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Masterpost of Simple Beginner Friendly Potions

Here is a masterpost of a ton of potions I have in my grimoire that are simple and easy to make with simple easy to get ingredients. 

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Tea Potions

Headache Relief Potion

  • Ginger Root
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon Wedge

Steps: Add herbs to hot water and let them steep for a few minutes. Squeeze in lemon then let the wedge and skin soak for another 1 or 2 before drinking. 

Sour Tummy Be Gone Potion

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Spearmint
  • Ginger Root
  • Spoonful of Honey

Steps: Brew tea then add herbs to it, let them steep for 5 minutes before stirring in your honey counter-clockwise to banish the cramps and sourness in your stomach. 

Deep Slumber Potion

  • Chamomile Tea
  • Lavender
  • Dried Rose Petals/Buds
  • Lemon Balm

Steps: Brew tea then add in herbs to steep for 5 to 6 minutes, add sugar or honey to taste. Drink slowly before bed in a quiet place.

“Bring Me My Own Love” Self Love Potion

  • Rose Water or Rose Tea
  • Sugar
  • Milk or Milk substitute 

Steps: Brew your tea or warm your rose water. Pour in milk and sugar to taste and stir it clockwise to welcome in your own love. Drink while doing something you enjoy.

Release from a Bad Day Potion

  • Green Tea
  • Catnip
  • Lemon Wedge

Steps: Brew and steep your tea and catnip, squeeze in your lemon and stir it counter clockwise to banish the negativity that the day has given you. Add sugar or honey to taste

Give My Heart Strength Potion

  • Black Tea
  • Orange Peel
  • Honey

Steps: Brew tea and let orange peel steep for 5 minutes, stir in your honey clockwise to bring yourself emotional strength.

Open My Mind Awareness Potion

  • Black Tea
  • Cinnamon
  • Milk or Milk substitute
  • (Optional) pinch of Mugwort (use with caution)

Steps: Brew tea and add ingredients. Sit in a quiet place and drink the tea slowly while centering yourself and if you can meditate.

Cleansing Potion

  • Moon Water
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme

Steps: Heat your moon water and let herbs steep for a minute or two before drinking. You may add sugar if you desire

Protect Me From Parasites Potion

(protects from psychic and energy parasites)

  • Moon Water
  • Rosemary 
  • Mint

Steps: Heat moon water and steep your herbs for 5 minutes. Drink at the start of your day.

Coffee Potions

Strength For a Big Day

  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar to Taste

Like a Storm Confidence Potion

  • Coffee
  • Hazelnut creamer
  • Cinnamon
  • Fresh Orange peel

Spark of Creativity Potion

  • Coffee
  • 2 Drops Vanilla extract
  • Fresh Orange Peel
  • Spoonful of Caramel

Romancing Myself Potion for Self Acceptance

  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Milk
  • Red rose petal

To Good Friends Friendship Potion

  • Coffee
  • Caramel
  • Sugar
  • A cherry
  • A good friend to share it with

Hot Chocolate Potions

Warm My Bones Happiness Potion

  • Hot chocolate
  • Marshmallow/Marshmallow fluff
  • 1 drop vanilla extract
  • Cherry 

To Get Through Hard Days Potion

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Milk
  • Fresh Mint Leaf

For Enhanced Energy Potion

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Orange Peel

Gem Elixir Potions

Note! Unlike the others, these ones are NOT edible nor should they be ingested! These potions are for anointing or bath magic.

None of these potions are made with the crystals in the water! I ALWAYS put my crystals around a jar or cup of water to charge over night. SOME OF THESE CRYSTALS SHOULD NEVER GO IN WATER!!! So please just place them around your jar of water over night, not in it.

I am Beautiful Potion

  • Water
  • Angel Aura Quartz
  • Clear Quartz
  • Coconut Oil (small amount)

Peaceful Thoughts Potion

  • Water
  • Amethyst
  • Moonstone
  • Lavender

A Pinch of Luck Potion

  • Water
  • Aquamarine
  • Sunstone
  • Spearmint

Divination Improvement Potion

  • Water
  • Amethyst
  • Nuummite
  • Orange Peels
A potion for new beginnings

Hello everyone! 💎🔮🌙
This is a moment of big changes in my life, both practically and spiritually. I decided to celebrate the new beginnings in my life with a potion that promotes changes, evolution and self-love. Tonight is also this month’s new moon, so this is really the best time to prepare this potion. 

Ingredients 🌸

  • Green tea for energy and cleansing
  • Dried rosebuds for new beginnings
  • Dried jasmine flowers for a clear vision of the future
  • Blackberries for protection and healing 
  • Maple syrup (or sweetener of choice) for self-love and self-indulgence

Recipe 🔮

Bring a pot of water to a boil, then turn off the heat and add the green tea leaves, rosebuds and jasmine. Let the herbs infuse for 5 minutes. Filter the herbs and add the berries while the tea is still hot, smash them with a fork and let them sit in the tea for about 10 minutes. Filter the potion, add the sweetener (to taste) and pour it in a bottle. You can refrigerate the potion or drink it warm. I also put a sigil on the bottle to reinforce the power of the potion, and i decorated it with rose quartz beads. 

May the new moon light your way!
Astrea 🔮🌙💎

Pink Hot Chocolate Milk - A Self-Love Potion

A potion for self love. Take as a ‘self love pick-me-up.


  • ½ c. Strawberry Nesquick or other strawberry milk flavour (add more to taste if desired.
    Strawberry represents love, sweetness, passion, softness, and warmth.
  • 1 c. white chocolate chips
    Chocolate represents sexual and non-sexual euphoria, communication, love, desire, and acceptance. White chocolate is a ‘whiter’ version of this.
  • ¾ c. instant dry milk
    Milk represents, peace, fertility, a healthy body, and having plenty.
  • ½ pkg instant white chocolate pudding (3.3 oz)


Grind up white chocolate chips. Freezing them first helps. Mix all ingredients together, using about three teaspoons per cup or water, milk, or coconut milk.

★~A Peaceful Night potion~★

This is a quick spell for a night of peaceful and restful sleep, it’s great when you’re low on energy and don’t have time for a big spell!

~What you need:
★ 1 mug full of milk (or milk substitute) - happiness
★ 1 tsp dried food grade rose petals - calm, happiness
★ 1 tsp dried food grade lavender - calm, sleep
★ Desired amount of honey or sugar - happiness
★ (Optional) Rose quartz and/or amethyst - calm, happiness and sleep

~What to do:
★ Add milk, rose petals and lavender to a saucepan and bring to the boil
★ Once boiling take off the heat and pour into your mug
★ Add your honey or sugar if you’re using it and stir clockwise to fill the mug with your intent
★ If using crystals, keep them next to you or on your lap while you drink your potion
★ Get to bed and get some sleep!

Moody Judy Potion

A blend for those days when you just feel awful, annoyed, irritated or just any negative emotion overall.

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  • 2 cups Moon Water
  • **Orange Slice
  • Lime Slice
  • 2 cups Lime Juice
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tsp Thyme
  • 1 Bay Leaf

Boil the moon water then steep the herbs for 7-10 minutes, then add the sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Add the lime juice into a glass or container then pour in the boiled water. Mix it all together **add more sugar if needed. After add the orange and lime slices and enjoy!


🌟 🍧 Milkshake Magic 🍦🌟

for when you still want to work a little magic in desert, for when you have a sweet tooth!es! here’s just a couple of suggestions with ice cream flavours, toppings and their correspondences, but you can totally come up with your own ideas!

here are just a few recipes / ideas:


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, caramel sauce, salted pretzels
for cleansing and positivity


3 scoops mint ice cream, milk, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup
for love and wealth, fortune


3 scoops strawberry ice cream, milk, crake crumbles, fresh strawberries.
for friendship and young love


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, brownies, 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter
for frivolity and general happiness/prosperity


3 scoops cookies ‘n cream ice cream, milk, 3 spoonfuls cream cheese, crushed oreos
for youth and memory


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, mini marshmallows, crumbled graham crackers, chocolate syrup
for domestic magic, and familiar bonds


3 scoops vanilla ice cream, milk, 1 banana, ½ packet vanilla pudding mix
for prosperity, protection, and happiness

Buster Poultice Recipe

A strong concoction used to break hexes, spells and curses. Perfect even if you’re uncertain you’ve been hit by black magic.

Black pepper, rock salt, thyme, frankincense, charcoal, eucalyptus oil, ginger ale, lime juice, bay leaves

1. Swab your mortar and pestle with eucalyptus oil to safeguard and avoid jinxing while focusing on the intention of busting up that bad shit.

2. Course grind all solid ingredients one by one and put them in a jar.

3. Add eucalyptus oil and lime juice, just enough to moisten the mixture.

4. Shake well.

5. The result should be a course yet soft mixture that resembles dirt.

Add this to your bath with a bottle of ginger ale and soak well. Or scrub yourself with it in the shower and rinse yourself off with the ginger ale.

I remove all hexes, curses and spells that may have been placed upon me, for I am no mans rabbit or sheep.

This wont go down your drain very well so be mindful to pick up any large granules and dispose of them as you wish.


🌱🍓 Happy Summer Tisane 🍓🌱

- Green Tea for a conscious mind, magic energy, love

- Fresh Strawberries for passion, sweetness, carefree joy

- Lavender for calm (to avoid the happiness being ‘manic’ as mine often is)

- Basil for prosperity, happiness, peace

- Raw Honey for sweetness, to preserve the longevity of the spell

Mash your strawberries, I used a mortar and pestle, while focusing on your intention. Then combine your ingredients and pour over your boiling water, envisioning pouring your intent into the teapot, and steep, covered, for about 3 minutes. After steeping, pour through a strainer, envisioning straining out any negativity, and enjoy while doing something you love! 

Personally, I’m crocheting and watching adventure time!

Cold Banishing Potion

This is my go to “Cold Banishing” potion - used in soups or marinades or dressings

*Garlic - 1 large clove garlic or 1 tablespoon minced garlic or 1 tsp garlic powder - to cleanse and banish the sickness
* Ginger - 1 tsp ground ginger, 1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger grated - to speed up and power the magical working, for healing as well
* Vinegar - any on hand, I use Citrus Rice Wine Vinegar a lot - cleansing
* Sesame oil - to taste - for the “prosperity” of the spell, a little insurance so the spell works
* Salt or Soy Sauce - to taste - cleansing/protection from reinfection
* Hot spice of some sort - chili oil, chili powder, cayenne pepper, etc to cleanse and protect with the property of fire, to “burn out the sickness”

I use this combo regularly in my Cold Banishing Soup. I recently used it in a marinade for meat as well!

Use this as a sauce, flavoring or marinade for the rest of your meal. I like to add this to soup with lots of veggies, so that I get lots of vitamins as well to help fight off the sickness. Also, adding this to chicken broth includes the “healing chicken soup” vibe as well, that we use so much for colds and flus! Don’t forget your noodles and meat. A well balanced meal helps heal tremendously and gets you the nutrients you need to heal, as well!

Happy Cooking!

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anonymous asked:

hello! i've been trying to research magic, but unfortunately most books i find are specific wicca, which i'm not interested in. do you have any book reccomendations that arent wicca centric? thank you! i love your blog :^)

Oh heckin yes I do My amazon wishlist is literally like six pages long… ALL BOOKS

WARNING: This Is Going To Be Extremely Long!

First though I want to note that while I 100% understand your feelings about the Wicca stuff (being a very NOT Wiccan Witch), not all books that are Wicca leaning are bad! I’ve gotten loads of useful information from books that tended to be a little new agey. That’s where being objective comes in! With ANY book, you should take it with a grain of salt, and some with a whole shaker. But it’s up to you to pay attention to misinformation and conflation, and to know how to do research to prove or disprove that something in a book you read is true or not. Does that make sense?? 

Anywho, a couple of books that are still kind of “Wicca-y” but great:

Those are all books from my personal collection that I would recommend! Now as for the Non-Wicca Books, Let’s dive in! Not all of these have I read or owned, and they are in no particular order. You’ll notice most of them relate to “Traditional Witchcraft” or West Country, because that is where my practice is focused. 


That was a lot! Okay anon I hope this gives you a good starting place! 


☕beverage magic/potions☕

general ☕

potions 101  ✧  coffee magic  ✧  hot chocolate magic   ✧  infused water magic  ✧  general tea magic  ✧ floral tea magic  ✧  herbal tea magic  ✧ fruit tea magic   ✧ smoothie Potions   ✧ milkshake magic  ✧

tea potion recipes! ☕

harry potter potions! ☕

bioshock potions! ☕

  • murder of crows vigor potion -  a potion to summon fowl forces to protect you 
  • possession vigor potion -  a potion that distracts your enemies from you, and brings their ill-attention to one another instead 
  • charge vigor potion -  a potion that helps with those you tend to knock heads with, a magical aid to keep them at bay, or arm’s length. 
  • undertow vigor potion -  a potion that helps shift power of advantages to you, whether in magical or mundane issues, offers you tactical advantages 
  • shock jockey vigor potion -  a potion to stun enemies, and make them more susceptible to baneful magic with lightning elementals involved 
  • return to sender vigor potion -  a potion to help shield the drinker, and return any harm that is sent your way 
  • bucking bronco vigor potion -  a potion to help throw people off your back, and keep them away for some time
  • devil’s kiss vigor potion -  a potion that allows the drinker to cast a fire elemental on someone else (particularly a spurned lover)
Ganbare: A potion

頑張れ (Ganbare )

Japanese: “To stubbornly persevere”

A command to ”stick with it” or to try harder.

For the days when you feel so tired you can barely get out of bed.

Choose your base:

  • Vodka: Strength and courage
  • Carbonated spring water: Refreshment
  • Coffee: Vigor and mental clarity

Add herbs:

  • Ginger: Energy, power
  • Cinnamon: Health, vigor
  • Rosemary: Courage, mental clarity

Choose your charging method:

  • A sigil: Charged in a way that symbolizes ”ganbare” to you, like the heat of a coffee pan
  • A prayer: E.g. to a deity of courage like Týr, Vishnu, Amechania, or Hersilia
  • A crystal: Agate (inner strength), red amethyst (courage, tenacity), hematite (clarity of thought, stress control)

For spoonie witches:

  • If you are on medication, consider adding today’s dose of it to the potion or taking it along with it.
  • If you go with the vodka base, check if your meds are safe to take with alcohol!

Wine is an excellent potion base for fertility, prosperity, money and mental strength! If you’re underage or don’t want to consume alcohol, a mulled wine potion is great as a lot of the alcohol evaporates if you boil it for a long time.

My favorite Prosperity and Healing Mulled Wine potion is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit sick or under the weather, as well as being festive and cheery.

You can substitute any of the ingredients or add more according to your intent, but this recipe is a good base and super easy to make.


✨In a pot on the stove, pour your red or white wine and bring to a simmer.

✨slice the lemon and orange and add 3-6 slices of each

✨as the potion comes to a boil add the other herbs and spices, visualizing your intent, stirring often.

✨let it simmer, but not boil, until the air becomes fragrant and you can see the citrus infusing. Anything from 10-20 minutes is perfect.

✨your kitchen should have a lovely festive smell now!

✨lastly, add 1-3 tablespoons of brown sugar according to taste, stir to dissolve and remove from the stove.

Strain and Serve hot garnished with more orange and lemon!


Daily Recipes - Peaceful Home Potion


  • 1 handful of Jasmine
  • 1 Tablespoon of honey
  • 2 passion fruit flowers
  • 1 handful of white rose petals
  • 12 cups of water


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a container that allows you to stir efficiently.
  2. Visualize your or the other one’s home filled with love and light. Say this spell while stirring: Balance and harmony, Peacefulness and ease, By the Power of Three, All turbulence cease
  3. Put the mixture in a glass jar or bottle and place it where you can look at it everyday. **Helpful tip: this could cause mold if the herbs aren’t strained out before bottling (thank you serepuff!)
Lullaby Tea

~a gentle, soothing sleep potion~


  • violet leaves and/or flowers - for peace
  • catnip - for sleep
  • vanilla extract - for love
  • honey - for gentle sweetness
  • milk - for soothing

Place in the teacup or mug of your choice a portion of of each herb, either fresh or dried. Amounts are up to your own judgement/preference (see note below). Pour freshly boiled water over the herbs, leaving a little room at the top. Allow them to steep for at least 5 minutes. Strain out the plant bits (or, if you’re lazy like me, you can leave them and then just pick them out as you go… or eat them, your choice). Add a drop of vanilla extract, then honey and milk to taste. 

Sip, relax, and enjoy~

(Note: Remember, when working with unfamiliar herbs, please be cautious of any potential allergy you may have, especially if you are prone to floral or plant allergies. Also, start out with just a little bit of the herb if you don’t know yet how strongly it will affect you. Always better to be cautions.)

💗 Valentine’s Day Spells 💗

💖 for feeling beautiful 💖

💕 for confessing 💕

💘 love spells 💘

💞 for past loves 💞

🖤 for unwanted approaches: 🖤

💔 for broken hearts 💔

Day 2: Experimentation
SUH Dudes~
Here’s day 2 of egotober with lil Ravenclaw Jack mixing some potions in potions class with a recipe by Stan Petiec??
I wonder who it could be??
Who knows 👀👀
Anyway hope you enjoy

Fire and Ice- A Potion for Balance

This potion/oil utilizes the opposing forces of solar and lunar energies, fire and water, hot and cold. It can be used to bring balance to your emotions, a situation, your life… lots of things. 

I like to keep it simple so it can be customized/ edited for different purposes or tastes.

  • Use fractionated coconut oil as the base, and add equal drops of cinnamon oil and peppermint/ spearmint oil. 
  • Go for about a 1:20 ratio of essential oil to base oil. 
  • Charge the oil (not in direct sunlight) when the sun and moon are both in the sky.
  • This can be applied like a perfume. Be careful if you have sensitive skin.

While the oil itself is not for consumption, this same basic concept can also be made into a tea for the same purpose! 

  • Use equal parts cinnamon bark chips and mint leaves.
  • Put them in a jar and fill it with water.
  • Brew this tea by putting the jar outside when the sun and the moon are both in the sky.
  • Since this method of tea-making involves a lot less heat than the usual way, it needs to sit in the sun for a long time. I usually leave it outside for a few hours.

If you want, you can also add astrological symbols for the sun and moon, or a sigil for balance to the bottles of either of the above potions.


Language headcanons 

Charlie is terrible with languages - he’d tried to pick up several over the years, especially when he lived in Eastern Europe, but to no avail. 

WSL - Wizarding Sign Language - was adapted as a more reserved form of regular BSL by a deaf Ravenclaw who kept triggering accidental magic with the excited movements of her hands. 

Sybil Trelawney was born speaking Ancient Greek. No one knows why. It was hardly the thing that scared her parents the most.

Ron has an unexpected knack for languages, and after the Parseltounge incident during the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione encourages him to explore it. He picks up French and German without a hitch (although he can’t spell for shit in either), and learned Giant Language on a whim to make Ginny laugh. All three come in handy as an Auror. 

Fleur takes great pride in being bilingual. She thinks about her history in French and her future in English. 

Snape writes up all his formal calculations, experiments, and new Potions recipes in Latin. It narrows down the amount of people who can read it, and comes in useful to recite in his head while practicing Occulemency. 

Hermione kept up her study of Ancient Runes after leaving Hogwarts - partly because she loved the way it made everything simple and clean, just tracing the power words hold, and partly because it made her indispensable at the Ministry. Most of the best Runologists of the generation had taken a side during the war that made them no longer welcome in polite company. 

🍀 Felix Felicis inspired Luck Potion 🍀

Requested by Anonymous, this potion is inspired by J.K.Rowling’s ‘Felix Felicis’ and is designed to guide you into lucky situations when you need it the most.


  • Hot Water (you don’t need a lot. I usually only fill half of the cup I will be drinking from)
  • A Bowl or Container (to steep the ingredients in. I used a glass measuring cup with a spout so I could pour easily)
  • Spoon or Stirrer 
  • Cup 
  • 2 tbsp Chamomile (chamomile tea works just fine if you don’t have loose chamomile)
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon 
  • 2 tbsp Honey (extra points if it’s clover honey)
  • 4 or 5 Clover Flowers
  • A Handful of Three-Leaf Clovers (or four-leaf, if you have them…)
  • (Pentacle is not necessary, but I like to use mine ^_^)


✨  First, arrange the clovers in a circle, going clockwise.

✨  Place the clover flowers at five points, or at the four cardinal directions (whichever you prefer)

✨  Add the hot water to the bowl and place in the center of the clover circle

✨  Add the chamomile and allow to steep for one minute 

✨  Add the cinnamon and honey

✨  Once all of your ingredients are in, close your eyes and visualize a light flowing in from the tips of the flowers, into the circle, and swirling around the bowl. Do this for about 2 or 3 minutes, allowing the ingredients to steep.

✨  Still visualizing, open your eyes and begin to stir your ingredients in a clockwise motion. As you stir, the light in the circle flows into the bowl.

✨  Once all of the light has been stirred in, take the bowl out of the clover circle and strain (this may only be necessary if you are using loose chamomile. If you are using a tea bag, just remove it)

✨  Pour into your cup and drink while warm.

Effects are strongest in the first 12 hours after consumption! Enjoy!

(ALSO, if you make this, I’d love to hear your opinions! This is the first potion I’ve designed myself! Thx 💜)

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