Draught of Peace Moodboard: The Draught of Peace is an anxiety reducing potion; it soothes the consumer and provides personal comfort. The potion makes one feel like their troubles are melting away and they are secure and comforted. Their mind clears and they can work, study, or take on other tasks easier.  It is a very difficult potion to brew, ironically. The ingredients have to be added in exact order and stirred as specified for the precise amount of time stated. When brewed correctly the potion will emit a silvery vapor and is a shimmery turquoise blue. It is often used around exam and test time. It does have a slight addictive property but as brewed it’s doesn’t have bad side effects and can be used pretty regularly. (Though if brewed improperly it can be fatal, but there are plenty of telltale signs of it having been brewed incorrectly.) It’s given (prescribed by nurses) to people with anxiety disorders and for panic attacks, as well. [Potion Aesthetic: 4/?] 

Not-so-Smackle (Open)

Thanks to whatever Aurora was working on she felt different. She felt good. She acted on an impulse, and didn’t really care. She felt fun, exciting, everything regular Isadora wasn’t.

She spotted someone she definitely knew she had to talk to. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and made her way. She laid a hand on their arm to get their attention, “So what’re you doing all alone?”

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witch au with Allura/shiro :)))

  • alright so allura is a witch who specializes in medicine/healing potions and she meets shiro when he comes in to see if she can heal/give him his arm back. she can’t!! but she does whip up an amazing prosthetic for him to use. only thing is, it needs regular maintenance and checkups
  • so shiro comes back to get it checked out and pretends to hear whirring noises and other issues bc he just really wants to see her, and allura doesn’t mind one bit even once she catches on
  • also, there are contraception charms. f i g h t m e
  • allura has a black cat and it has kittens just imagine them playing with kittens ok JUST IMAGINE
  • shiro finds flying on her broom mildly terrifying so he always holds on real tight until he relaxes. they like flying to dates in secluded places for picnics or collecting weird plants for potion ingredients

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"I love your hair!" A girl shouted from down the hallway, voice almost lost among the other students of the hall. She shouted a response and thanked the other beaming. Whenever anyone would ask, she said her best friend did it for her. All the detailed braids, curls, and styles were all done by one person, and she wasn't about to tell anyone her intimidating potions master father was the one that made his little girl look like a star each and every day.

Awww, I can totally see Severus doing his daughter’s hair up all pretty and cute because she takes an interest in it and Severus never does anything halfassed.

Hey! {Casora}


Aurora walks down the halls of Hogwarts, looking for Castor. She thinks he’d like to laugh over the fact that Isadora drank her potion she had made. And also, the fact that maybe he’d cheer her up after making the fatal mistake of leaving it out. She spots him and walks up.

“Hey Cas, wait Steph?” She asks when she sees his sister near him.

Why do wizards in Harry Potter insist on being the same gender when using polyjuice potion? And it’s possible. Fleur did it. But she claimed she was ugly and would likely never do it again. Knowing me, I would only ever transform into guys. I would experiment. What’s it like to have a dick? What happens if I’m on my period when I do it? I could try to pee standing up. I could even (not for young children) masturbate, just to see what it’s like. It would make being bi easier because then if I really wanted to i could just be a guy and fuck a straight girl that wouldn’t do it with girl me. You could do so much with it

Halloween Town... A Gabe Brown One Shot

I’m really excited for fall! Thought I would write a little one shot to get everyone in the autumn spirit.

The leaves were starting to mimic the colors of the sunset with their sudden change from green to, rusty red, burnt orange, and golden yellow. Autumn had always loved the fall time, her parents named her Autumn because she was born during .. Well I’m sure you can guess. She loved putting away her summer tank tops and dusting off her cozy sweaters and warm jackets.

Ever since she moved to the bush with her husband Gabe, things had been such bliss. But the new weather made her miss her hometown, decorating her mom’s front porch with witches brooms and pumpkins, dressing up with her nieces and nephews for trick or treating, and setting up her potions display that she had expertly crafted as if she was a real witch.

She was looking forward to Halloween in a couple of days, Gabe just didn’t get her obsession with the holiday, he had never gone trick or treating or really dressed up. Their son had gotten excited about the holiday as well, he had heard his mother talking about it for the last month.

Autumn wanted their son Forest to have the same childhood experience that she had growing up, and the first step was pumpkins. Autumn had managed to grab a few pumpkins for her little family, They all sat on the front porch of their cabin with good sized pumpkins in front of them.

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A stranger approached the bar Seventh Heaven during a raging thunder storm. His face was obscured by a black hood, and he wore armour over his cloak. A scimitar was sheathed on his belt, and a shield was strapped to his back. He walked with a limp, staggering to the door. Upon opening it, he collapsed inside, blood from his wounds pooling on the floor.

Tifa would normally greet the new customer, but she found herself jumping over the counter to give him aid. Good thing she carried emergency potions.



A curious magical mineral, known to resemble the Philosopher’s Stone in some aspects, Sanguinite is a richly coloured red magical stone, with blood-purifying properties. Due to it’s native magics it glows slightly, in or out of sunlight, and in sunlight it shines brightly, making the most of the light. Sanguinite appears to form naturally from the combination of certain quartzites, blood, and powerful amounts of magic. In this manner the quartzites gain their rich, often bloody colour, and their magic allows them - somehow - to heal and purify blood. Quite how the magic present (regardless of what it was originally used for) becomes purifying in this combination is unknown, however powdered Sanguinite is a key ingredient in many versions of Blood-purifying and Blood-replenishing potions.

Sanguinites are often found set into other rocks, where inclusions of quartzites naturally form, but they are occasionally found loose on their own. While most specimens are rapidly sold to potioneers, apothecaries and magical hospitals, some are sold to jewellers who set the stones into charmed jewellery intended to help individuals with blood-related problems, most particularly kidney failure and magical sepsis, as Sanguinite stones’ healing magic has no known side-effects (as haemodialysis can have, magical or otherwise) and can treat even magical conditions, though slower than it might treat non-magically caused health problems. The stones are not terribly rare, but are uncommon, and the majority of Sanguinite mines around the world are carefully monitored by their Magical Ministry and the ICW.

(Image One, Images 2&3)

(Image One is of concept art for the Philosopher’s Stone. Images Two and Three are of Almandine Garnets on a granite matrix. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.) 

“We are inseparable.” Oliver Imagine

Requested:  Hii’ Can you do an Oliver wood imagine where the reader and him have been dating for a long time and they’re known as the king and queen of Quidditch and its all just fluff? Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Word Count: 690

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you all enjoy! I was actually kind of stuck on this one, but I think it turned out great!

It’s been three years that Oliver and I have been dating. We met our first year, we were both sorted into Gryffindor and we sat next to each other in Potions and instantly connected. We both made the Quidditch team our second year and we worked so well together. We would do drills with each other whenever possible, we would practice together, I would help him put his gear on, and we would give each other pep talks before games.

During Third Year, we were basically inseparable; and right after our win against Slytherin, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We are the King and Queen of Quidditch, or at least that’s what everyone says. We are now in our 5th year and he was made captain of the Quidditch team. I was so proud of him!

I was never given any special treatment by my boyfriend, he hounded and yelled at me during the practice just like he did everyone else.

“C’mon Y/N! You’ve done better.”

“Make them scared of you Y/N!”

“Work harder Y/N, you’re losing energy and kick.”

“Pretend that ball is Marcus Flint when he tries to flirt with you!”

Those are just some of the things I hear, but they make me train harder. They don’t hurt, I know that he only says them to make me better.

And then we go right back to be the lovey-dovey couple we are. Walking down the corridors holding hands, kissing, hugging, studying together, everything you can think of.

Before dinner, Oliver and I were quizzing each other on our DADA exam tomorrow.

“Y/N?” Oliver asked

“Yes?” I replied.

“You know I love you, right? And that I don’t try to be mean during practice?”

“Of course I know that.” I reassured him as we kissed.

“I just want to make sure that you’re not getting any special treatment during practice.”

“I know, Oliver. I know.” I kissed his cheek and then returned to studying.

It was the day of the biggest game of the year, Slytherin vs. Gryffindor for the house cup. Oliver gave us a huge pep talk before we made our way to the field.

“This is the biggest game of the year, we can’t let our fans down. Remember what we have been drilling every night for two weeks straight. I have no doubt we can win, as long as we all stick to the plan and don’t let the Slytherin’s cheating get in our way. Got it?”

We braced ourselves for the cheating that would be going on today. Slytherin’s only tactic is to cheat their way to the top. Well it won’t work tonight.

It was a battleground in the skies but nevertheless, Slytherin started to cheat. Marcus flew up right next to me.

“Hey baby, how about after the game you come to my dorm and I can show you how a real winner rocks a girls world.” Marcus said with a wink.

“In your dreams, Flint.” I said as I kept chasing the ball.

He was not going to stop, was he?

“C’mon. Oliver only wants you for your looks. I want you for so much more.” Marcus kept persisting, so I did what I had to do.

“Flint, when I say back off, you better back off.” I said as I kicked his broom, sending him spinning in another direction.

I was not proud of it, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was pretty sure the ref was going to call it but luckily, the ref thought it was his fault.

“You’re going to pay for that!” One of the Slytherin beater yelled as they flipped my broom.

I was holding on by only my hands at this point. I was terrified that I was going to fall. I struggled to get my broom upright, I was about to fall. Suddenly, Angelina got me upright on my broom again and we continued to play even harder than before.

Once the game had ended, we had won the cup! Oh how glorious! Oliver and I shared a kiss before we had our Quidditch team picture with the cup.


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