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A muggleborn getting her Hogwarts letter.
She gets all excited and reads up on the houses, secretly hoping for Ravenclaw.
The time comes for her to go and on the train, due to her sharp humour and friendly nature, she makes a couple of friends.
The Sorting comes quicker than expected, and once she has the Hat on her head, he lets her know that she is Slytherin.
The muggleborn is confused and disappointed, due to the stereotypes she had looked up before coming to Hogwarts.
Sad and lonely, she makes her way to her new common room.
However, once inside this group of people, she notices that the older Slytherins keep a watchful eye on the first years, silently hexing older Gryffindors who snigger as they walk by.
She researchs, getting funny looks from the Ravenclaws, and finds out about all the great witches and wizards who were in Slytherin.
Suddenly, her attitude snaps.
She embraces being a Slytherin, and uses their somewhat dark reputation to her advantage.
She can change herself to suit her surroundings.
She can hold her tongue in class, although she challenges her teachers respectfully, and is labelled as a Ravenclaw.
As she gets older, she becomes famous at pranking people, and is labelled as a Gryffindor.
She is overly protective and loyal to the Slytherin first years, and is labelled as a Hufflepuff.
But deep down, it all comes together and despite her safe nature, she is through and through a Slytherin.

Bear Potion

Our summoner in this campaign is a dwarf who - as well as the player - is obsessed with his beard. As such, nobody is surprised when my rogue finds a bottle labeled “beard potion” when I go through his stuff with the intention of pulling minor pranks. I scratch the “d” off the label and leave the “bear potion” out in the open to see what happens. Two characters find it and decide to drink it immediately.

DM: “So you’re going to drink the whole thing?”

Both players: “Yes.”

DM: “And you’re going to split it evenly?”

Both players: “Yes.”

DM: “Congratulations… you both just took five straight hits of LSD.”

Slytherin Things (Part 10)

Black and white photography, old cameras, scenic shots, unused film in boxes everywhere, old parchment, feather quills, fineliners, burning the edges of paper for fun, watercolour pencils, minimalist designs in the corners of schoolwork, Shakespeare references, beautifully designed labels on potions, decorative envelopes, the scent of fresh ink…

Hey *Finds a magic potion labeled “POTION THAT TURNS YOU INTO AN ANTHROPOMORPHIC AIRPLANE”* What the fuck is this? *Lifts it up to my mouth to drink it but throws it on the ground at the last second* Hehe…..Just kidding *Pulls out a gun and murders anyone who reads this post*


DIY Halloween Potion Labels from Love Manor. Part 1. Part 2 is here. Go to the direct link and find the labels on Flickr in Love Manor’s Potion Set and download them at the highest resolution. Many of the printables I’ve really liked from other blogs have disappeared. For more really good printables from toe tags to potion labels to a ouija board go here.

34. We should not pretend to go into a coma when we have a test coming up we would prefer not to take.

“Look, all I’m saying is that I would rather die than have to take this stupid exam,” James insisted to his friends dramatically, throwing his quill down on his writing desk with a satisfying plunk.

“You’d rather die?” Peter asked with wide eyes, “Like literally?”

James rolled his eyes, swiveling back in his seat so he was facing Peter, “No, not literally. I’m not that dedicated to not taking this quiz.”

“But, what if you were,” Sirius spoke up slowly, looking towards the ceiling as he was thinking deeply.

James scowled, “Then I’d be dead and you’d all have to make sure I have a bloody awesome funeral. Well Pete and Remus would need to anyway. Padfoot would probably be too much of a blubbering mess to be productive after my passing.”

“I see no shame in mourning the loss of a loved one,” Sirius retorted haughtily, his nose high up in the air, “Besides, I wasn’t thinking that you should actually die. That would be ridiculous.”

“Glad we’re all in agreement that James is not going to actually die in response to taking an exam,” Remus spoke up dryly, rolling his eyes slightly before looking back down at the papers he was gathering to put away.

“I’m proposing that James fake dies,” Sirius said happily.

The other boys looked up from what they were doing, confused looks on their faces as they tried to wrap their mind around Sirius’ proposition.

“And how exactly does one fake die?” Remus asked cautiously, not sure if he wanted to know the answer or not.

“Yeah, you can’t just fake a death!” Peter exclaimed incredulously.

“Okay, maybe not a fake death. But, like, you could go into one of those … long term sleep things. You know what I’m talking about?”

“A coma?” James asked hesitantly.

When Sirius nodded his head enthusiastically, James clarified, “You want me to go into a coma? I don’t see how that’s better than death.”

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Some of the bottles in the Potionsroom. Left handed nail powder, screaming snakes hair Potion….. I believe Severus had fun on rainy days when he was bored to think of new Potion bottle labels just to scare his students a bit, just for his own entertainment. Not that anybody needed those ingredients ever….

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#15!!! Newt x readerr :3

#15: “You’re making my crazy, really driving me mad. That’s all right with me, it’s really no fuss, as long as you’re next to me, just the two of us”

“No it goes here, love.” Newt fussed, pulling the labelled potion ingredients from your hands, placing them on the highest shelves.

“Don’t you think it would make more sense putting the dangerous things on that shelf? Eel Eye doesn’t belong where it’s harder to reach, since it’s such a common ingredient.” You argued, kneeling on his desk to reach for the eyes. 

“But I have a system (Y/n).” Newt retorted, scrunching up his face as you moved around his things. 

“But you asked me to help you tidy up. That’s what I’m doing.” You said, reading the labels. 

Newt sat with a huff in his chair, crossing his arms. He knew it was childish to act in such a way, and he knew you were right, but he had a place for everything, no matter how chaotic his organisation skills were. He had begun to calm down a little when you started reaching for his set of expensive quills. 

“No no no.” He breathed, engulfing your body with his arms and pulling you away. His clumsy footing ended up with the both of you on the ground.

“What the hell Newt!” You groaned. You shifted in his arms, annoyed that he was annoyed at you. Newt held you firmly, a small smile forming as you struggled to leave his arms. “Let go you idiot.”

“You’re absolutely stunning when you’re angry.” He uttered breathlessly, his fingers dancing along your jawline. You scoffed at his doe-eyes, pushing your hands on his face. You both giggled as you wrestled on the floor, Newt trying desperately to land a kiss on you. Once he achieved a sloppy tongue filled smooch he hovered over you, a carefree light in his eyes.

“I’m sorry I can’t let you clean up in peace.” He apologised, leaving fluttery pecks on your nose. 

“It’s okay. I know I drive you just as mad as you do me.” You smirked, dragging your thumb across his shoulder blades.

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart.” He chimed before leaning back into you. 

*Request a song lyric drabble*

the fire enigma;

member- jungkook

genre- idk halloween!!, au

words- 1,073

summary- all you needed was a birthday present for your brother but you somehow end up getting a lot more than that. demon!jungkook

a/n- happy halloween! please enjoy demon!jungkook for your holiday!

Originally posted by jjungkook

The first word that popped into your head when your mother said you had to pick up a gift for your little brother’s birthday was boring. But as soon as you stepped into the Strange Magic store to buy some type of slime kit that he wanted, you knew you were dead wrong. 

The walls were dark purple and the ceiling and floor was dark black. Creepy looking jars full of what seemed to be animal parts lined the shelves, along with bottle of “potions” with labels like “Underworld Mix- Drink at Own Risk!” and “Unicorn Breath- Healing and Effective!” There was even a huge dog sitting by the door, like a guard. Only he didn’t make a move when people made their way into the store. 

But the least boring part had to be the boy behind the counter. He was tall and dark, that’s for sure. He was dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans with a black studded belt making them cling to his hips. He wore clunky, black combat boots and even a black long sleeve shirt that fit him nicely. Heck, his hair was black. Everything about this boy was black and mysterious. 

You kept glancing at him out of the corner of your eye as you searched for the slime kit that your little brother so desperately wanted. You silently thanked him for being so demanding, because now you were the only one in a store with a super cute check out boy. 

“Need any help, miss?“ 

You whipped around and nearly collided with a body. But not just any body. This was the boy, who had somehow made his way over here noiselessly in the matter of seconds. You gave him a once-over before running a hand through your hair and sighing. 

"My brother…it’s his birthday, and he really wants this slime kit. My mom said it was here but I can’t find it,” you admitted. Although you’d love to hang around the store “looking” for the slime all day, you had to be back in time for his party. 

“Ahh, I think I know what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure we keep it in the back. Wanna come with me and pick out the one you want?” he offers and your heart flutters a little. Walk back there alone with this boy? Your brain was telling you not to, but your heart was currently ignoring your brain. It’s not like he was going to murder you in the middle of a store. 

You followed him behind the counter and into a short hallway with only a few doors. He went to the second one of the right and all you could see was boxes of stuff on shelves stacked to the ceiling. 

You both jumped a little when you heard the bell that signaled another customer had come in. The boy quickly led you to a stack of boxes and pointed at the one almost at the bottom. 

“That one had all the different kinds of slime makers. Grab whichever one you want and meet me back out there. My name is Jungkook, by the way,” he said in a rush, ending his orders in a wink. You felt heat bloom on your cheeks and you mentally cursed for being so obvious. 

“I’m Y/N,” you called out as he left. He only gave you a thumbs up to acknowledge you, but it didn’t matter. That cute boy paid attention to you. 

You began mumbling to yourself as you moved boxes back and forth to try and reach the one that held the beloved slime making kit. It took at least five minutes to get to the treasure, and by then you felt a bead of sweat on your brow. 

“Geez, I need to work out more,” you huffed and wiped it away. 

“No you don’t,” a voice said and you looked over at the door to see nobody standing there. You raised an eyebrow and instantly felt a little nervous. Was that your mind playing tricks?

“It wasn’t your mind, sweetheart,” the voice said again, and suddenly the lights were out. You nearly screamed, but a hand enclosed over your mouth. Terror shot through your veins and you tried to fight the intruder, but they didn’t budge. How did they know what you were thinking? You knew  you didn’t say that out loud. 

There was a dark chuckle. “I heard you thinking about me in the store earlier. It’s nice to know I have some secret admirers." 

Was this Jungkook?  Why was he doing this? And how the hell could he read your mind? 

You felt a hand turn you around to face what you once thought was a cute boy. He was now creepy as ever, with black eyes and a menacing smile that made you shiver. 

"Now, don’t scream, or I’ll have to use other…repercussions.” He then withdrew his hand and you couldn’t help but clench your jaw and glare at him the best you could in this darkness. 

“What do you want.” You voice shook. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” His was steady. 

It seemed like an endless silence as he stared at you with his chilling eyes before he did something unexpected. He grabbed your chin a bit roughly and pressed his hot lips to yours. You didn’t expect them to be so hot. 

The kiss felt like you were playing with fire, but it also felt like a piece of you was leaving your body. It was the most confusing and alluring feelings you had ever had before and you craved more. He deepened the kiss a little bit by grabbing both cheeks and pushed himself closer. Suddenly, the electrifying kissing was painful as it felt like he was tearing you from the inside out. You wanted to scream, to cry out, as the pain got worse, and worse…


You instantly looked at your surroundings. You were outside the Strange Magic store with a gift bag in your hand. You peeked inside the window out of curiosity and saw that there was no cute boy behind the register and no guard dog by the door anymore. Instead, an older lady sat behind the counter with a magazine and a bird squawked from a corner of the store. Your hands shook as you stepped away slowly. Tentatively, you reached up to touch your lips.

They were on fire.

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As a fluff writer, may I ask you for Soukoku fluff fic recommendations?

Of course! Here are some in no particular order:

Partner in Love | neyllah |

“We are, you can say, partners in love.”
“It’s crime! Partners in crime you imbecile! We are literally partners in crime! We—”

I genuinely love this fic and have reread it quite a few times. It’s fluff and filled with humour, please read it, it’s so good!

How to seduce the enemy (before you)mymusicalbox |

“Chuuya tries to read some stuff in order to make up his mind for their upcoming mission. Dazai doesn’t let him.”

It’s another undercover mission, except it’s not. Basically Chuuya’s preparing for a mission, he’s in fishnets, Dazai has a thing for that, and I shouldn’t be going on, just read it. It’s short but it’s worth the read. also, if you want some angst see her other works they’re filled with angst but her writing is so good and worth the read

Read My Lips | hybridempress 

“A small series of drabbles describing different types of kisses that Chuuya and Dazai have shared, accompanied by art of said kisses.”

This is still ongoing, but it’s really cute and has soukoku with their child!

Liquid Bravery ; Romantic Honestytoo_vain_for_pain 

“In which Dazai sometimes sells potions, but doesn’t label them. Chuuya goes along with it the best he can, which is with a lot of halfhearted complaining.”

This is a magical au and it’s so great, please read it I love Chuuya’s confession part a lot. 

Mother | WhisperingWinds99 

Soukoku over the years through Kouyou’s eyes

This fic has angst in some parts of it, but here’s the thing I love the idea behind this fic. Kouyou’s and Chuuya’s relationship needs to be talked about more often and it’s one of the reasons why I love this fic. You can feel Kouyou’s feelings towards Chuuya and how she views his relationship with Dazai. I could on go on, but just go and read it. 

Quel amour, on l'embrasserait ayasegawoah 

“Chuuya let out another sigh as the light turned green, and he glanced at his partner.
‘Oi, Dazai.’
Dazai shifted slightly, looking at Chuuya. ‘What?’
Chuuya pointed at the gps. ‘There are restaurants nearby, right? Pick one, we’re going to eat.’”vvv

This is really cute, it’s Dazai’s birthday and it’s really warm and cute. There is something about it that’s so peaceful.

These are just some of the ones I’ve read and I truly loved, but if you’re interested for more, @aja154ever recently posted this fic rec list with lots of soukoku fluff, you’ll find more good ones there too!

Gravity Falls Fantasy AU

Despite his Grunkle Stan’s insistence that magic is no more than a drummed up hoax to sell dyed water labelled as potions to gullible travellers, Dipper Pines is determined to find the Author of the Tomes, an enigmatic alchemist and mage who had recorded his great knowledge of the magical arts within the mysterious tomes.

Armed with the wisdom of the third Tome, Dipper and his twin sister Mabel must face obstacles ranging from minstrel group Several Times and a haughty blonde princess to dragons trapped in underground mines and pure chaos in demon form. 

Btw that’s a pine leaf in Dipper’s hat.

Headcanon 10: Marco is obsessed with Harry Potter and owns all the books and movies and when he can afford it he buys HP merchandise as often as he can, like he has the elder wand and he knitted his own Hufflepuff scarf and stuff like that and he’s basically an ultra nerd. But he can never afford a lot or get exactly what he wants because it’s too expensive. But what if Jean decided to throw him a surprise Hogwartz themed 21st birthday party and the entire gang decorate the apartment with flags from all the houses and there’s a Goblet of Fire filled with m&m’s on the table and the food is set out like a banquet, and they have owl decorations hanging from the ceiling, and everyone’s drinking cocktails out of potion bottles labeled “polyjuice potion” and “veritaserum”, et cetera. And Marco’s just absolutely over the moon and at some point during the night he gives Jean a tiny bottle with a golden shot in it, completely different to all the rest, and Jean’s like, “What’s this?” And Marco says, “It’s Felix Felisus. Drink up, cause you’re gonna get lucky tonight,” and after a kiss on the cheek Marco heads back to the party while Jean downs the shot and watches his boyfriend dance in his new hogwartz robes.

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"I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore Halloween stuff, but they were on sale!" with scott summers? ((this is me 100% holy shit))

AN: I LOVE HALLOWEEN. This is such crap omg.

@shayara @rax-writes @phoenixejean @smutwritingangel

Scott Summers + I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore Halloween stuff, but they were on sale!

You weren’t exactly sure what to expect when you came home from a two week trip for work but this… this was definitely not it. 

The yard was strewn with elaborate decorations. A small graveyard in the flowerbed and fake webs hanging onto the bushes, skeletons and witches hanging out on the tables and chairs on the porch. You were absolutely positive the yard did not look like this when you left. 

As you walked up the path to the door, you looked on taking in each Halloween decoration, realizing that most, if not all of it, was new.

“Scott, babe, what- oh my god.” you said, crossing the threshold of the front door.

The interior of your house was just as decorated as your front yard. You weren’t even sure that this was your house. The skulls and fake pumpkins and little bottles labeled as potions.

“Baby! How was your trip?” Scott said, appearing out of the blue. He really hoped that you hadn’t taken notice of his very apparent shopping spree but judging by the look on your face, he was not going to be getting what he wished for.

“Scott, why?”

There was no immediate reaction to your question. It was as if the question just passed right over his head. 

He blinked and looked up at you, “I know you said no more decorations and I totally agreed with you, but they were on sale.”

He could hear your deep breath in before you pinched the bridge of your nose, dropping your bags on the floor. 

“I’m going to bed, it’s too early for this.”

“It’s three in the afternoon.” He said, watching you retreat to your shared bedroom for a moment before following you.