Mississippi Avenue I | Portland, OR | ©Jennifer R. Biggerstaff Photography 2014

Don’s Van.

Just recieved this message from the owner of one of my most recent posts:

Hello, You left your card on the window of my 1968 G10 Chevy Van. I have enjoyed looking thru your site. A couple of points. It’s not just parked, last year it hauled ¾ ton from my home city of Evansville, Indiana to Portland. At 18.5MPG The van started it’s life as an ambulance in Huntingburg, Indiana. When Huntingburg upgraded their ambulance the van was painted red and the doors decaled with with Fire department logo.  People remember the van in town parades up till 1984 when i bought it. I left the decal on the drivers door when i painted it in 1985 and christened it The Ghost of Huntingburg. After taking your card I got a little curious  and did a little research about a couple of lingering questions. But was surprised to discover that the van was the inspiration for the Scooby Doo Mystry Machine, Scooby Doo first aired in 1969. So just a small coincidence that of Ghost of Huntingburg and the animated ghost hunters.  But it means more to me; since 1969 as a sophomore in high school and unaware of the cartoon series before it’s 1973 ABC run, I was stuck with the nick name Scooby, that still haunts me. It was not until last week that I discovered my resemblance to Shagy, at the time i was 6'4" and 175pounds. Cheers, Don Scooby Ledbetter

This is the reason I leave little cards on the cars I take pictures of. 

Thanks Don!