Potions are not for the impatient, but their effects are usually difficult to undo by any but another skilled potioneer. This branch of magic carries a certain mystique and therefore status. There is also the dark cachet of handling substances that are highly dangerous. x

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Potion for Menstrual Cramps

7 raspberries (or a number that means healing to you)

Note: instead of adding raspberries, you can just make raspberry tea

Make the tea, stir counter-clockwise to banish negativity. Say: “with this tea I ease my cramps.”

Add sugar. “The sugar it will aid.”

Finally, add milk. “And milk to top the potion off so that my cramps will fade.”

Stir clockwise to promote health, remove spoon and drink.

I hope that in between the Chroma Conclave arc and the eventual and inevitable Vecna arc, Matt gives Vox Machina some time to just. breath. and collect themselves. Like even just a time skip, similar as what he did pre-stream.

Tbh, I just really want Keyleth to learn potion making like she’d wanted to for so long guys. It’s been put on the back burner with the dragons… but,, she obviously still wants to…. please let Keyleth learn potion making omg lol..

Some time would also give Scanlan time to get to know Kaylie some more and maybe they can both learn some bard stuff from each other, Vax some time to orientate himself with other Raven Queen followers, maybe more Trinket training, Percy to build some of his bigger plans that he’s likely planned and just some more power ups that they’ve wanted to do and train for but they keep getting hit with time crunches that make that impossible.

A Good and Lovely Potions Class: II

Snape: Miss Lovegood, what are you doing?

Luna: I am braiding my hair, sir.

Snape: *narrows eyes* …Why?

Luna: Because I thought it would be more stylish and a bit more secure than a simple ponytail, sir.

Snape: *pinches bridge of nose* I suppose this is my own fault. What I should have asked was, ‘Miss Lovegood, why are you braiding your hair when you are supposed to be working with the rest of your group by removing the wings from these beetles and preparing the base for next week’s antidote?’”

Luna: Well, you see, sir, I am not very good at removing the wings from beetles - I can feel their displeasure from the other side at having their bodies ripped up for parts, and they are not happy about it  - and so I may help with the simmering portion, but I cannot even fathom going near an open flame with loose hair. I am honestly quite shocked that you are not more concerned with the welfare of your students, sir. Half the girls in here have their hair down. That’s a safety hazard, sir, and braids are such a fashionable and simple solution. See? I’ve already done Miss Abbott’s hair. Isn’t it lovely?

Abbott: *twirls*

Snape: …You are not being graded on your hair styling skills, Miss Lovegood. You are being graded on your potion making abilities.

Luna: Yes, but today we are being graded as a group, you said so at the beginning of class, sir. And so, by not butchering the poor, dead bodies of those sweet, innocent beetles, and by instead ensuring the safety of myself and my fellow classmates, I am contributing to the group’s larger goals and therefore the base potion which we are being graded on equally.

Snape: *stares*

Luna: …Would you like me to braid your hair, sir?

Snape: See me after class, Miss Lovegood.

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! I got to visit a beautiful animal sanctuary, pet this beautiful cow (Bentley is his name, and we became best friends basically, nbd) and some rabbits, goats, and pigs; and then after we trekked to Chestnut Hill for its freaking HARRY POTTER FESTIVAL which was crowded, yes, but there were lots of antique shops, potion classes, gryffindor scarves, and laughter, so who cares anyways?

AND NOW, I am sat in bed planning everything out for tomorrow…because i’m coming back to BOSTON BABY, aka my favorite place in the entire world. I’m headed to Veg Fest, so if you happen to be going as well don’t hesitate to come say hello and we can bask in the free sample glory together! So excited to see all my faves, go hiking, eat good food, and enjoy the last of this fall weather before the biting cold descends. i hope you, wherever you may be today, are doing alright. reach out to someone, remember to breathe, and put something healthy into your system. i love you. sleep well lovies💟
a very happy camper about to embark on a road trip (at Chenoa Manor)

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potion-approaching999  asked:

Hi! Um, huge huge fan. I was wondering if you could maybe give a spoiler for the next chapter of APAON? <3

Hi lovely! thank you so much T—T <33 I usually post a chapter teaser/”preview” a few days before a chapter goes up! But you’re in luck, considering one would be going up today, so pssttttt…. ;) enjoy. 


Rey had been ready to comment on his nose being the reason he wanted to become a recluse and hide from the world, a childish jab if there had ever been one, but it had died in her throat the second Kylo had hovered over her head, looking down into her eyes in a way that reminded her a little too much of that night. The night when he’d looked at her with a similar expression on his fevered-addled face, right before his lips crashed on hers and he’d sent her out of orbit.

Then he’d pulled away, leaving her staring at the ceiling.

Rey sits up slowly, working herself back down and taking deep breaths.


The kids kept calling you a mudblood. It wasn’t fair. Even the kids in your house didn’t approve of you.

There was one boy who seemed to understand, the Malfoy kid. He smiled sympathetically at you and made sure his friends never said a word.

It was potions class when it happened that day.

A few kids didn’t wanna be your partner. They were whispering and all you could hear was “traitor” and “mudblood.”

That’s when Professor smacked the back of their heads.

“Do not use that word.”


Meet Calpurnia, or Cal, what her friends would call her (if she had any…), a young witch who lives deep in the forest all by herself (and with her many, many cats) and who prefers to spend her days binge-watching TV shows online, taking selfies with her cats and wandering aimlessly through the woods, rather than doing important witch-stuff (like making potions or practicing her spells..). Being a witch really isn’t easy these days!