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For honesty hour - okay I know it's been more than an hour and this is probably a generalish question but; how and when did you start shipping snarry

Ah no problem, honesty hour can be several hour long haha. I love getting asks so.

I started shipping snarry in like… October? I had another tumblr account before this one, and a meta of deathdaydungeon’s came across my dash. It was the one refuting the point that Snape was a bad potions teacher and it like. Changed my life. I’ve always liked Snape, I can remember reading PoA when I was about nine and being absolutely horrified that Harry and whoever the other person was (Hermione?) stunned him so hard that it knocked him out. Like he’s a bastard, but he’s a bastard we know and he’s a teacher at Hogwarts which is Harry’s home and I can just remember a feeling of “okay I guess if you wanna trust this guy who until just now you assumed you be a murderer over Snape who you’ve known for three years and who Dumbledore trusts that’s fine I guess but I’m judging you”. Anyway. This meta came across my dash and I was like “damn skippy damn right you bet your ass Snape was a genius and a good teacher” and then I read through a backlog of ddd’s blog for three hours instead of working on my homework (they’ve probably got an awkwardly worded ask somewhere from my old blog asking if pensieve memories are objective or not and I hope it never resurfaces). The thing I took away was that we were absolutely fucking ROBBED of a mutually beneficial and eventually healing mentor-mentee relationship between Harry and Snape, so I opened up ao3, filtered for Harry Potter, and typed in “Snape adopts Harry”. One of the fics I read in this tag was “Orphans Of The Storm” which follows HBP and DH pretty closely but includes a section at the beginning of HBP where Harry goes to live with Snape at Spinner’s End for the summer, develops a crush on him which coalesces over HBP, and culminates in much tortured longing on both of their parts and Snape saving Harry’s life in The Silver Doe instead of Ron. Immediately upon finishing this fic I started reading… Chrysalis by starcrossedgirl, I think? Either that or The Boy Who Died A Lot, idr which one I read first. If I had known what Severitus was called during this period I probably would have been reading that instead but I’m glad I didn’t because this is a good and beautiful ship and also it kinda helped me realize I should break up with my shitty boyfriend and leave tumblr for a while, which I did. And now I’m back and snarry is still here but the ex is gone and I’ve finished school and gotten back into writing after four years. Not necessarily a causal chain but still. Snarry helped me get through a really bad couple months last year and early this year and continues to bring me joy.

Severus Snape once intended to publicly kill a student’s pet as punishment for getting a potion wrong

Severus Snape, a teacher of children, took a 13 YEAR OLD’S PET and TRIED TO POISON IT and then proceeded to PUNISH THE STUDENT because the pet didn’t die

Severus Snape is a whiny, petty, self-absorbed abusive piece of shit there is no arguement here

If Harry Potter had been sorted in Slytherin House.

In the first year, Harry Potter decides to shake Draco Malfoy’s hand when he first offered to be friends. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, it is Voldemort that spoke for him at that moment. Immediately after, he’s sorted with the blond in Slytherin. They team up quickly and Harry convinces Malfoy that Snape is not the nice guy. Harry discovers how Draco Malfoy was raised by a racist family and fights a lot with Malfoy and his nasty comments because he knows what it is like to be rejected for something you have no control on. Harry (and Draco, though he doesn’t want to admit it) becomes friends with Ron and Hermione when they find Ron, by himself, looking for Hermione at Halloween. Draco and Harry were sneaking out, trying to find the troll for the lols of it and Ron was doing according to the canon storyline. The four of them don’t completely get along first, mostly because Draco cannot stand the mudblood, but after heated arguments and a deal on the quidditch field (”If I catch the snitch, and I will, before you make a single goal, Malfoy, you stop calling Hermione a mudblood.”) he finally accepts to keep his mouth shut and roll his eyes a minimum when they hang out with the Gryffindors. The four of them goes in the trap for the philosopher stone. Draco helps Hermione carrying Ron to the infirmary.

In the second year, by having a true friend, Draco jerk attitude gradually fainted. Harry and him, both understand each other without words ever needed. They also hang a lot with Ron and Hermione. Draco is always quiet when they are with them. He’s too busy rolling his eyes. Harry tells Draco about Dobby and Draco forces Dobby to stop trying to kill his friend and tell them about the Chamber of Secrets. They practice Quidditch together all the time. Draco complains about his dad a lot. They use polyjuice to spy on the teachers to learn more about the chamber of secrets, instead, all they learn is about McGonnagall’s wife. Draco and Ron are both with Harry in the Chamber of Secrets but are separated when Lockhart uses Ron’s wand. They let Harry go find Ginny and stay quiet for a bit. After a couple of minutes, they start talking and recognise that they have a lot more in common than they thought. They start arguing about their collection of chocolate toads cards.

In the third year, Draco was with Harry, in the train, when the dementors strike. He says a sassy comment when Harry wakes up after fainting, yet he did hear a woman screaming. It was his mum. Screaming at his dad. They always fight. He’s jealous that Harry spends time with Lupin. He feels lonely. He hates the other Slytherins. Especially, Pansy Parkinson. She’s always following him around. He finds himself spending more time with Ron and Hermione in order to avoid her. They talk about how shitty is Divination class. Pansy Parkinson is the one that gets hit by Buckbeak. She wants to impress Draco. She’s the first one to notice that Draco is hypnotised by Harry Potter. She hates it. Draco is the one that falls off his broom. He cannot participate in the saving of Buckbeak nor Sirius because he’s in the infirmary for a long time (don’t worry Harry visits him often).

By the fourth year, we get to see both of characters to evolve together, tease each other, flirt with each other under sassy comments. Draco helps Harry getting ready for the Triwizard Tournament. Harry finds Draco tied up in the lake; he’s the person he cares the most about. Harry tells Hermione about how if he was a girl he would invite Draco to the Yule Ball. Draco invites Pansy (because he knows she’ll accept) to make Harry jealous. Harry goes with Parvati to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Draco. He promptly realises he’s been lying to himself when he sees Draco holding Pansy tightly. Draco starts going out with her. Lots of drama. The third task happens. It kills Draco to see Harry so devastated after Cedric’s death. If finds him in Maugrey’s office with Dumbledore and Co. Harry is angry at Draco because he saw his dad that night. Their dads. Draco is petrified, struck for the first time of the horrors his father took a part to. Maybe even is mother. Reconciliation. Draco’s character development of the end of the seventh book happens.

By the fifth year, Harry sassy comments to Draco’s father made Draco realise that his home is not at the Malfoy’s manor. Narcissa, loyal confident of her son, offers that he moves definitely with Andromeda after a torrid fight she has with her son about their link with Voldemort. She knows he will be happier there. She also knows Voldemort plans and she wants to distance her precious son from this toxic household. Andromeda’s house is also very close to the Dursleys. Draco teams up with Harry for the Dumbledore Army. They also team up with Fred and George to prank Umbridge, a lot. Harry and Draco kiss for the first time at a meeting everyone forgot except them. Harry tells Hermione. Draco tells Ron. Draco goes to the Christmas party at 12 Grimmauld place. Harry tells clumsily Sirius about his bisexuality. Sirius is moved by Harry’s confidence and tells him about how James and Lily would be proud of their son. How he is proud of the man he became. Harry and Draco cuddle secretly and it helps Harry with his nightmares. Draco freezes at the fight of the ministry. What if his father or his mother are there? He cannot risk hurting them. He holds Harry when Sirius dies. He holds Harry after Voldemort’s fight. His parents learn about it. Narcissa knew. Lucius is infuriated, goes to Andromeda’s to talk his son out of the noxious relation he shares with Harry Potter. Draco stands up for the first time against his father.

In the sixth year, they accept their affection for each other and team up with Ron and Hermione to destroy Voldemort. The whole Halfblood Prince thing isn’t happening nor is Draco plotting against Dumbledore, Snape is charged to kill Dumbledore and he’s the one that lets the Death Eaters into the castle. Draco is constantly haunted by the face of disgust of his father when he looked at him the last time they met. He accepts to help Harry but makes him understand he won’t be able to fight Death Eaters if they meet any. 

It all goes according to canon until they are at the Malfoy’s manor and Bellatrix tortures Draco for having betrayed his family and his blood. The scars he gets replaces the one left by Sectum Sempra in canon. Narcissa is at Andromeda’s when it happens. When she learns about it, she breathes in painfully and promises to herself to help Harry when the time comes. Lucius tells her when she comes back in order to win back her trust. She’s so angry at Bellatrix but she hides it impeccably, she volunteers to do extra work for Voldemort to conceal her rage. It makes her gain even more his trust for when the Moment comes. Everything goes as canon, except that it is Pansy Parkinson that goes hysteric in the Room of Requirements and set fire to it. Draco was the one that went in the Chamber of Secrets because he always hears his boyfriend talk in Parseltongue in his sleep. Draco has a breakdown when he sees Harry in the arms of Hagrid and Narcissa, helpless, by his side. When Harry moves, he automatically runs to him and throws his wand at him. He then runs into the castle to find another wand but ends up helping Sybil Trelawney with an injured student. He understands that even if he despised her classes, she’s a good person and is worth respect.

The epilogue is that after the war they both become professors at Hogwarts; Harry is the D.A.D.A. teacher and Draco is the potions teacher. They adopt Teddy Lupin and it makes them want to adopt more children: James, Scorpius, Neville and Lily. All is well.

Remus Lupin fought alongside Frank and Alice Longbottom in the Order of the Phoenix. He probably knew their fate, how they were tortured into madness and forced to leave their son in the care of his grandmother. 

Lupin probably guessed that Neville’s biggest fear would be similar to what he guessed Harry’s would be- Lord Voldemort, or in Neville’s case the death eater who tortured his parents - and was planning on stepping in before Neville faced the boggart so a bunch of 13 year olds wouldn’t see Bellatrix Lestrange cackling and spitting curses in their classroom. 

But then Severus Snape insults Neville in front of his class, tries to shame a 13 year old boy in front of a new teacher, and Lupin is so angry. Because he had hoped that after 13 years, now they were adults, maybe Snape had gotten over himself a little and realized that he was a teacher and responsible for these kids, but apparently not. Apparently Snape was still the same petty, angry ,bitter child that he’d been in school, except now he’s bullying children half his age instead of yelling slurs at classmates. 

And so Lupin sees the terror in Neville’s face and realizes that, oh my god he fears his potions teacher more than the people responsible for his parents. And Lupin is so indignant and outraged that he KNOWS he has to give this kid some leverage, some way to stand up to his tormentor, and gives that to him. Lupin stands up and tells Neville EXACTLY how to conquer his fear and, moreover, how to do it in front of all his classmates who laughed at him for being scared.

Remus Lupin starting off the school year by letting his students confront their biggest fears, so nothing else they face that year will be as scary. If you can beat your biggest fear, how bad can a test be? Or a big quidditch match? Or being rejected by the girl you ask out? 

Remus Lupin truly, deeply, cared about his students. And Snape got him fired.

You know what bothers me most about the name Albus Severus? It’s the fact that Harry and Ginny had a child with a normal name, and THEN when they had another child they went:
“What are we going to name him?”
“Hmm, since James is named after your father I think tha…”
“You know what? Let’s name him after our abusive and tragic potions teacher, and our headmaster who kept crucial details of my life a secret.”
“Yeah, let’s do that. James Sirius and Albus Severus. They’ll probably not hate each other.”


request: “Draco x reader drabble 21 and 93 please” — by @tragicallypetty

a/n: draco deserves all the love in the world so i made the reader be the first one to admit that she likes him okay spoiler 😂

21. “Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.”
93. “If you’re jealous, you don’t have to be a jerk about it!”

Masterlist + Request here! 

    Unbeknownst to everyone else, Draco Malfoy was staring at you as you helped Neville Longbottom brew a Shrinking Solution since it was quite obvious that the boy was hopeless in that particular subject. And thanks to Professor Slughorn being the new Potions teacher, he allowed students to help their fellow classmates when they finished early — thus, now there you were, accompanying Neville at his working station.

    Draco could hear your laughter from where he was, and when he looked closer to see, you were chuckling along with the mentioned Gryffindor boy as you squeeze some leeches for the potion. He could see as Neville offered you a cloth since some of its juices managed to get to your face and instead of being disgusted, you had the nerve to laugh it off.

    For that whole period, the platinum haired boy was in obvious bad mood that when the teacher dismissed his students, he dashed out of the room immediately.

    Draco has always held mixed and confusion feelings for you. He wanted to hate you so that was why there were times he tried being an absolute ass whenever you talked to him, but in the same time, he didn’t want to upset you or make you think that he was somehow a bad person. It really did frustrate him to know deep down inside that he actually liked you very much.

    “Hey, Malfoy!” he heard your familiar soft voice from behind and when he turned to look, you were holding his Book of Potions in one hand. “You forgot this on your desk, thought you’d want it back.”

    He grumpily snatched the book from your hand before walking away.

    You frowned, soon catching up with him. “You know, a simple thank you would suffice.”

    He merely glanced at you. “If you wanted a thank you, then you should have left this because you’re not getting it.”

    “Okay, fine, grumpy pants.” you muttered which made him glare at you. “What? You are a grumpy pants.”

    “Why don’t you just go away? Like go to Longbottom or something.” he tried to fasten his pace but you effortlessly caught up with him again.

    You furrowed your eyebrows. “Neville? Why?”

    “Oh, I don’t know? You seemed to hit it off with him just fine earlier.”

    A mystified expression passed through your face but in matter of seconds, it was replaced with an amused smirk and raised eyebrows because of the realization of why he was acting so rude.

    You chuckled, “Someone had peanut butter and jealous for breakfast apparently.” you told him which made him halt.

    “What?” he demanded. “I-I’m not jealous.”

    “Really?” you tilted your head as if to analyze him, crossing your arms in the process.

    Draco scowled at you. “Yes. I don’t like you so I have no reason to be jealous. I don’t care if you go to Longbottom right now or somebody else and date them.” he scoffed.

    “If you’re jealous, you don’t have to be a jerk about it.” you haven’t let the thought go.

    “I’m not jealous!”

     You pursed your lips. “Okay. Good. Because you shouldn’t be anyway.”

     He flickered his eyes away from your steady gaze. “I couldn’t agree more.”

     You suddenly laughed which made him once again look at you like you were somewhat crazy. In all honesty, that statement was supposed to be part of your confession. You have been crushing on Draco for a long time now, ever since that time he helped you with your Charms assignment. But you noticed that after that, he started to act cold towards you.

     "Draco,“ you spoke his name, "I think we’re not on the same page.”

     "Obviously, since you’re acting very weird.“ he defended his foolishness.

     You sighed in exhaustion. "What I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to be jealous because there is no reason to be jealous of someone else.”

    He impatiently rolled his eyes. “Yes, Y/N, I get it. I don’t have to be jealous because I don’t have the right to be. I’m not your boyfriend.”

    “No! That’s not — fine. Scratch that, I’m just gonna be straightforward and tell you that I’m in love with you.

    He widened his eyes and you could see how blood was slowly making its way to his cheeks in understanding. It also shocked him so much that he didn’t manage to utter a word, making you quite uneasy and embarrassed.

     You covered your face with your hands. “Merlin’s beard. You don’t feel the same way, don’t you?”

     But Draco never answered. He just stared at you for so so long that it made you want to melt before gaining up the bravery to remove your palms on your face, leaning down and pressing his lips to yours.

     It was your turn to widen your eyes at his actions but you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, stepping closer and preventing him from pulling away. You could feel everyone staring at the two of you, gasps heard in the background, but you couldn’t care less. Draco was kissing you and you were kissing him back.

     "Uh, are you sure when you said that you don’t care if I date someone else because judging from that amazing kiss …“ you wrapped your arms around his neck while he held your waist, keeping you close to his body.

     He chuckled, a big grin on his features. "Has anyone told you that you’re so blunt?”

      You shrugged jokingly. “Once or twice, yeah.”

      He pecked your lips once more. “I … um …” he was having a hard time trying to utter the words out but you patiently waited. “I love you too, Y/N, and it’d be wonderful if I’d get to call you mine.”

      You mimicked the large grin on his face upon his statement. “You didn’t even need to ask.”

During Yoongi’s 7th year, he became quite salty over the fact that he’d be away and Jimin would be stuck in Hogwarts for two more years.

He got even more worried since that same year, Jimin started gaining a lot of unwanted attention. One particular episode on Valentines ended up with Jimin falling victim to a pretty powerful love potion. Thankfully, the potions teacher fixed him up before anything bad could happen.

Yoongi may or may not have dealt with the girl who sneaked the potion to him.

all i’m saying is that in a world that has happiness-eating creatures, giant spiders that will feast on ur flesh, and literally the ppl who tortured his parents into insanity, there’s no good reason a 13-year-old boy’s biggest fear should be his potions teacher

Reasons to read my Noragami x Harry Potter AU

  • It’s Harry Potter everyone loves Harry Potter
  • Pureblood Slytherin Yato and Muggle Gryffindor Hiyori romance
  • Gryffindor Bishamon and Ravenclaw Kazuma romance
  • Hufflepuff Yukine and Suzuha romance
  • Slytherin Yato and Hufflepuff Yukine friendship
  • Gryffindor Hiyori/Bishamon friendship
  • Constant Yato fails
  • Daikoku and Kofuku as that Gross Teacher Couple
  • Kofuku as a potions teacher I mean what could go wrong
  • Takemika and Kiun also work at Hogwarts and the Tsundere is real
  • Hippogriff keeper Yato
  • Yato, Bishamon and Kazuma as their houses Quidditch Seekers
  • Making fun of Yukine’s height
  • Yato being a dork when teaching Hiyori stuff
  • Yato being Extra™
  • Tragic Past™ 
  • I’m not holding back on killing 17 characters 
  • So much planning, I’ve been working on this since September 
  • Lots of details like wands, patronus, houses, blood-type, teachers
  • Scenes from actual series included coughtrollscenecough 
  • It’s going to be a longass slow burn fic
  • I mean seriously I’m covering all 7 books this will be a slow burn
  • A N G S T
  • I’ve been coerced into writing fluff too so that’s nice *coughyuleballcough*
  • Multiple characters giving no fucks
  • Sass
  • P A R A L E L L S
  • I solemnly swear I will update every month (pretty much when I need to give someone a birthday present which is at least once a month)
  • Art work from my queens @eerna @paperypiper and @skyheaven1231
  • An AU of my AU by my queen @scarfblogs
  • I also try to draw stuff but that’s not important 
  • #spon

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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

*Love Birds* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hello lovely author! I was wondering if you could write one where reader and Newt are professors at Hogwarts? Newt is smitten with reader (though she is pretty much too) and students ship them and maybe even bert when the two love birds will get together? Just fluff and admitting feelings!:D Maybe even put Yule ball somewhere in there,haha:)

❤ Quick note: I know the Yule Ball is a TriWizard tournament tradition, but let’s just pretend for this it’s not ^_^

Making your way down the halls of Hogwarts, you smiled as you passed by some students sitting in the corridor working on an assignment. It was mid evening and you were on your way to your classroom where you taught Transfiguration. You had forgotten to grab some of the student’s assignments that you needed to correct that evening.

Rounding the corner, you bumped in to a tall man. 


Your arms stretched out in front of you, bracing you for your fall when the man quickly grabbed you and saved you from plummeting down on to the hard rock ground.

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