potiental plot

Potiental Plots for a 13 Reasons Why Season 2

1) how to treat someone who SURVIVED a suicide attempt
2) Alex recovering both physically and emotionally
3) alex/Hannah flashback comparisons
4) clay and Skye friendship/relationship
5) Tyler actually being the one who shot Alex
6) Tyler’s school shooting plans
7) Tyler going through with shooting
8) Tyler’s parents finding out his plans and turning him in OR Not
9) Hannah’s Parents Case.
10) Bryce trying to buy his way out of it
11) Sheri’s punishment
12) Clay telling his mom.
13) Alex’s funeral
14) runaway Justin
15) killer Justin
16) more from Justin’s past
17) possibility suicidal Justin
19) Zach helping Alex as best as he can
20) zach writing Hannah complements and leaving them at her grave.
21) Jessica getting help
22) Skye getting help
23) Hannahs memorial issue of Lost And Found happening anyway
24) Courtney learning to love herself for who she is
25) Markus getting punched
26) Bryce’s other victims
27) Tony with his family
28) Tony teaching Clay about cars
29) Mr. Porter learning who to not suck.
30) mr. Porter getting fired.
31) principle getting fired.
32) Hannahs Parents moving to a new place and still imagining Hannah being there.
33) Mrs. Baker being some sort of suicide prevention specialist.
34) guilt over Alex
35) anger at Alex
36) Alex’s note or lack thereof
37) Tyler and Justin holding guns on each other.
38) Jessica and Alex
39) Ryan’s poetry
40) alex in a coma
41) Courtney losing friends
42) Courtney becoming less perfect
44) Graduation
45) student organized service for Hannah

Please feel free to add to this

Persephone and Hades

She had forgotten a time when she had a choice. One third of the year with him, two thirds of a year with her mother. No one had asked her if that was okay. No one had asked her if she wanted to stay. No one asked if she wanted to leave. Persephone was just moved from place to place, from side to side and she was tired. She had never realized how much he needed her. A King will always need a Queen. But the God of The Underworld admits no weakness.

One third of the year with each other. It’s surprising how much you can learn about someone in that time frame.