potion upgrades


gasp,,, surprise,,, TWO tome ocs,,,
ok this is alchemistake, otherwise known as al or alche. or mistake, but only giga calls her that.
no way in hell im gonna get a digitalization of this done anytime soon so. here’s her bio or whatever. I’m on mobile (as per usual) so no readmore.
so. class is fighter, power is alchemy.
her power works like this. she’s got a shit ton of generic potions that can do shit like heal, harm, poison, release toxic/sleep gas, and other potiony things. and empty glass bottles she can bottle up projectiles or lasers in to chuck at people or combine to make her regular potions or “upgrades” potions. no good attack capabilities other than that, except for punching people and hoping that works.
she’s Gigabite’s best and only friend in tome, and one’s never online without the other. she’s the chill one, who always cracks jokes at the worst possible moments she can find. they fight a lot, but in the friendly way. she’s always ready to help, even if she can’t do much other than “chuck some poison at it, let’s see what happens.”
not much else to her, really, she’s a bit underdeveloped. I’ll have more eventually.
that’s all.

So Many Herbs

So in Dragon Age Inquisition there are a lot of things (potions/schematics) that require herbs. I was bored and decided to figure out just how many herbs you need to collect to fill all of those requisitions. 

Below is a list of how many herbs you need to upgrade all potions. It does not include counts for what you need as far as upgrades to Skyhold or other missions goes. 

Amrita Vein - 30 

Arbor Blessing - 108

Blood Lotus - 258

Black Lotus - 4

Crystal Grace - 5

Dawn Lotus - 6

Deathroot - 119

Deep Mushroom - 146

Dragonthorn - 7

Elfroot - 137

Embrium - 205

Felandaris - 16

Ghoul’s Beard - 10

Prophet’s Laurel - 8

Rashvine - 157

Rashvine Nettle - 18

Royal Elfroot - 3

Spindleweed - 60

Vandal Aria - 117

Witherstalk - 9

Pretty much if you see a blood lotus, you might as well pick it. 

Okay, now that I’m on my second playthrough, I’ve discovered a few little useful tips and tricks, so I thought I’d share for anyone who is interested!

- As I’ve posted before, if you’re using keyboard+mouse, when you loot something you can simply press space and it loots everything so you don’t have to click on “take all” with your mouse (a little thing, but an important thing!)

- There are a ton of Inquisition perks to choose from and it’s quite overwhelming right? Especially since if you click on one you cannot take it back… I usually go first for More Healing Potions (Forces), as especially taking on dragons is tough business with only 8. I also like Optimal Cutting (Secrets), which gives you a 10% chance to collect more herbs each time, and then Forward Scouts (Secrets), which shows you things like Quarries and Logging Stands on the map which is very useful, if you want these things for updates. You can also up your inventory capacity by 15 twice (Inquisition).

- What do I do with all my Elfroot and all these other stupid herbs? You can upgrade your potions! I tend to forget that, so I thought I’d mention it. You can get some really nice perks for your healing potions and grenades. In Skyhold you can find the table to do that down where you can craft your armor. It also shows you what you need for each upgrade, so you can collect your stuff with a purpose!

- My inventory is so small, why? Yeah that sucks, so when I’m exploring stuff and stumble upon a random cave and accidentally start another quest and now it’s 3 hours later and I cannot find a merchant and don’t want to travel back, I start destroying grey weapons and armor! Because my inquisition only gets the nice blue/purple/self-made stuff and you don’t get much coin from selling grey things anyway!

- Craft your own armor and weapons! I really like the crafting system, though of course I’d always like more schematics and options to change the colour of EVERY part of the armor… but it’s still very nice! Your rogue/mage is too squishy? Later in the game, you can actually craft weapons that add guard for every hit! I’ve also heard that if you use Silverite to craft armor, it takes away the class restrictions, but have not tested yet!

- Do the wartable mission to find the Arcanist! Maybe you all are better than me and did this immediately when it popped up, but I didn’t until my first playthrough was almost over! You can craft much better armor afterwards and can also craft and add runes to weapons! So, get on that!

- When you hit level 12 (I think) there is also a wartable mission to get the class specialisations … which also took me a while to find on the first playthrough…it unlocks your trainers and then you can choose one after doing a little quest. (If you want your mage to be a tank: go Knight-Enchanter and get Fade Shield!)

- Sometimes it’s okay to use mounts and miss out on potential banter! (Especially if you have the banter bug… *starts sobbing*) My mounts can on occasion climb/jump things I can’t aaaand they take no fall damage! They can also run over small animals, always fun! If you’re looking for something special as your mount, there is a merchant on the second floor in Val Royeaux who sells a Mystery Box which leads to nice results!

- When you have a huge area like the Hinterlands or the Hissing Wastes, it can be nice to unlock a few camps really quickly (use your mount for that!) so you can quick travel between them for quests!

I don’t know if anyone finds this helpful, maybe this is all old news for you!

Feel free to comment/reblog with your own tips!

And never forget: You can use JAR OF BEES!

inquisitor: potion maker, i’m going into battle. and i need your most upgraded potions.

potion guy: you can’t handle my most upgraded potions, inquisitor. you don’t have enough of this fucking obscure herb that you’ve literally never seen in-game.