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Tags: auror!Harry, potions consultant!Draco, mud, and bitching, so, so much bitching.

“You know I’m just a consultant, right Potter?” Draco said acidly, trying to scrape mud from his arms and legs, “I am not a mad auror with more adrenaline than sense.”

“You have mentioned it before,” Harry said tersely, taking deep breaths. It was, after all, his fault Draco had ended up in the swamp following up a lead on black market dittany growers. It was also Harry’s fault that when he tripped on a root he had grabbed for the first thing in reach, which had been Draco, and pulled them both into a mug bog with the consistency of quicksand that had taken them twenty minutes to get out of. 

Now they were both coated in mud up to the chest. Draco had somehow managed to scrape most of it off and didn’t have any on his hair or face, other than a small blob on his cheek. Harry had it in his hair, face, and just about everywhere else.

He just, really, really wished Draco would shut the hell up.

“What kind of absolute idiot can’t identify dittany?” Draco muttered.

His wand clutched so tightly into his fist he could feel every groove and notch in the wood. “Why can’t we just cast scourgify?” Harry groaned, ducking under a branch Draco let go, nearly smacking him in the face. Draco was watching the ground for signs of the tiny herb but he had to have done it on purpose, Harry just knew it.

Draco shot a look back at Harry what reminded him of Snape, “I have explained, Potter, dittany only grows in soil that contains mercury and propagates moondew flowers, do you really want to know what happens when you introduce magic to that combination?”

“Ok, ok,” Harry conceded trying not to think about the places mud was now making its home.

“Are you certain?” Draco said mockingly, “Because it involves your skin turning yellow and slowly melting off. Sounds like a right jolly Gryffindor thing to do.”

Harry took another deep breath and slowly let it out, “I understand, Draco.”

“I sincerely doubt that,” Draco said.

“Just shut up!” Harry snapped, “I swear, I get it!”

Draco stopped in his track and spun around, his expression furious.

Harry went on, “I’m sorry about everything that’s happened but you’re not the only one that’s uncomfortable or unhappy about all this!” He threw up his hands, “I swear sometimes I think you only care about yourself!”

Draco stalked over to him, stabbing his finger into Harry’s chest, “You egotistical, fucking arsehole, I can’t believe-” he stopped and shook his head, “I fucking hate you.”

Harry smacked Draco’s hand away, “Yeah, well, I hate you too!! Fucking wanker.”

Draco jerked back like Harry had hit him, his eyes widening, “You-” his words choked and died in his throat, “-You what?” He blinked rapidly, his head turning away to try and hide the tear that had slipped down his cheek.

Harry stared in shock, then caught Draco’s chin, tugging it back round to face him. He brushed the tear from Draco’s face before he had even realized what he was doing.

“You’re covered in mud,” Draco sniffed, looking down at the ground, another tear blinking free.

“Sorry,” Harry said softly, wiping the other tear away, smearing the mud on Draco’s cheek, “I don’t hate you.”

“Like I care,” Draco muttered.

Harry sighed and smiled ruefully, “Alright.”

“I don’t,” he insisted with a faint pout, finally bringing his eyes up to meet Harry’s, a faint pink flush colouring the tops of his cheekbones.

Harry leaned forward, chancing a brief kiss, tensing in anticipation for the worst.

“This is awful,” Draco groused, “We’re disgusting.” he sniffed again and blinked his tears back.

“Can I try again when we’re cleaned up?” Harry asked.

Draco glanced away and shrugged, his cheeks flushing further.

Harry smiled, “How about dinner then?”

Draco pulled away suddenly, his eyes fixed at where he had glanced away. He stalked through the trees to a small clearing surrounded by scrub and strange pale flowers. “Here it is.” Draco gestured.

Harry followed. The clearing was full of tiny dittany plants. It was a king’s fortune, especially at the obscenely high prices the growers were charging for them, and the final evidence they needed to convict the group they had arrested a few days ago. Harry activated his tracking medallion and sent his patronus back to tell them he had found it. Soon the collections team would be apparating on Harry’s location.

Draco shifted his weight, his arm brushing Harry’s. He cleared his throat nervously, “Dinner would be nice.”

“Yeah?” Harry looked up with a hopeful smile.

Draco smiled faintly back, “Yeah.”

One Too Many

One too many disappointments
one too many poor decisions
one too many nights in darkness
one too many script revisions

One too many apologies uttered
one too many promises broken
one too many lines unwritten
one too many words unspoken

One too many dreams dashed
one too many voices silent
one too many world leaders
one too many countries violent

One too many hungry children
one too many isolated souls
one too many toxic potions
one too many ozone holes

One too many teardrops fallen
one too many empty prayers
one too many false messiahs
one too many we don’t cares 

I got this mugwort from beesbotanics on etsy.

Mugwort has got be my most favorite herb honestly. I use it in all my potions, Incense and spells. Perfect for psychic abilities, divination and astral projection. As a witch I have always used this herb and will hopefully be able to grow it myself and sell it in my own shop soon. Sorry for this post but I just love this little magic botanical.

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May i ask 4 a scenario where MC try to suicide with poison (after being forced to drink the potion) and Ez saving and taking care of her/being attentive of the girl's behaviour/trying to apologize (again) and confess his love? Thnks!

A/N: hello dear anon!! Somehow I think I wrote something completely different from what you wanted >.<
I deeply apoligize if this wasn´t what you wanted :´(

“Guardienne!!!!” Ezarel screamed once he entered the alchemy lab and saw Guardienne on the floor convulsing. Kneeling down he saw a bottle of a very strong poison besides her body, knowing right away what was happening there. 

Picking the woman up, he quickly brought her to the infirmary and with the assistance of Ewelein he did an antidote which was given right away to the suffering woman.

Guardienne only woke up 3 days after the incident and never once Ezarel left her side. He took care of her, staying in alert in case the antidote stopped working. He barely slept in those couple of days, afraid of her waking up and trying to once again kill herself. It scared him way to much. Losing her was out of question. He needed her in his life.

“Why did you save me? I have nothing left. You stole away from me everything that was important!” Those were the first words that Guardienne spoke to Ezarel when she woke up and saw him.

He frozen up. What could he say? That he loved her and couldn´t let her die like that? Would she even believe him? She doesn´t trust him anymore.

“I know you don´t trust me anymore and even if I tell you the truth you won´t believe…but, you´re important to me and…I love you.”

“If you really loved me you wouldn´t have forced me to drink that potion. But I don´t care anymore. You just love to manipulate me and use me whenever you want, not caring about my feelings. I had enough of this shit Ez.”

Her eyes were like ice cold and hatred was only thing seen in them. Hatred that was meant to him and that made things even worse. He couldn´t handle the guilt anymore. It hurted to much.

“I´m so sorry Guardienne. I….I don´t know what to do anymore.” Falling to the floor, he tried to surpress the tears that stubbornly wished to get out of his eyes, and looked at the woman he loved.

“Please, let me repair this. There must be a way to reverse this. I just ask for one more chance.” 

The sincerity in his eyes made Guardienne´s cold façade vanish as she pulled her knees close to her face and let her tears fall as she nodded her head, agreeing with his idea.

Ezarel got up from the floor and seated on her bed, bringing her closer to him with her arm and kissing her head.

This time, he will prove to her how important she is to him. He wouldn´t let this chance get away from him.

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lemme just leave something for u to consider: yamaguchi w ocd and tsukki w depression. and they support and love each other even when they both feel like shit. that is all. - potion seller (who is feeling rather low today, and is looking through the blog bc it makes me happy. thank you💛)

Dude I’m so glad you like the blog aa

~ Mod Han

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@James and Sirius You guys never do something with each other. I thought you are best friends.

James: We always do stuff together.

Sirius: Yeah, I brushed his hair this morning.

James: And I poured sobering potion down his throat last night while he sobbed about love and his unfair life.

Sirius: And today we’re going out for ice cream.

James: And we’ll play fetch when he turns into a dog.

This ref was also set since I a while so now it’s time to show the other dragon in the AU. Now don’t worry, characters and scenes will change over the course of our heroes journey (so please try not to jump into conclusion without knowing the whole plot behind it. thank you!)

  • Name: Galahad
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: ???
  • Class: Illusionist
  • Species: Dragon
  • Body features: Scales visible on his back and arms
  • Family: N/A
  • Ability: Ability to fool ones eyes with magic and illusions, able to hide his dragon feature, Potion brewer
  • Element: Arcane
  • + Personality: Confident, courteous, dramatic, gallant, playful, romantic
  • - Personality: arrogant, cruel, devious, flamboyant, narcissistic, sly

He’s the last known Illusionist Dragon. His tribe was destroyed long ago and he managed to survive by hiding in the cities of the kingdom, changing appearance completely. But it wasn’t long until the lord of darkness (no name yet so we stick with this) found and took him captive. He then brainwashed  Galahad and now he’s serving him. Making sure the hero shall not succeed. Now, if only someone can break the gem on his chest, it will automatically break the seal and  Galahad is back to his normal self.

While he’s not chasing the hero, he tends to brew potions and traps..for this he hired a hunter who was in desperate of money, a place to stay and work. The hunter became the perfect little lab rat. But don’t worry, regardless him being brainwashed..there’s still a beating heart inside him…

Ability wise, as his class states, he can create illusions or mesmerize people with his words, charm and magic. He to is as a dragon but he mainly remains covered, in this case no dragon features are seen by human eye. 

plot wise: his gem will break and will join the hero and seeking revenge on the man who possessed him.


And now, the coup de grâce - the final step in Allison’s plan. As Vladislaus lay pathetic and beaten at Allison’s feet, she pulled from her belt a hidden potion which she tossed at the broken Master with arrogance. Nicolae’s heart began to pound, and upon the manifestation of Allison’s finishing blow felt compelled to score the occasion on his violin. 

Enveloped in a penetrative glow of golden force, the wounded Vladislaus’ eyes widened in shock as his immortality was stripped from him, his vampire powers nothing but a memory.

And so, Allison’s Grand Plan has come to fruition. Vladislaus Straud the Grand Master Vampire is no more. 

“Now we need only to wait ‘till the foolish mortal dies of age,” Allison chuckled as she and Nicolae made their way back home, “then we can take his castle too.”



I couldn’t find my tie OR my scarf, but I did have this weird semi wizardy robe and a spell book purse so I hacked together a hat from a different kind of hat, scraps from my craft room, and lots of hot glue.