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1. Who are you and where are you from? 
Annyeonghaseyo je ireum eun Mel imnida! 
i hope i said that right~ Hehe, and according to my birth certificate I’m from the United States of ‘murica.

2. How long have you played sims?
i’m basically a newbie.  let’s see, i wanna say i got it five or six months ago.  i couldn’t play it because i had too much cc thatshouldn'tevenbeasaying. then i got cc magic which saved my life.  so i’ve officially been playing for like two months. c:

3. Which one is best, ts, ts2, or ts3?
i’m going to say the sims 3!  i love the graphics, and this is also because i never played the sims 2.  hehe.  i’m looking forward to the sims 4 tho~

4. Your favorite The Sims EP?
PETS! & SUPERNATURAL!  tho i only have pets.  i need to get supernatural soon~  i love pets because i love horses and so pets opened up a whole new wold for me when it comes to realistic horse gaming. :3

5. Your favorite thing in sims?
definitely the cas.  and then when you add cc into it everything becomes better.  i love the fact that you can create any character that comes into your mind.  also, the fact that you can make movies, stories, and connect with amazing people is just an added bonus!

6. Favorite simblr?
mineofcourse! uhumm.  i don’t really know.  i love most of them equally!  i don’t just go to one simblr and worship it’s creator.  heh.  i love them all! no matter what’s posted on them. ❤

7. Favorite CC-creator?
you'reactuallyaskingmethis.  oh god.  uh.  too many.  way to many.  

Equus-Sims (for all things horse related.)

Newsea, skysims, a lot of hair creators that everyone uses.  and then the special people on tumblr like zauma who create many beautiful items that my sims can model. c:

kamsahamnida for all your hard work everyone! keep it up. (:

8. How often do you play sims?
i’m not an addict.  or so i like to say.  i try to balance it out by playing alicia and mstar.  but probably three to five hours a day. c:  and i swear, i’ll be posting some type of picture of my new sims soon.  THEY’RE UNDER CONSTRUCTION! 8D

9. How old are you? 
ya!  what are you, a stalker?  just kidding. i’ll be turning sixteen soon.  yup, the sweet sixteenth birthday is coming up on september 10th! 

10. Your favorite color?
will always be purple.  c8

11. Any siblings?
yes, a younger brother who i love and help.. constantly. ❤ he gets annoying like all little brothers, but hey i’m there for him.

12. Favorite food?
omo.  tough question.  i love chicken teriyaki.. daisuki desu!

13. Do you play any other games?
ofc i do.  Alicia Online and Mstar.  and a few other things too.  mostly gallop racer series and champion jockey. c:

My eleven questions for you!

1.) Hello, how are you feeling right now?  

2.) How long have you been on tumblr?

3.) Do you prefer playing with or without CC?

4.) Who is your favorite CC creator?

5.) Do you like K-Pop?

6.) How long have you been playing The Sims?

7.) What are your hopes, dreams, and thoughts for The Sims 4?

8.) What’s your favorite aspect of The Sims?

9.) What do you look forward to when you come home from school, work, etc.?

10.) In your opinion, are you better at creating male or female sims?

11.) What’s your favorite thing to do in the sims?

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