The trash can

So, I saw Phantom for my birthday a few weeks ago at the Baltimore HIppodrome. I loved the entire show, but I think my favorite part was definitely Wandering Child, specifically the bit where the Phantom tries his “come to me angel of music” shtick on Christine only to be interrupted by Raoul. 

Now, I’ve seen a few versions of Phantom, and they mostly seem to feature Raoul breaking the Phantom’s hold on Christine by calling out to her in an anguished tone, or grabbing her hand, or something else that emphasizes their love. Not this Raoul, though. This Raoul decided to go for the root of the problem and sucker punch the Phantom of the fucking Opera right in the face. 


Hip happy Valentines Day! Here, have a lil’ comic with a side of Le Feels and Fluff. <3 

I do actually have….a sequel to this but it’ll have to wait! 

Characters from @fantome-stein <3

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Phantom of the Opera explained, song by song
  • Prologue:Once upon a time...
  • Overture:If this song played at your funeral, you'd rise from the dead
  • Think of Me:Musical theatre version of the Eye of the Tiger montage
  • Angel of Music:Yeah it's totally my dead dad
  • Little Lotte:Friendzoned
  • The Mirror:Friendzoned part 2
  • Title Song:This isn't my dead dad
  • Music of the Night:This organ isn't the only thing I can use my fingers on
  • Stranger Than You Dreamt It:U G L Y u ain't got no alibi u ugly
  • Magical Lasso:Bitch shut up
  • Notes:This is just about the only comic relief you get in this damn show
  • Prima Donna:What's the worst that can happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Poor Fool:🐸
  • Why Have You Brought Me Here:There's like one redeeming trait in Erik and I'm holding onto it sorry Raoul the music is too bomb (still hella scared though)
  • All I Ask of You:The first happy moment of the show
  • All I Ask of You Reprise:Betrayal, anger, falling chandeliers, and this isn't even the worst that can happen yet
  • Masquerade:The second and final happy moment of the show
  • Why So Silent:Happy time is over
  • Notes:The fuck?
  • Twisted Every Way:Terrible idea. Let's do it.
  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again:Time to be a strong independent woman
  • Wandering Child:Not falling for the dead dad thing this time, wait maybe...
  • Bravo Monsieur:Imma fite everyone, let my damn opera start
  • The Point of No Return:If sex was a song
  • Final Lair:Great googly moogly it's all gone to shit