/chandelier doesn’t have the necessary space. The Golden Angel is still in the set, just not lowered.

To the left is the Phantom on “Pegasus”, to the right on the Golden Angel.


Christine is takin’ out the trash… 

A little fun from last weekend… Bless @tranquilchaos28 for laying there while these were taken. They’re such a good sport when it comes to humouring the ideas which pop into my head… 

Christine: @sashadechagny
Erik: @tranquilchaos28
Fabric and embroidery: @enchantedseastudio
Mask: @longshoremasks