Sam doesn’t sleep more than two hours a night the first ten days he’s at Stanford. It’s not his roommate coming in at late hours between parties; it’s not the fact that said roommate does this weird whistle snort thing in lieu of snoring. Sam learned to sleep across the miles of this country, potholes and construction and Metallica and conversation the only lullaby he ever knew or needed.

Dean’s always been there. Sam has never slept well without him, and he aches for his brother, his home.

Day eleven, the roommate is who knows where, and Sam is so tired, just so tired. He’s only eighteen and alone for the first time. He misses his big brother. And he starts to cry, breaks down and grabs his cellphone. Dean answers on the first ring.

“Heya, Sammy.”

Twenty minutes later, Sam sleeps. He doesn’t wake until morning.

Carrier Pigeon being released from a pothole in the side of a tank of the 10th Battalion, Tank Corps during World War 1. The Messenger Pigeons, used in both World Wars, were credited with saving thousands of lives and altering the course of battles.

Just public transportation things

• there is someone doing their makeup. It looks perfect even though the bus is hitting every single pothole.

• nine empty seats. Someone sits next to you.

• zoning out, looking up, having no idea where you are even though you take this route every day, you haven’t missed your stop but there’s that rush of panic

• personal phone call in the back of the bus, you can hear every word over your headphones

• person talking to the driver, doesn’t get out of the way of people getting on the bus

• someone inexplicably exercising on the bus

• scalp smears on the windows.

• “should I walk? Should I wait?” Either way it’s the wrong choice

• tourists on the train, somehow shocked when the car stops and they nearly fall over

• people using the front door to exit, other people crowding around it so nobody can move

• “stop requested” people keep yanking the cord as if it’s an emergency brake

• someone is playing a musical instrument. They are not very good. Nobody is enjoying themselves.

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ML Road Trip: The mass expanses of farm fields that make driving through Central Pennsylvania dull and annoying, there's also: 1. Amish Buggies are pretty slow. Getting stuck behind one is horrible 2. The deer have no fear of moving traffic 3. The roads S U C K! Potholes here, potholes there! Thank god they aren't traveling during early spring.

Bruh. That sounds like a rough time. Alya would probably be the one driving behind the amish buggy and angrily ranting the whole time.

Speaking of deer I totally forgot about roadkill…

-Adrien hits a squirrel on accident and Marinette is in the front seat trying her best to console him, “Ohmygod. Adrien don’t cry. Please don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay. It was quick. The squirrel probably didn’t even feel it.” and Adrien is just sniffling and making low whining noises.


Everything is okay
everything is fine
the grinning kid
dribbling a basketball
even as he weaves his skateboard
past potholes on Main Street
says this and more
without speaking,
Today for you
a strawberry malt waits
at the Tasty Twist,
take it down with you
to sit by the waterside
sweating along with the Styrofoam cup,
Watch the reflections of clouds
skate in stately procession
across the water,
Do it because this is the world too
but it does not demand,
It will not come looking for you,
You must seek it out yourself

I Still Need To Graduate

We have seen time and again that Theo is one of the few high school students on Teen Wolf who is actually academically committed. But, due to the Hell shenanigans, he hasn’t been to school in three months. So I really want there to be a subplot to Season 6 that involves Theo frantically trying to catch up on homework while simultaneously trying to prevent the apocalypse……

  • immediately after coming back…. “I need a list of all the assignments we had right now! Wait, you guys don’t write down the assignments. Shit. Where’s Lydia?! Wait, she’s only taking like one class. What the fuck is the matter with you people?!”
  • the return home…. “YOU THREW OUT ALL MY NOTES?!?!?!” “We thought you were dead.” *pulls out hammer*
  • catching up on homework while driving with the pack all over Beacon Hills; growling at Stiles and cursing whenever he hits a pothole
  • reading the assigned books while on stakeouts…. “If you’re being too loud for me to concentrate, you’re being too loud for us to be hidden.”
  • “You wear glasses?!” “Shut up.”
  • bribing Corey to sneak him cheat sheets for the tests he didn’t have time to study for
  • Scott trying to get him to stop freaking out…. “Dude, can you stop panicking?” “I’ll stop panicking when I graduate.”
  • Lydia making him carry her bags during her shopping sprees in exchange for tutoring
  • Hell portal opens…. “You send me back through that thing after all the sleep I’ve lost and I swear I will crawl my way out and haunt your ass.”
  • inevitably getting caught up in something huge and ending up a month behind a week before graduation…. “Can I panic now?” “Sure.” *banshee screams*

i had a dream last night that i wrecked my cube because i hit a pothole so i just bought a camaro from a werewolf and it seemed so real that when i woke up i cried a little idk why he was a werewolf


The Black Years is what they call the period of silence, of Darkness, the blank in the annals of history. It is an empty smear across time and space. It is the unfilled pothole in the road. Of the many who try to study it, who try to fill in the blanks and the potholes, most of them disappear.

Timoteo di Chiari did not.

36 years ago, diChiari Studios and Millefiore Productions released Vongola: il Primo Generazione. It claimed to be a documentary of life before the Black Years, about the first generation Italian vigilante-group-turned-mafia that set into motion a chain of events leading to where they were today. Stranded in history and doing what human civilization did best. Moving forward.

It was quite riveting, really.

Unfortunately there was also a lot of magic and fire in his documentary, so naturally it pretty quickly turned into an overblown franchise with glorified mafia hero figures and figurines and easily 8 more Generazione ‘spin-offs’ by people who were not diChiari and Millefiore. And then came the other mafia families. There were so many. There were theatre productions and musicals. There were sitcoms about magical fiery mafia life.

Tsunayoshi, though? Just wants to get through college like a normal kid. Instead, his high school friends are causing trouble in their respective regions of the globe, his probably dead dad’s retired colleague-turned-tutor-turned-surrogate-father is still having Problems with his adoption paperwork (he is going to scream if they have to deal with governmental limbo for another year), and now his super old grandfatherly cousin Ieyasu is recommending him to di Chiari, who is trying to film an all original documentary-style story about Vongola X: la generazione finale to bring the franchise 'back to its roots’, what the hell? Tsuna’s never acted before, how’s he supposed to play the main role? Also, school? Hello? Please let him be he does not want to be a movie 

au. flames are a thing of the past, supposedly. a different trinisette is lost with a different generation of a different vongola. the world stops. the world restarts. and no one is any the wiser for it. sure, there’s little rips in space-time haunting several uninhabited areas of the world now, and people living near them keep lighting up on fire (and/or disappearing), but those have always been there… right? and people have always done that? right?? [general flame-infused secret history. lots of humor, i hope. no trinisette. no guardians. italian mafia is dying out. not actually conspiracy theory.]

most of the humor is just how blase they are about this sudden reappearance of Flames and stuff. ‘well, we’ve got, like, 80+ years where there’s no history recorded at all and no one even remembers that time anymore. magical flamey powers? sounds legit. i gotta go tho i have an essay to finish and blackout is at 4 am i need every minute i can get.’

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Okay, so I'm the anon who asked for the ER fic last week and now I have a prompt for an NSFW follow-up. A couple of weeks after the accident, Ben is bored, grumpy, and his arm injuries are making it difficult to do much of anything. He wants to feel normal again, but for now he'd settle for sex with his fiance - who has been treating him like he's made of glass for their entire engagement - just as soon as he can figure out the logistics.

This is literally The Best Ask and I love you and I’m sorry I took the Porn Potential and made it weepy

Here we go:

George had rented a car and drove them directly from the hospital to their shared little New Haven apartment, keeping a slow and careful pace - avoiding potholes while Ben’s medically-induced naps against the window made it so the entire trip happened in slow, bleary blinks. 

And at first - Ben appreciated the doting. George re-dressing his bandages, shaking out medicine and bringing him water and soup and quadruple-checking every hour if Ben needed anything. 

At first, it was great. For maybe two days. 

George was sleeping on the couch - a self-imposed exile to make sure he didn’t jostle Ben at all in his sleep - and still he manages to appear right at Ben’s side whenever he tried to kick the sheets down himself and patter over to the bathroom to take a piss.

“My arm’s busted, George, not my legs,” he insists, swatting him away with his good hand. But okay walking still hurts and the painkillers make him dizzy - so he lets George slip an arm around his waist anyway. But once he’s settled back into Bed, George kisses his forehead and makes to leave - but Ben’s fingers curl around his sleeve.

“Bed,” he says, not wanting to let go and risk George’s escape to pat the empty spot next to him, “I’d like to share a bed with my fiance if you don’t mind.”

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It’s been more than 5 years since my last marathon and at age 41 I can think of lots of reasons why I wouldn’t run 26.2 miles, but when @tagheuer offered to sponsor my entry in the 2016 New York City Marathon I realized I was out of excuses.

Now I find myself up before dawn, dodging potholes and racing the Q train. I’m putting in the hard miles - nearly every day because I want to prove to myself that I can cross that finish line this November.

Even though it was 15mins, I did my at home workout today and I’m happy with that. It’s been a couple weeks honestly since I’ve done workouts at home, and I know it’ll take me a little bit to get back into it. Might have to keep the pup in her kennel when i workout too so I don’t whack her with a kettle bell 😓😖 also need to get heavier kettle bells. 25lbs is not making me work up a sweat anymore like they used to, and using the two of them for kettle bell swings (50lbs) isn’t even making me break a sweat either.
Joy for having to drive on shitty pothole-filled roads to a crappy city where I feel unsafe to get the cheapest prices for kettle bells 😑