potions project

  • Professor Snape: [looking at the Twins terrible attempt at the Potions project] You've gotta be kidding me.
  • Fred: Remember, if you fail us -
  • George: you get us again next year.
  • [later in the Common Room]
  • Fred: Acceptable, ladies and gentlemen! We are below average!
  • George: Below average!
  • Both: Below average!

honestly imagine hogwarts when james and lily first walked down the hallway holding hands…. i am so here for all the cliches imagine how some of the students’ jaws dropped to the floor because “oh my god….. potter and evans are, like, touching.” imagine the staff room conversations: “this was my doing, you know. why else do you think i paired them up for the potions project?” “please, slughorn. we all know it’s much more due to the fact that i made them write a charms essay together. one they got an o on, if i may add.” the money that exchanged hands as everyone collected up on bets and the poor kids who couldn’t buy anything at hogsmeade for like two months because they never thought this would happen. best of all, imagine mcgonagall and dumbledore sitting in his office. “have a lemon drop, minerva.” “shut up, albus. i can’t believe you won. if they had just waited two more months….” “tragic, minerva. now, hand over your signed, limited edition copy of hogwarts, a history


“Witch’s Brew” Project  

I’ve been pretty busy lately, with the Artbook, my internship and a lot of school stuff including this! I just started a new year at Supinfocom and this year I’ll be working on a short movie project I decided to name “Witch’s Brew”~ Guess what? It’s about a little modern witch! 

Here you can find the new design for Abbigail (Abby) and some color tests, I might do a more finished version of that picture soon :3 It’ll be a 3D short film and I’ll try to show you some part of the process if you are interested!

Lots of witchy love ✨ 🌘🔮

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Overly stressed

“I have so much to do, I have my potions project to finish, and charms presentation, transfiguration analysis, history of magic essay and a stupid worksheet for defense against the dark arts. All due tomorrow. I’m dying here”
“But don’t we also have that diagram for herbology?”
“….. I’m going to the forbidden forest to scream for a little bit. Anyone want to join me?”


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The Hedgewitch's 'Astral Traveller's Oil'

To be used to anoint the brow and temples before astral work; to aid in the crossing of Hedge and the lifting of Veil.

On a Monday, during the Moon Hour, or under a Pisces Moon, have with you a pinch each of the following ingredients:

• Frankincense - Promotes divinity, creates a sacred atmosphere for your working (this is important, you’re not crossing the hedge to go to the supermarket or run errands, you’re crossing in search of a magickal and meaningful experience, Frankincense will guide you there).

• Myrrh - Has much the same use as Frankincense. The two are commonly used together, the reason being that both resins are two sides of the same coin: divinity; Frankincense embodies the sacredness of the Sun, and Myrrh embodies that of the Moon. As such they are most powerful when used in conjunction with one another.

• Mugwort - The quintessential astral traveller’s plant. It is often smoked for its mild trance-inducing properties (due to the chemical compound Thujone, which is a natural sedative), and for its aid in vivid dreams and astral experiences.

• Sage - To ensure the safety of the hedgewitch while crossing the Veil.

• Camomile - To further calm the witch and create a peaceful atmosphere for hedge-crossing.

• Jasmine - Much the same as Camomile, it eases the mind into a place of calm receptivity. Plus i just love its scent.

• A carrier oil of your choosing. I used grape seed.

• Mortar & pestle.

• A clean jar.

Take a few deep breaths and centre yourself–you want to be in a nice peaceful atmosphere while you create this oil.

One-by-one, take each ingredient in the palm of your hand and focus on its nature; think of the above-listed properties, in what way will it aid you? Behold it physically; what does it feel like to the touch? What of its smell? Engage yourself for a moment with each plant, before gently dropping it into your mortar & pestle.

Once you’re done with that, it’s time to grind them up. Focus on the act of grinding all of their magickal identities together, to create a concoction of true power. ‘Tis needful for the practitioner to use this grinding as a time of intention-setting; mindlessly grinding plant parts together and hoping it will work is simply not enough. So take your time with it, put your spirit into it, mentally climb inside the mortar with your plants and behold the melding of their nature.

Once you are pleased with the texture of your mixture (it should appear as a coarse, leafy powder) empty it into your jar and cover with the carrier oil. As with any infusion of oil and plant, let it sit for a few months at the least, in a cool, dark place, shaking the jar regularly. After the allotted time of infusion is up, strain out what’s left of the plant pieces and enjoy the new addition to your hedge-crossing arsenal.

**Please note: this is not a Flying Ointment. Rubbing it all over yourself and hoping to be shot into the astral will bear no fruits; it must be used in conjunction with astral work**

- Brigitte

Draco Malfoy Imagine - Personal For Hannah

Can I get a personal imagine my name is Hannah and I’m a Hufflepuff. Like Draco and I doing a potion groups project (assigned because of Snape) and he falls in love with me or something. Please make it cuddly and fluffy ^•^


Can you make a Draco imagine where he keeps dropping a hint that he likes her but she doesn’t notice them? Thank you :3


could do a imagine where Draco falls for a really sweet and popular hufflepuff and since the Yule ball is coming up he decides that he will ask her to go with him but hes nervous someone will ask her before him?


“Today you will be working in pairs to make a sleeping potion” Snape voice rang out from the front of the room.

“I will be assigning you your partners now”

Excited to see who you would be working with, you sat quietly for your named to be called.

“Parkinson and Granger”

“Abbot and Potter”

“Goyle and Weasley”

“Malfoy and Y/L/N”

Shocked by who you were partnered with, you stood up and walked over to the desk Malfoy was sitting at. You whispered a faint hello and he nodded back at you.

Once everyone was assigned their partner, you and Malfoy were able to start working.

“Hannah, will you please put the caldron on the fire” Draco asked kindly

“Ah sure, Malfoy” you said hesitantly, shocked by how kind he was to you. It’s not like he was particularly mean to you, but you saw how he treated other students and you decided to stay on his good side.   

“You don’t have to call me Malfoy, Hannah. You can call me Draco” he said with a little laugh

“Alright, Draco” you responded with a little more confidence this time

After a couple of minutes had passed since you two started working, one of your friends from Hufflepuff came up to you.

“Hey, y/f/n” you said as you stopped doing your work

“Hey, Hannah, I was wondering if you had gone dress shopping yet?” she asked

“Uh not yet, nobody’s asked me yet so I didn’t really bother looking for a dress” you responded with a small shrug

“Well, what if I just said that I heard a Gryffindor talking with his friends about how he wanted to take you to the Yule Ball…” she smirk

“You did not”

“Yes I did! He’s going to ask you Hannah, so therefore you have to come dress shopping with me” She stated matter-of-factly

“When someone asks me then I will go dress shopping with you”

“Ah fine, but he’s going to ask you. You just watch and see” she sang as went back to her own table.

Going back to your work, you looked to your left to see Draco clutching his quill so hard that his knuckles were turning white.

“You okay?” you asked

“Yeah, I’m fine” he replied as he gave you a small smile, “Now we should get back to our potion, beautiful” Draco said as he stood up

Shocked from what Draco called you, you didn’t even get up to check the potion with him.

“Something wrong, love?” he asked with a concerned look on his face

“No, no everything’s fine”

You stood up to check the potion and everything seemed perfect, so you put some in a container and gave it to Snape. Once everyone else finished, Snape dismissed the class.

Packing up your things, you made your way out the door and into the packet corridor. Struggling not to bump into anyone, you felt a hand on your shoulder. Turning around, you saw that it was Draco.

“Can you come with me? It will only take a second” he said in quite a hurry

“Sure” you smiled back at him and followed him to the end of the corridor with no people.

“Hannah, I know that you probably think I’m the school bully and everything, but I was wondering if you would want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” he asked as he waited nervously for your answer.

So that’s why he was being nice to you and calling you beautiful! He liked you! Draco Malfoy liked you.

Smiling to yourself, you looked into Draco’s eyes and told him “I would love to go to the ball with you, Draco”

“Perfect! Then I guess it’s a date” he gave you a quick but warm hug and then pulled away. “I can’t wait” he said as he smiled at you again and all you were able to do was smile back.

Once Draco walked away, you ran to catch up with your friend. Finding her in the sea of students, you linked your arm with hers and said “It looks like we need to go dress shopping”

“The Gryffindor asked you!?” she asked excitedly

“Nope. Draco Malfoy did” you told her smiling

“Wait, wait, wait. You and a Slytherin are going together? You, a sweet Hufflepuff, is going with the Slytherin bad boy of Hogwarts?”

“Yup” you said smiling at her

“Well, then it looks like we’re going to have to find you a dress with green in it!”

You both laughed as you walked down the corridor together, talking about what types of dresses you wanted.

I Loathe You Less

Part of the 5 Years Later (x)

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Y/L/N ~ your last name

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

You had had it up to here with your potions project. You’d spent the last two days trying and failing at mixing the ingredients to make a viable potion. You managed to melt through one of your cauldrons, singe the ends of your hair, and dye your hair bright blue. What made this project worse was your lab partner. What were the odds that out of your entire potion class you’d get the boy you abhorred more than anyone else? Fred Weasley was a major distraction to you and all your classmates because to him class was just a game to who could delay class the most. Fred had released fireworks in the class, spilled an entire potion which melted through a table, and filled the entire room with a scent so vile you couldn’t stomach anything for the remainder of the day.

As your lab partner he did not distract you from your goal of completing the assignment. In fact, he hadn’t spoken a word to you since you became lab partners. He would come watch you work on the potion and mindlessly levitate a feather for an hour while you worked. At first you were grateful for his silence because that gave you more time to work on the potion. You were used to working on projects alone believing that your way was the only way that guaranteed an ‘A’ worthy solution. However, with the project being due in two days and no solution in site you were beginning to worry. You were running out of time and options; it was time to work as a team.

“Fred, will you stop levitating that bloody feather and help me! You haven’t contributed a bloody thing to this project and I’m starting to wonder if causing mischief is the only thing you’re good at!” you shouted. “I know you could care less about this assignment but that doesn’t give you the right to drag me down with you.”

Just like that Fred placed his wand in his pocket and turned to you, his face appearing calm despite your insults.

“Drag you down? Y/N , you think I haven’t been doing my fair share of work? Well let me preface this by saying I know all about the way you handle team assignments. You like to micromanage your team members and don’t let them get a word in edgewise. However, I don’t like being told what to do and decided that it was best for me to remain out of your way for both of our sakes. I watched the way you made the potion several times without success and decided I needed a visit to the library. I was able to find a book with an alternative process to make the potion and decided I wanted to try it out. It took me a few tries to get it right, but eventually it turned out ok. The following day I wanted to tell you but that big vein on the side of your neck warned me not to say anything,” Fred divulged. You had no idea that Fred was this observant let alone someone who showed enough initiative to go to the library of all places.

“Where is the proof?” you inquired, not fully convinced. You watched Fred’s lips form into a frown as he pulled out a small vile as well as a few sheets of parchment from his pocket.

“Here’s the potion and a rough draft of the report. I only call it rough because I know that you’ll hate whatever I’ve written regardless of the content,” Fred grumbled. “Now you can’t say that I’m that dumb of a partner can you?”

“I wouldn’t’ go that far. Fred you let me struggle on this project for two days straight without mentioning your intentions. You could’ve saved me a whole lot of headache if you-“ you were cut off when Fred stood up, his eyes brimming with annoyance.

“You would’ve ignored my suggestion and continued it your way. You hate admitting you’re wrong Y/N, and I just saved us the arguing time by doing it myself,” Fred fumed. “ Look, I know you hate me; I just wanted to minimize our interaction as much as possible so as not to stress you out further.”

“Wait, you think I hate you? Even though you are the bane of my existence, I only strongly despise you. I blame the fireworks that gave us time outside of class to finish that dreadful transfiguration problem,” you answered. It amazed you how much Fred knew about you. Was he always paying that much attention to you?

Fred’s expression appeared to soften once he heard your confession and you were relieved that this argument was ending before it really started. You weren’t much in the mood for banter.

“Does saving our grade make me any less despicable?” Fred inquired innocently.  You couldn’t help but laugh at his change in topic.

“No, you’ll have to do more than save one homework assignment to dig your way out of this one Weasley, “you winked as you turned to gather up your potion equipment.

“You know, I’m truly sorry for all the torment I caused this year Y/N. I didn’t know you’d be so offended,” Fred confessed extending his hand for you to shake. You weren’t sure where this apology was coming from but you were grateful for it. You waited so long to hear a genuine apology from Fred to make up for the pain of his prank. Although you weren’t a fan of Fred, at least you disliked him less.

“Thank you Fred; I’ve waited a long time to hear that,” you breathed taking his hand.

“I’m absolutely serious. I know I was an absolute jerk to you, and it was due to me jumping to conclusions. I really want us to call a truce,” Fred suggested. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, but his expression was genuine.

“Fine, but this doesn’t mean I loath you any less,” you teased causing Fred to laugh.

“Likewise Y/L/N,” Fred chuckled.

The story continues (x)

"Ronald would like me to tell you that Seamus told him that Dean was told by Parvati that-

-Malfoy is looking for you.”
Harry looked up from his place under the tree, squinting at Hermione’s face in the sun.
“Malfoy. He’s looking for you. I don’t know why, but that’s what I’ve heard.”
Harry rolled his eyes. “Stupid git’s probably just going to get on me about our potions project again.”
Hermione sighed and sat down cross-legged next to Harry. “You know, Ron and I still think you should’ve asked to switch partners. I know house cooperation is important and all, but so far it doesn’t seem like you and Malfoy are resolving your differences.”
Harry ran his hand through his hair and shut his eyes, leaning back against the tree.
If only she knew.
“Hermione, you know I can’t expect special treatment like that.”
Hermione nodded, resting her hand on Harry’s shoulder. “I know. Just… Please try to get along.”
Oh, I’ll try.
Harry smiled at her and stood up, brushing grass from his robes and collecting his things. He intended to go find Malfoy and hear what was so important that the whole of Gryffindor house had to relay it to him.
“I’ll see you in a bit. Tell Ron where I’ve gone.”
Harry made his way up to the castle, planning on checking Malfoy’s usual spots in the library and Great Hall when he was yanked off the path by the front of his robes.
“What the- oh.”
Malfoy stood in front of him, still grasping his robes to tug Harry out of sight.
“Potter.” Malfoy was grinning as he said it, and he still hadn’t let go of Harry’s robes.
“Malfoy. You know, if you had wanted to speak to me, you could’ve just asked instead of making everyone carry your message like owls.”
Malfoy brought him a little closer; Harry could see the tiny flecks of blue in his gray eyes.
“Speak? Who said anything about speaking?” Malfoy slid his arm around Harry’s waist, guiding him back against the tree. “I just wanted to do this.”
And then Malfoy was kissing him, and Harry was kissing him back, unable to help grinning as he did so.
When they broke apart, they were both out of breath and blushing slightly.
“Always so dramatic, you are,” Harry said, threading his hand through Malfoy’s.
Malfoy looked down at the ground sheepishly, smiling at Harry’s feet. “You like it, though.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I suppose I do.”
“You like me.”
Harry laughed. “Yes, Malfoy. If you need to hear me say it, then I like you.”
“Good.” Malfoy was blushing even more now, but he continued speaking. “Otherwise it’d be unfair. Now, Potter, we really do have to work on that assignment for potions, and because you’re positively dreadful at it, I thought that-”
Harry moved his hand up, trailing his fingers along Malfoy’s neck and effectively quieting him.
“I know. We’ve got to work. Or… We could wait a bit and…” He raised an eyebrow, grinning.
Malfoy tugged on their joined hands, leading Harry away from the tree. “Oh, thank Merlin. I hoped you would suggest something else. You really are awful at potions.”
Harry laughed. “Yeah, alright, you’ve had your fun. Come on.”
“I’ve had my fun? No, Potter, I think I’m just getting started.”

(i’ve been wanting to use that “ronald would like me to tell you…” line with a drarry thing fore v e r  so here it is in oneshot form! i’m tagging a few members of the squad too if that’s okay? @hotter-than-potter @decanthrope @oh-my-fancan @sectumsemprat )


Potions Project || Graham & Andrea - Closed

Graham moved to sit next to his assigned potions partner for their new assignment. They were going to be doing a term long project on Golpalott’s Third Law and Gold had started them off today by telling them he was assigning the partners. Usually the students tended to stick in house when they had to team up, and more often than not he paired up with Emma. But this time he was paired with Andrea Malfoy, from Slytherin. After six years of classes together, they knew each other quite well, even if they weren’t friends, as such.

He knew she was probably the only student in the NEWT class who was better at potions than him. He wondered why they had been paired, as the professor usually tried to split up the best students. But Gold had also been pressuring him about re-considering becoming a potioneer, and he assumed Andrea was, so maybe he hoped she could change his mind.

Each pair was given a blended poison. Their first task was to identify the poisons and their effects. Then they had to develop an antidote using Golpalott’s Third Law, writing up all their research and processes. There was a glint in Gold’s eye which made him believe they had been given the toughest challenge as well.

“So…” he looked over at Andrea. “Did you get the feeling we got the hardest one as well?”