potentially upsetting

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Is this an unpopular opinion?

Honestly I kind of hate it when people are like wow I don’t think Chloe deserves a miraculous because she’s a spoiled brat or w/e like mate. Have you heard of this new thing. This amazing concept. It’s called, you ready for it? Character Development. Yep. It’s a thing. A thing that happens. A lot actually. Most people eat that shit up (see: Prince Zuko) I mean all we know is that she becomes Queen Bee in season 2. They didn’t say she’s getting the miraculous episode one. I think a good chunk of s2 will be developing Chloe into a more complex character who will both deserve and benefit from holding a miraculous. If that doesn’t happen, if Chloe doesn’t develop, then you can whine about how she doesn’t deserve the miraculous. But for now, at least give Hawkdaddy the benefit of the doubt with his character.

haikyuu fic rec #1

i’ve read quite a bit of fanfic since joining the haikyuu fandom, so i’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorites so far. obviously i’m a shameless multishipper so these are gonna be all over the place. 

along dream paths by mysecretfanmoments (ukatake, 3.2k)

Ukai makes the mistake of looking in Takeda’s notebook after practice one day, expecting volleyball notes; what he finds is a love poem. 

just a really good ukatake 

azumane asahi’s big gay romance by jibrailis (asanoya, 13.6k)

The air-con gets cranky, Asahi gets a job, and Nishinoya gets his man.

kind of silly and a lot cute. 

jaywalkers by batman (kurotsukki and assorted pairings, 127k)

A collection of stories the morals of which all amount to: if something can go wrong, it will. Also, if something can go right, it also will.

Alternatively, that one college AU where everyone fucks all the shit up.

my dudes. the hype is real. i literally cannot recommend this series enough.

pieces by therabbitwhisperer (bokuaka and assorted pairings, wip)

The miraculous life of Akaashi Keiji, a tragedy in ten parts.

what’s funny is i started reading this thinking it was going to be a fluffy tattoo / florist au, then the end of the first part happened. really highly recommended but do heed the warnings, there’s a lot of potentially triggering / upsetting material in there. 

saffron and cayenne pepper by dontsaycrazy (kagehina, 30k)

Cooking is hard. Even if you have your very attractive, very grumpy neighbor there to help you.

In which Hinata’s lack of cooking skills are a danger to him and others. Luckily (or not), Kageyama is willing to teach him, for the sake of avoiding any burned down apartments.

tooth-rotting kagehina fluff with a side of kiyoyachi, what more can you ask for

oh we play, in autumn days by aruariandance (kagehina, 7.6k)

“I think about your collarbones in Calculus,” he says, and then waits for death to be swift. 

all of aruariandance’s kagehinas are great but this one is my fave.  

impulse by metis_ink (semishira, 15k)

Second year Semi Eita faces the downward spiral that is his life following the arrival of some first year setter who’s way too cocky for his own good. 

tfw you actually find good fic in a rarepair tag

birkenstocks and other problems by dicaeopolis (asanoya, 2.5k)

Nishinoya Yuu has 99 problems, and Azumane Asahi is all of them.

Or, “tiny panicking bisexual meets tall panicking lesbian”.

rule 63 asanoya. nuff said

on stranger tides by theroyalsavage (kagehina and assorted pairings, 74k)

When Hinata Shouyou is 13 years old, his village is raided by pirates.

Most everything Hinata knows is destroyed in the attack, lost to the flames, but he and his sister are pulled from the wreckage by a boy with eyes the color of a storm. Their lives are saved, but irrevocably altered - their home is lost forever, and there is something strange about the pirates, something blurry and shadowed and wrong.

A darkness is rising out of the depths of the ocean. The sea itself is stirring, and nothing can stop it when it wakes.

pirates of the caribbean was, like, my childhood, so. this au is crazy good. 

he always starts something by codango (kurotsukki, 38.3k)

In his third year of high school, Kei is recruited by Kuroo’s university to play volleyball. A weekend on campus is plenty of time to check out the team, meet the coaches, see a game from the bench… and see if his two-year-old crush on Kuroo has any chance at all.

this is actually the fic that got me interested in kurotsukki. i had read the asanoya fic in the same ‘verse and continued with this one out of curiosity. suffice it to say this fic holds a special place in my heart lol. 

the dew of little things by poulerslashes (kagehina, 3.9k)

It wasn’t as though Kageyama needed the friends–kids who shared video games, who watched cartoons, who did this and that of no consequence–who would eat up all his time if he gave them any to start with. He had volleyball, and volleyball was more than enough.

10/10 would get slapped in the feels again. 

anyway that’s all for now, i might do more of this once i accumulate more recs. 

To all nonbinary people who are worried about telling other people their gender for fear of being ridiculed: it’s okay. You don’t need to tell people or even come out at all in order to be valid. Of course you don’t deserve to be ridiculed because of your identity, and of course any people that do that are awful and wrong. But that doesn’t mean you have to take a stand and declare your gender in potentially upsetting and/or dangerous situations. Your gender doesn’t have to be a political stance.

Jughead & Reader: The Truth

Summary: You and Jughead have been seeing each other regularly but you haven’t told your parents. When you ask him to go with you to a family member’s wedding, you figure it would be the perfect time to tell your mom and dad. But your mom let her disapproval be known during an argument with you and Jughead unfortunately overheard the conversation.

Listen to: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

“Come on, please?” You begged as you slid a plate of fries towards your boyfriend who was sitting next to you at a booth at Pop’s. His arms were crossed, showing his disinterest in your proposal and his refusal to accept your bribes. His expression was hard and stern. 

“Pop,” you called to the man walking past your booth when Jughead wouldn’t budge. “Can I get a cheeseburger, please?” You asked.

Jughead slouched in the booth. “Not fair,” he said. “You know I can’t say no when a burger’s involved.”

You laughed and turned to him. “I really want you to go to my aunt’s wedding with me,” you told him again. “It’ll be so boring without you.”

“Take someone else,” he said as he ate a fry and shrugged his shoulders. 

A pout danced on your lips. “I want you.” 

Jughead looked at you. “I promise you that I would be no fun at a wedding. I’m not even fun now.” He laughed. 

You rolled your eyes. “You know that’s not true. Come on, please? I’ll pay you in food.” You laughed and pushed the fries closer to him. 

He closed his eyes and thought for a few seconds before taking a deep breath. “I hope you know how many burgers it’s going to take.”

You grinned and kissed him. “Thank you,” you said against his lips. “I promise it won’t be that bad. We’ll just go in, say hi, eat, maybe dance, then leave.”

Jughead’s eyes widened. “I didn’t agree to dancing,” he told you. 

“Fries!” You held the plate up underneath his nose and he laughed, playfully pushing them away. 

“Alright, alright. One dance.” He smiled at you. “Maybe two.”

“Good enough for me.” You kissed him. 

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if you can’t write a decent non physical relationship and you’re just gonna keep throwing in dumb obstacles and reasons for them not to be together right til the end then why introduce it in the first place? i mean it was going so good until ep 4 and now it’s just… a mess……… like after the friday’s clip i had hope that they would communicate and sort things out… but they really wasted all that time on a dumb unnecessary love triangle only for it to be announced that yousef is leaving now? what a waste of potential. i’m really upset because yousana could’ve been so much better… like they could’ve been 2 people that emotionally supported eachother and been there for eachother and we could’ve really explored how they’d struggle making this relationship work, more explanation of their personal views, of who they are as individuals and who they are /together/…. but instead it’s like?? its ep 9 and basic communication is still being denied …. oh well they really deserved better, canon is tragic and that’s that on that

In celebration of Halloween, I’ve compiled a list of horror films from several different sub-genres along with links to their respective IMDB pages. Please note that the films listed below may contain scenes that some find triggering, disturbing, or upsetting; if you have any concerns over a film’s content, I highly encourage you to research it prior to watching in order to make as informed a choice as possible. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR: films that inspire fear and tension by creating an unsettling atmosphere.

FEMALE-CENTRIC FILMS: horror movies featuring women in starring roles outside of the “final girl” trope.

GRAPHIC HORROR: films containing depictions of extreme acts, like heavy violence, body horror, and gore. Not recommended for those offended or disturbed by explicit, potentially-upsetting media.

HORROR ANTHOLOGIES: also known as “portmanteau films”, these movies contain multiple short segments that are sometimes connected by a main plot.

THRILLERS: scary stories with a suspenseful plot.

MOVIE MONSTERS: horror films starring a variety of creatures, from vampires and werewolves to Lovecraft monsters and evil clowns.

HORROR CLASSICS: definitive movies from the pre-1970’s horror era.

SUPERNATURAL HORROR: all things paranormal, ghosts and ghouls.

OCCULT AND POSSESSION: movies with rituals, demons, and possessed souls.

ZOMBIES: a category encompassing everything from Romero’s undead to the living infected.

FOUND FOOTAGE: movies comprised of camera footage filmed by hapless characters.


“It’s About My ‘Friend’”

Originally posted by blankjiace

Sana x Reader

Fluff x Confession

Word Count: 953

Admin Michelle

Most idols tended to hate the process of getting ready. It was lots of having to sit still while someone covered you in makeup and straightened, curled and re-straightened your hair.  It was being careful not to even look like you were going to spill something on your clothes so that you didn’t potentially upset the stylist who had spent forever making you look performance perfect.

Sana, however, loved it. Not because she necessarily liked being poked and prodded and dressed. But because she got to see you. When they weren’t recording songs or filming for shows or back at the dorm, Twice was spending a good bit of time with you, their stylist. And it was something that Sana had started looking forward to. She loved joking around with you while you did her hair and adored watching the looks on concentration you got whenever you were making sure their makeup was just right.

It was cute how much you liked you job. And, from having to spend so much time with you, Sana realized after a while that you were actually a really nice person. You hummed while you worked and sometimes told jokes and stories that always made her and the rest of the girls laugh. It was nice to get to be able to talk with someone who wasn’t a part of JYP who also just treated Sana like what she was: a regular girl.

She didn’t think that there was anything off about her feelings for you. She honestly wouldn’t have called it anything romantic. It was just a growing need to see you and wanting to get to know you. However, it was on the way to a photoshoot after Dahyun made a joke about going to see Sana’s girlfriend that she started to wonder.

The two of you did talk a lot, Sana occupying plenty of your time even when you were working on the other girls and texting you on the side. Did other idols text their stylists every day? And she did stare at you quite a bit…Chaeyoung had pointed out that Sana couldn’t look at you without smiling.

When they made it to the studio, she was still consumed in her thoughts and, at the sight of you, hiccupped and ducked back into the group of girls, slightly behind Tzuyu. The group spread out to form a line, doing the usual greeting (“Hi, We’re Twice. Please take care of us.”), before heading towards you and the racks of clothes that were waiting to be modelled.

You said hi to all of them, slightly confused by Sana’s uncharacteristic quietness, but not paying it too much attention. Starting from Tzuyu, you got each of the girls ready for their unit pictures. When you made it to Sana, you gave her a sweet smile and started picking out her clothes.

Out of habit, you started rambling about the concept and the outfit and how you had come up with something that would make her look beautiful, as if that was hard to do with how gorgeous she was. Sana smiled shyly back at you and went to get dressed. As you were curling her hair later, you noticed that she was zoning out. Smiling, you leaned down and pressed your cheek against hers, looking at your reflections in the mirror.

“Sana~” you sung softly, trying to get her attention. She snapped out of it immediately, jumping a bit and her face flushing when she noticed just how close the two of you were. “You feeling okay?”

“Uh, yeah…Sorry…”

“No, it’s okay!” You said, standing back up and grabbing your comb. “You wanna tell me what’s on your mind?”

Sana hesitated for a second, a little embarrassed to be sitting her doing something cliché, before saying “It’s about my friend…” She told you all about her “friend” who had never dated before but was really interested in a friend of hers.

“Your friend should just confess,” you said. “There’s no use in holding feelings like that in and, who knows what could happen?”

The photographer called for Sana to do her shoot and she looked back at you before heading off. The rest of the shoot was fairly busy and you didn’t really get a chance to talk to Sana about her “friend” until it was almost time for them to go.

It was only Jihyo and Mina left and the other girls had already changed back into their own clothes and were heading out towards the van, Sana lingering behind while you started packing up your makeup. She kept starting and stopping herself from telling you how she felt, from asking you more questions, from saying anything. But as the photographer was finishing up the last few shots and the manager was calling for Sana to get ready to leave, she panicked.

You had turned towards her to reorganize the clothes racks when she asked “Do you want to go out with me?” You stopped, wide eyed, holding the shirts in your arms tightly to your chest. While you had put together that Sana was the “friend” in her story, it hadn’t occurred to you that you could be the person she was interested in.

Once the initial shock wore off and as Sana was being ushered out of the room, you yelled back a “yes!”, a smile spreading across your face. Your smile only grew when you saw he reaction, a mix between surprise and the biggest grin you had probably ever seen.

Even though she had to go the whole ride home dealing with the other girls’ teasing, Sana couldn’t help but be excited at the thought of going on a date with you.


So with all my (no)moneys, I bought a Labradorite head piece. Yah, you see that thing in the middle? That’s mine! 😝 (well, similar. Each one is hand made slightly differently) It will be here in about two weeks (its being hand-crafted now by a beautiful spiritual soul, so it will be choc full of good energy).


🔮 a protective stone that is known as the ‘Bringer of Light’ as it deflects negative and unwanted energies from outsiders.

🔮 it banishes fear and insecurity, and brings a grounding emotional stability. Like an emotional bullet-proof vest that reduces the negative impact from outside situations on your psychological state.

🔮 it boosts the ability of the mind to analyse a situation rationally and with that brings intuitive wisdom from the subconscious.

🔮 it stops energy loss (keeps stability in your aura - note if your energies are negative to begin with i.e. You are chronically angry or depressed, then then the negative aura will be held steadfast with the inclusion of this stone. Best for when dealing with a pre-determined potentially upsetting situation.)

Overall, Labradorite is a very strong, stable and grounding stone that assists the wearer in being unfazed and indifferent to the negative activity around them by holding their energy aura steadfast, and allows them to wisely plan a positive reaction to any given difficult situation. Best for potentially difficult emotional times, such as the decline of a relationship or a potentially uncomfortable foreign social situation.

anonymous asked:

46. (Nanny/single parent au in case you forgot the prompts)

Oh my gosh, I know it’s been forever, but I finally did it! For everyone else, this is an arya x gendry story based off one of those lists of prompts! Thanks for the Ask, Anonymous! Hope this fulfills the prompt well enough!

(Just for context, Arya is about 20/21 and Gendry is about 25.)


Nanny/Single Parent AU (with a twist)

Arya huffed in disappointment as she perused the classifieds. She’d already given the bakery a go, and she’d been more trouble than it was worth. At least that’s what they’d told her after she’d allowed another tray of croissants to burn. Dog walker was out because Nymeria went barmy when Arya arrived home and smelled other dogs on her; then Nymeria would ignore Arya for a day or two after.

Sansa looked up from her desk where she was studying for a fifth hour straight from a heavy law casebook.

“Nothing at all?” She murmured sympathetically, though Arya noticed her eyes keep wandering back to the book.

From where she was draped across Sansa’s bed, Arya shook her head vehemently, biting her lip. Lady, noticing the movement lifted her head, her ears perked.

“Nothing I haven’t been fired from before.” Despite her frustration, Arya, joined by Sansa, laughed amiably.

“Why don’t you just take Robb up on his offer?” Sansa asked, shifting the weight of her heavy book from one arm to the other. “It’d pay better by half than any of those odd jobs you always take.”

Arya folded the classifieds roughly and tossed them to the side before rolling onto her side and eyeing Sansa carefully.

The latter only rolled her eyes. “Boring is better than broke.” She sang at her sister.

Now Arya rolled her eyes as she pulled her phone from her back pocket. “If you’ve got the patience. Which you do, and I don’t.”

“True.” Sansa muttered under her breath, going back to studying.

“I heard that,” Arya murmured but with little annoyance. They all knew it was true after all.

Suddenly, Arya’s features brightened. “Oi, hold on.” She sat up excitedly “Hot Pie knows a guy who knows a guy who needs a nanny and-.” She paused, her eyebrows furrowing before shooting upward. “He’s paying bloody well.” She was smiling toothily now as she texted rapidly back to her friend.

Arya had Sansa’s attention though. She was staring intently at her sister.

When Arya finally noticed moments later, she gave her sister a blank look. “What?!”

“I mean, not to be a downer, Arya, but-.”

Arya threw the classifieds towards Sansa. “If you say I basically need a nanny myself, you’re going on my list, San.”

Sansa, who’d been half joking, burst out laughing while Arya only half-heartedly glared her way. Then a ping on Arya’s phone went off, and she was back at the texting.

“Well?” Sansa inquired. “What’s he saying?”

Arya grinned wolfishly toward her sister. “I’ve got an interview.”

Then with hardly any effort, Arya leapt off her sister’s bed and into the hallway. Her heavy footsteps echoed loudly after her, quickly followed by the lighter galloping of Nymeria who’d been sleeping in the hallway waiting for Arya.


Arya whistled as she trundled down the cobbled street toward the address Hot Pie had texted her. She’d been peeved to find out Hot Pie wasn’t going to be there after all as he’d promised, but it was all the same to her really. Her eyes swept from her phone to the numbers on the houses and back.

It should be the next house, she realized. When her eyes met the large iron wrought gate and elegant trees that lined the curved drive that hid the house, of which she could see actual turrets, her whistle ended in a high pitch. No wonder the pay was good. Arya only hoped the pay would turn out to be worth it. Rich brats tended to be the absolute worst.

Not that she had anything against rich people or rich kids. She technically was one, but she’d turned out alright. At least she thought so.

She let out a sigh and pressed the button on the intercom outside the gate that should alert her prospective employer she’d arrived. She glanced at her watch. Early actually. For once.

She waited almost impatiently for a few minutes before buzzing the intercom again. It was another moment before a deep but hassled voice finally responded.

“Yes? Sorry. Is that the pizza?”

The man seemed hurried and out of breath. Arya stifled a grin, in case the camera on the gate pointed her way was functioning.

She held the button down. “No, but that sounds delicious. I’m starving. I’m your future nanny.” She responded good-humoredly. Sansa told her she never gauged situations right and was always responding to people with the wrong emotion. Arya couldn’t help wondering if this was yet another one of those times.

There was a pause on the other end, then the crackling of the intercom again. Arya was relieved to hear he sounded amused. “Well, it’s pepperoni and pineapple, in case you were wondering. And I thought our interview was at noon.”

Arya groaned inwardly and cursed Hot Pie aloud. When the man released the button on his end, she pressed the one in front of her. “Hot Pie doesn’t know his numbers from his arse.” She said this in an apologetic tone.

When the man came on again, though, he seemed to be half laughing. “Well, it’s not like I’m doing anything special. Usually when the security camera’s not working, I’m supposed to let one of my father’s guards come open the gate but since you don’t sound much like a serial murderer, I’m going to go on faith on this one.”

Arya couldn’t stifle her grin this time. He had buzzed her in, so she lifted the bar on the gate and started to step forward then pause. She leaned over and pressed the intercom again. “I may not sound like one, but you’d be surprised.” She laughed out loud to herself as she started up the drive, not even worrying if something like that could upset her potential employer. He seemed to have a sense of humor at least.


Gendry swung the door open, still grinning lightly at the nanny’s last comment. Despite his predicament, he was suddenly in a better mood.

A sound like falling items clattered from behind. Gendry looked over his shoulder, but he didn’t see the little girl in sight. He skimmed the grand staircase again and glanced back toward the kitchen but there was no sign of her. He swung his gaze back toward the front door and started to see a girl framed in the doorway grinning at him.

It took him a moment to speak. She’d had a nice voice, but when he’d asked around for a nanny, he never imagined he’d get someone his age to apply. He figured he’d get a nice plump motherly type. This girl was all hard lines and sharp edges. If he looked a little bit closer, she even looked like trouble. But Gendry had been taken at first glance.

He realized he was being rude or, worse, weird, when she raised her eyebrows at him questioningly.

“Right, sorry.” His voice sounded strange even to his own ears, but he stepped back to let her in. “Come on in.”

She placed one foot, covered in a heavy boot over the threshold. Gendry admired her carefully as she closed the door behind her. Skinny jeans and a sweatshirt tied around her waist. Not exactly what he would have considered interview material, but he wasn’t picky.

She turned, untying the sweatshirt as she did so. “What was your name? Hot Pie never said.”

He gestured to the sweatshirt, offering to put it aside for her. “Gendry.” He told her. “And you?”

The girl handed him the sweater almost questioningly, her eyebrows arching quizzically when he hung her sweatshirt on the coat rack as carefully as if it had been an expensive coat. “Arya.” She finally said decisively with a smile.

“Right, well, Arya, could I get you something to drink before we get started?”

Arya peered around curiously. “Was kind of hoping to meet the little one.” She murmured.

“Right,” Gendry drew out the syllable. “See, the thing about that is, I can’t currently find her.”

A beat passed. Then- Almost laughing, Arya, spoke. “You lost your kid?”

Gendry grinned back sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “Sort of. She gets into these moods and then she hides somewhere impossible, and it usually takes me days to find her.”

Arya blinked up at him. Even though she seemed to be slightly judging him, he couldn’t help but admire the sharpness of her dark gray eyes. “Days?”

“No,” Gendry let out something between a breath and a chuckle. “Not literally, but a while yeah. I’ve already checked all her regular spots, but she must have found somewhere new.” He couldn’t help but shrug. These were the kinds of things he dealt with on a daily basis. He figured the new nanny might as well know from the get go.

Suddenly, this brilliant girl was grinning brightly up at him. “I’ll take down here, you take upstairs?” There was no better way to describe her grin than as wolfish.

Gendry couldn’t stop the bright smile that came to his own face in response. He hadn’t even planned on asking for the help, and she was just offering. Unless she did turn out to be some sort of axe murderer, he knew she was hired.

“You help me find her, and the job is yours,” he found himself saying.

“So pretty much I’m on the clock?” She grinned facetiously.

“And there’s bonus for you if you actually find her.” Gendry beamed back.

“I’ve got this,” she said confidently. “Shouldn’t take long, even if it is a big house.”

“Don’t forget there’s the third story and the attic.” He added mischievously.

Arya’s eyebrows rose up her face again, but the grin remained. “Fancy are we?”

Gendry rubbed his bright red neck again. “My dad mainly.” He said as a response.

A quarter of an hour later, they met at the foot of the staircase, both empty-handed.

“No luck?” Arya asked him.

He watched her, liking the way her shoulder-length hair was disheveled now. “None.” He liked the way her eyes looked at him too, all mischievous like. “Should we try the cellar?” He asked her good humoredly.

She rolled her eyes. “Of course there’d be a cellar.”

Gendry grinned. “What can I say? My dad’s big on big.”

“You didn’t just lure me here under the pretenses of a good job only to kill me off, did you? You’re not some serial murderer yourself, are you?” She asked suddenly as they strode toward the cellar door.

Gendry laughed heartily, then realized such a reaction might not be taken well by a young woman purportedly alone in a large house with a man. “No.” He sputtered. He pulled out his phone to show Arya his phone’s background which was a picture of him and Weasel.

But when his eyes found her face, she appeared to just have been having a go at him. She took the phone from him anyway and peered at the picture. She was standing close to him, and a wisp of her hair brushed his nose. She smelled like pine leaves and some sort of flower; it was lovely.

Arya’s brow was furrowed as she glanced at the picture. “She looks like a troublemaker,” she joked, “but that could just be the whole hiding in the house thing. Is that the mother?” Arya asked almost nonchalantly as she handed the phone back to Gendry.

Gendry started and glanced down at the picture. “No, no, that’s Mya, our half sister.”

Arya nodded, then seemed to realize what he’d said. “Our?”

Gendry shook his head as he put the phone away. “Sorry, I forgot to explain. For some stupid reason, I thought Lommy or Hot Pie might have told you. She’s my half-sister, but my father. He’s-.” Gendry stopped. He knew he shouldn’t speak ill of his father, especially to a stranger, but there was something about this girl that made him want to divulge all his secrets to her. “He’s not around much, so Mya and I have pretty much been raising her ourselves.”

Arya nodded in understanding. “That’s good of you.” This was the first time since she’d come into his home that her eyes were devoid of humor, replaced instead with a deep intensity.

It made him swallow, hard. “She’s worth it. She’s the best. You’ll see.”

Arya grinned again as she followed him into the cellar. “Will I? Seems like she knows this house better than you.”

They both stopped in their tracks at the foot of the stairs and stared at the sight in front of them.

A small girl, about seven years old, was sitting in the very middle of the large shag carpet, cradling a small black and white creature in her arms.

“Gendry.” Arya spoke first, cautiously. Despite the situation, his stomach couldn’t help but flutter at the way she said his name.

“Yes?” He tried for casual. Weasel’s eyes had found his, and she had the audacity to not look guilty.

“She’s got a skunk.” Arya tried the casual tone as well.

“Yes.” Gendry confirmed. Then he clarified, “A baby skunk.”

Arya side-eyed him then. “Is this an everyday thing then?” She didn’t seem perturbed as much as amused.

Gendry grinned in spite of himself. “It’s not a pet, if that’s what you mean. But, yes, Weasel’s good at finding little furry friends.”

“Weasel?” Arya repeated, but it warmed Gendry’s heart to see that instead of crinkling her nose at the name like some others tended to, she smiled sweetly.

Gendry approached Weasel slowly. “Where did you find this one then, little one?”

He crouched next to the girl who didn’t respond, as he knew she wouldn’t. Instead she lifted the baby animal towards him.

“I see.” He said affectionately, petting the snoozing creature with two fingers. “What shall we name this one?” He asked softly.

Arya watched this interaction from behind, unexplainably finding herself warming at it. For such a large man, he was impossibly gentle.

The little girl gestured toward posters on the wall behind her.

“Rabbit is it, then?” Gendry asked, and the girl nodded vehemently.

Gendry glanced behind him now at Arya. He was only a little worried. He should have told Arya the girl didn’t speak, but he was always cautious to do so outright. He caught the sweet grin on Arya’s face though as she watched them. Now she approached them carefully.

Then she was dropping to sit on the shag carpet in front of Weasel.

“Hello, Weasel, I’m Arya. Can I meet Rabbit, do you think?”

Weasel, usually slow to smile, studied Arya carefully, then grinned brightly, her two bottom missing teeth adding even more charm to her cherubic face. The girl then offered the sleeping baby animal to Arya who took it gently and cradled it against her chest. Weasel moved closer to Arya, petting the animal’s little head.

Gendry’s heart soared. Hot Pie and Lommy had done the impossible. They’d found someone who could actually bond with Weasel, despite her inability to speak.

Not long after, as Weasel napped on the sitting room couch, Gendry and Arya stood in the entry way again.

“So what are the hours like then?” Arya asked nonchalantly, ignoring the fact he hadn’t officially offered her the job yet.

Gendry grinned. “Well I can be flexible with that depending on your schedule. I just got work with the Stark Foundation, and they’re great at working around child care needs.”

Arya blinked up at him three times before she spoke. “Bloody hell. You’re working for my brother?”

It was Gendry’s turn to blink back at her. “Robb Stark is your brother?” He paused. “You’re a Stark?”

She cursed inwardly for letting the fact be known. She knew what was coming next.

“What are you doing looking for a job like this?” He seemed incredulous.

She couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “I’m not good with people” was all she provided as explanation.

Gendry stared at her, glanced behind his shoulder at Weasel, then back at Arya.

Arya smiled in spite of herself. “I’m not good with adult people.” She clarified.

“You’re good with me.” Gendry found the words spilling out because they were so true, though his face reddened at his boldness. He wasn’t good with people either, but from the moment he’d met her, there’d been something so familiar about Arya, as if they’d been friends forever already.

Arya’s own face pinkened, but she grinned again. “Or you’re just good with me.” She responded cheekily.

Gendry cleared his throat, slightly embarrassed. “Well, I’m not sure this job pays as well as one at your brother’s company.”

Arya’s face was amused but also unreadable. “I need the experience anyway,” she quipped.

“Alright then,” he smiled happily. “She’s in school between 10 and 2, but you can start earlier or end later. Up to you.”

“Just let me know your ideal work schedule,” she responded, “and I’ll work around it.”

Gendry nodded. “Alright, that doesn’t sound bad.” He paused, wondering if he dare say what came to his mind next. He dared. “Would your schedule happen to have an opening over the weekend for dinner or coffee?”

Arya’s cheeks pinkened again, and he found he liked the effect. But then she responded, “Well I have dinner and coffee everyday.” It took Gendry a moment to realize she was messing with him.

Suddenly the intercom behind them buzzed. “Giuseppe’s Pizza.” A distorted voice said over the intercom.

They looked at each other, then Arya grinned. “I’ve got an opening for pizza right now, if you do.”

Gendry felt slightly tipsy as he grinned back and hung Arya’s sweatshirt back up on the coat rack.

“I’ll see if I can find the time, but I’m pretty sure we can work something out.”

Arya was busy pressing the button that let the pizza man into the gate, but he saw her smirk from the side. Already making herself at home. Gendry liked the thought. In fact, he loved it. “Let’s hope this one’s not a serial murderer either,” Arya murmured, grinning slyly his way.

“Well,” Gendry found himself saying. “You turned out alright.”

“So did you,” and Arya did that wolfish smile Gendry realized he’d already come to like so much.

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Seventeen reacting to their s/o being jealous of them talking to another girl

This took me so long to do I’m so sorry! I also feel like this may have ended up a bit more serious than you intended, but I just got too into the analysis . 

Seungcheol: He’s definitely the guy to think that’s really cute. He’s going to ruffle his s/o’s hair, and assure them with a big grin that they have nothing to worry about. He’s going to be a little bit hurt that his s/o didn’t trust him completely, but he’s not going to say anything. He seems like such a reasonable, level-headed person, so he’d work around the issue tactfully. But, like I said, he’s going to think it’s cute, and he’s going to be flattered that his s/o likes him that much. I feel like he has the type of personality who wouldn’t make a big deal about it? Like after it’s all over his s/o would be like “huh… what was I even worried about?”

Jeonghan: He’s going to tease the hell out of them. I think Jeonghan has good insight into how people think and why, so he’s going to be able to understand why they feel the way they do. But, he’s still going to tease them; he knows himself and how he feels, and he knows that he only has eyes for his s/o. He’s going to word in such a way that highlights the fact that his s/o being jealous is illogical without it sounding condescending. But afterwards, he’s going to be more mindful of how he acts around others, just to make sure that it can’t be misconstrued. 

Joshua: I think Josh would be stuck between two emotions; one being guilt, and the other being concern. He’d be worrying that he gave them a reason to be jealous in the first place. Was he being too touchy? Did he say something that might be misunderstood as flirting? I feel like he’d be mature enough to approach his so/o about the subject, and to have a very reasonable, respectful conversation about it. Afterwards, depending on the severity of the situation, he’d treat his s/o to a date, to show them just how much he loves them. He’d keep the conversation open with his partner, too, just to make sure that they don’t end up feeling jealous again. 

Jun: I think the first thing he’d do is ask if he’d done anything to make his s/o feel insecure in the relationship. Like Jeonghan, I think Jun has a good sense of self; he knows who he is, and how he comes across, and he would understand that sometimes, his behaviour might be misinterpreted. So he’s going to do is get an idea of how his s/o’s feeling, and trying to account for that. He seems like such a patient, understanding person, so he’s not going to jump to any conclusions. I also feel like he’s someone who’s good at building others up; so, if his s/o was feeling insecure in the relationship, he’d know exactly what to do to reassure them that he loves them and that everything’s fine. Afterwards, he’s going to avoid any behaviour that makes his s/o uncomfortable. 

Soonyoung: He’s going to try and have a good laugh about it, but he’s not going to make his s/o feel bad about feeling jealous. Soonyoung seems to focus on creating a good atmosphere in order to make sure everyone’s feeling okay, and if he thinks that his s/o is upset, he’s going to deconstruct that as soon as possible. He’d make it seem like the idea of being jealous is a little silly, because why would he look at anyone but his s/o? He loves them with all his heart, and other people pale in comparison. I think he’d also want to drop the topic pretty quickly; once it’s addressed, he wouldn’t want his s/o to think about it anymore, because Soonyoung seems like the type to want to expel negative energy as quickly as possible. 

Wonwoo: At first, he’d probably try and laugh it off, teasing you gently for being jealous, cracking some terrible jokes about it. But, when his s/o doesn’t laugh, he’d be like “oh… they’re serious…” Then, he’d probably just comfort them quietly, hugging them. Wonwoo isn’t someone who’s as comfortable with words as the other members, but he’d definitely going to try and reassure to his s/o that he loves them through his actions; little gifts, dates to places he knows his s/o likes, spending more time with them. He’s not as forthcoming with his feelings as some of the other members, so he might have a harder time expressing himself when it came to this, but his s/o would know that he loves them. 

Jihoon: I think out of all the members, Jihoon is going to be the one to find it the most ridiculous, and he’s going to tell his s/o that. He has a more sober personality, and I imagine that once he was comfortable in a relationship, he’s going to be quite frank. And, if he’s comfortable enough to be frank, then he’s going to find the fact that his s/o is jealous silly. He would shut down the notion that his s/o needs to be jealous, since he seems like he’d be more reserved when it comes to romance; so why would a relationship that he’s thought about  a lot and invested a lot into be in danger of some random? To him, it’s a non-issue, and depending on how the s/o feels, that might cause some conflict. But that’s space for growth, and he might learn to be more patient with his s/o after the issue’s resolved. 

Seokmin: I think of all the members, he’s the one who’s going to feel the most guilt over the situation. Seokmin seems to be someone who feels quite deeply, so the idea that he’s hurt his s/o’s feelings in some way would cause him much distress. I also think that he’d be the member most likely to apologize liberally, without trying to find out why exactly his s/o feels jealous. He’s going to go ham with the affection, hugging them and kissing their forehead and promising that it’s never going to happen again. And I don’t think it would; he’d watch his behaviour more closely, trying to make sure that he’s not doing anything that could potentially upset his s/o. In fact, his s/o may have to tell him that it’s okay, and he doesn’t need to be so careful. 

Mingyu: I think initially, he’s going to be very confused. He seems like such an earnest, open person, so he’d be baffled that his s/o was worried in the first place. If he was dating someone, he would certainly only have eyes for them, and he’d be so sure of it that the idea that his s/o had anything to worry about just wouldn’t compute. But after that, he’d do his best to understand. And even if he doesn’t understand why they feel jealous, he’s going to respect it.I mean, he’s such a handsome guy, there’s going to be so many people flirting with him, and I think that he’d miss it a lot of the time. So, he’d learn to be more aware of that, so he can deflect it. And he’s definitely going to be extra affectionate with his s/o (I mean, he’d take any excuse).

Minghao: To me, Minghao seems more of an “actions over words” kind of guy. So, he’d acknowledge his s/o’s feelings but there wouldn’t be much conversation about them. Instead, he would watch his own behaviour more; he would avoid talking to the girl in question, and he would try to include his s/o in more conversations, maybe even showing more physical affection towards them in public. He would do everything he could to avoid a scenario like this again, just because he doesn’t want to see his s/o feeling inadequate again, and he would find it uncomfortable for everyone involved. He wouldn’t bring it up again, and he’d deeply appreciate if his s/o didn’t either. But, there would be a noticeable shift in his behaviour, and it’s just another step to having a better relationship. 

Seungkwan: Like Jihoon, I think Seungkwan would be a little bit annoyed with the fact that his s/o was jealous. I think his response would largely depend on how long the relationship had been. In a younger relationship, he might get it more; he’s insecure, and there’d definitely have been times where he struggled with jealousy. So I think he’d be a bit more understanding, and would apologize and move on. But, in a relationship that had exceeded, say, ten months or so, he’s going to be a little angry. He would’ve shared a lot with his s/o at that point, about his insecurities and his feelings, and the idea that his s/o could misunderstand him would be upsetting. Shouldn’t they know he only has eyes for them? Shouldn’t they know that he’s loyal? But I think that’s just something that needs to be discussed, in order to help your relationship grow further. 

Hansol: He’s going to be confused for a few different reasons. Hansol seems like the type of guy to take relationships quite seriously, and I think if he was with someone, he’d be in it for the long run. And we all know that Hansol is an individualist; he knows who he is, he understands himself, and he’s comfortable with that. And because of that, he knows how he feels; the idea that his s/o could misunderstand that would confuse him a lot. Furthermore, I get the vibe that Hansol really doesn’t get attracted to people often; so, if his s/o was jealous of someone, he wouldn’t get why. But, he seems like a very understanding person, so he’d definitely talk it through with them and try to see where they’re coming from. After that, he would try to see situations from his s/o’s perspective, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Chan: I think, as the youngest and the most inexperienced, Chan would be the most confused over what to do. I think, at first, he would defend himself, telling his s/o that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and that they were being silly. Once he saw that this upset his s/o, however, he would apologise immediately. He’s a bit hot-headed, and I think that’d definitely come out in his relationship, but he’d be trying to learn to control that. He might try and get his s/o to explain what they’re feeling, but he wouldn’t really know what to do with that. I think he’d want to deal with it and drop the topic as soon as possible, just due to the awkwardness of it. He’s still young, and he’s got a lot of growing to do. I think that it’d just be another situation where he and his s/o learn more about each other and themselves, and can grow from it

Okay so I feel like people really do not understand fetishization.  Like, accusing KS of that is Wrong??  Like, listen, I’m a queer girl (so don’t bother dumping that straight people BS on me), and I have read a lot of yaoi, BL, yuri, GL, etc. and let me tell you something.  KS is the least sexual BL/yaoi I’ve ever read, barring the like super cutesy and fluffy kind.

That’s right.  You heard me.  It is almost entirely unsexy, and the only scenes of sexual content are either interrupted, extremely brief, or focusing on the developing dependence between them rather than the act itself.  The sexual content is not “fetishy” and the manhwa isn’t “porn with plot.”  I mean, there have been a handful of scenes with sexual content, but they were hardly what I would call explicit.  I mean, have you read a yaoi lately?  I’m guessing not.

This manhwa was certainly not written by a 13yo and frankly?  I’m actually offended on the author’s behalf.  How dare you.  You owe the author an apology for that.  The writing of this manhwa is better than half the things I’ve read lately.  It’s consistent and well-paced, not to mention suspenseful without being frustrating.  The dark themes are extremely well-handled and are probably more the reason for the rating than the barely their sexual content.

Do me a favor and read through some of Blood Bank (great manhwa, btw) and compare them.  THAT reads more as porn with plot to me, though the tone is shifting by the later chapters.  The beginning has some kind of sexual content in nearly every chapter, enough that the plot is actually slowed down considerably.

You CHOSE to read a manhwa called KILLING STALKING and expected what?  Some kind of healthy little romance?  Really?  You thought it wouldn’t be dark and potentially upsetting?  If you’re so against it, then why did you waste your own damn time reading it??

Personally, I am fascinated by Killing Stalking.  As a writer, I’m amazed with the characters and the little details that have been used to build the world.  I’m amazed that the author can write something so dark with such consistency and flare, not to mention grace.  The relationship building is deeply flawed and unhealthy.  Obviously.  The two main characters are a serial killer and a stalker.  If their relationship was healthy, I’d be disappointed.  The complexities of their choices and their motives is what draws me in in the first place.

How do you feel about people who enjoy Dext/er, I wonder?  Or Break/ing Bad?  What about The Sopr/anos?  Hann/ibal?  Or any other show about criminals?  Are they also sick and horrible?  Or is it just because the relationship is abusive that you have a problem?  Is it the inclusion of abuse and sex in the context of a relationship between two men?  Do you really think that enjoying reading about criminals is something new??  People are always fascinated by the darker side of things.  It’s why film noir and true crime and detective fiction in general is still so popular.

Scared they may be, but people are still fascinated by the dark and what lurks within it.  If you’re having nightmares or panic attacks, obviously you should stop reading it.  Don’t read things you find that scary.  For me, I only have trouble with supernatural horror, so this kind of thing is really interesting and intense.  I enjoy reading it.  I’m on the edge of my seat with every new chapter I read, wondering what’s going to happen next.  Finding a story the captures my attention so fully is extremely rare for me, and frankly nothing anyone says will convince me not to keep reading.

If you want to try, you’re welcome to.  I won’t stop you or even bother to block you.  Hell, I’ll engage if you want.  But no one’s ever taken me up on the invitation before, so I doubt anyone’ll bother now.

Marichat May Day 22 - Rooftop Kisses

Marinette is the last one of her friends stargazing on the roof of the cabin the four friends had rented for the weekend. Her wish on a shooting star comes true when a certain kitty lands on the roof.

Rated G || 818 Words

Cross posted on Ao3 || FF

She Wished

Marinette was the last one left on the roof of the rented cabin. Alya and Nino had adjourned to their shared room several minutes previously and Adrien had gone to bed not long after the four of them had gone up to watch the stars. Marinette couldn’t pull herself away though. They were far enough away from the city that there was no light pollution effecting the view of the stars. Marinette couldn’t even find the soul four she could see from her balcony within the sea of glittering light she was looking at.

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Aaaa hi, it says requests are open again! Before I request anything I really wanna say thatI absolutely LOVE your writing. Like it's so lovely and I genuinely enjoy all of your headcanons. Thank you very much ^^ As for the headcanon, this one might be a little weird? Could you please write a headcanon about the RFA finding out that Jumin has PTSD? If not, it's totally okay! Thank you for taking the time to read this. ~Blaine

Blaine. Blaine. *Puts hands on your shoulders* You are amazing for letting me write this out. I hope I can do this prompt a little justice. And if anyone needs this tagged, let me know? I’m not going to bring specifics into it, like how he got it. Not in this hc.

Also, if anyone is confused, I made this post here explaining my personal hc that I thought Jumin may have PTSD. Totally okay if you disagree with that. JUST as a warning, it does talk about abuse in that post, so I heavily suggest not clicking that if it has the potential to upset you.


- She would be one of the first ones to find out. Due to her keeping track of his schedule more often than he did, she would have to remind him of the meetings he had her jot down. No names, no explaination. Just that he had a meeting with someone at one.

- The first time he had her jot it down, she didn’t think to ask much about it. Sometimes he forgot names, and there really was no way of telling how his exact thought process worked.

- But they started becoming frequent. Weekly, even, instead of monthly, and she starting getting concerned when he dodged all questions about it.

- One day she guised her question to be work related. And honestly, in some ways it was. In order to fully make his schedule correctly, she needed names. It wouldn’t be good for him to accidentally schedule two meetings at the same timeslot, mistaking the ‘Meeting @ 1pm’ to be with a different business client.

- And partly…she was worried he might be risking some reputation. She knew he was smart, but with how easily he fell for some of Seven’s antics…

- Finally, though, with enough pestering, she finally got it out of him. He game her a name, explained it was a doctor, and refused to answer any other questions.

- Rarely, very rarely, he used a voice that was much more than his normal 'stern’ tone. She could count on one hand all the times he had used it with her, or even with anyone in general, but when she tried to press futher and he answered with that rare tone, she finally backed down. Swallowed her worries until she got off of work.

- But right after her shift, as she looked up the doctor’s name, finding out he wasn’t just a simple 'doctor’, seeing what he specialized in. She just felt guilt wash over her.

- She refrained from any more questions. Tried to hide her slight annoyance when he cleared his schedule after meeting with the doctor, ignored how tired he sounded. How drained.

- She didn’t know what caused it, and never wanted to try and pry at what did. The least she could do was try to be a bit more understanding, maybe stop fussing about a certain project or two, but… He probably would want her to treat him like usual, right?

- God. She hoped he was doing okay.


- Jaehee accidentally let it slip that Jumin was seeing a doctor. For reasons she was unsure about, since he never said. 

- So of course, of cooourse, Seven wasn’t just going to ignore the chance to snoop around a bit?

- Granted, he was mainly doing it to make sure that Jumin wasn’t hiding that he had cancer, or something life-threatening like that. He knew Jumin had grown up close with V, and privately hoped the man didn’t share his habit of hiding his health.

- Regardless, even with how rich Jumin was, hacking into his bank statements was easy. Trailing cards numbers, amounts, names. Super easy, hardly any effort wasted.

-But he felt his heart slowly inch towards his stomach as he found the doctor’s name. Found what he specialized in, and that Jumin wasn’t actually going to your normal doctor.

- It was hard, admittedly, to not look into the doctor’s files on Jumin. Especially since he was literally a few keys away on possibly finding out why Jumin may have a few quirks. Quirks that the RFA loved him for, but also teased about.

- But if he did, he wouldn’t ever get the guilt to wash away. He’d never be able to look at him, not until he came clean.

- He wanted to know. Wanted to know each reason, wanted to see if his skills could somehow make Jumin feel better, but he only worked with computers. Not people.

- That was the furthest he dug into the issue. If the subject was brought up in the chat, he tried slipping the convo into teasing Yoosung about something, or just…anything distracting.

- Jumin would tell them if it became relevant, he knew that much. Just hopefully he would learn to speak up if he needed help.


- Ultimately, it’s Seven who tells him. Of all the people. He called him during a heated bickering session with Jumin. He wasn’t even aware he was in the chatroom watching them, but when Seven kept trying to find a good way to word something, he cooled off pretty quickly.

- It’s awkward at first, since his main reasoning for calling is to try and get Zen to drop the subject of Jumin’s health, which…Zen is confused as to why being concerned over another members health is a bad thing. So, Seven tried to explain, stumbling a bit over his words.

- After Seven admits he hacked into Jumin’s bank statements and such (Zen immediately getting ready to explain why the fuck that was a stupid thing to do in the first place), Seven explains what kind of doctor Jumin is seeing. And…Zen shuts up. In fact, he’s quiet for a solid minute before asking what he would be seeing him for.

- And once he hears it, he has to ask Seven to repeat it, and then they’re both quiet. Just silently on the phone, wondering what the fuck happened to their cat mom of a friend.

- After they get on the phone, Zen pops back into the chat and ends the argument. In private, he sends a text to Jumin, making some bs excuse about work being difficult. And, awkwardly, tries to suggest having a beer with him. Just to talk. Catch up, talk about life, since Jumin isn’t in the chat often.

- He doesn’t let it get to him when Jumin declines (No free time to even do so), but he feels a bit relieved that Jumin agrees to at least trying to do so sometime.

- They may argue, but if Jumin is dealing with something heavy on his own, then he’s going to at least try to listen. Even if he can’t give the best advice.


- He doesn’t find out until Jumin announces it in the chat one day, claiming to know that Seven must have found out and told everyone, since everyone is treating him vastly different.

- Per Yoosung’s prompting, he explains he doesn’t have anything physical to worry about- No blindness, no cancer, nothing like that. Just a mental issue, something he’s trying to learn more about each session.

- And honestly…Yoosung didn’t know what PTSD was at first. He was confused, and Jumin spelling out the full name didn’t help. Seven eventually had to link him an article in a text, and he felt so sick reading it.

- All the possibilities of Jumin having it…All the implications. They were so horrible! He ended up staying up for a while that night, trying to calm himself down from imagining all the different types of pain his friend could have gone through.

- He never thought Jumin could have something like this. He was born with a silver spoon- Most of his problems were things Yoosung wished he could worry about! Realizing that Jumin possibly hurt some days, more than others, just made him feel an immense guilt for even lightly teasing him at times.

- The next day, exhausted with trying to come up with ways to help out, ways to show he cared, he carefully brought the topic back up in the chat.

- He explained that he knew he was just a kid to Jumin, knew he wasn’t as well put together as he was, but if there was any way he could help, just to let him know. Even if it was just listening to him, Yoosung would do it. He could even call super late at night, since he gamed until four in the morning!

- Jumin was surprisingly a little nice about Yoosung flooding the chat with his worries for him. He explained that, for now, he just wanted everyone to treat him normally, since the chat had developed a weird tension ever since they all found out. But…He was going to take the offers they made, if the need ever arose.

- Even though it was a small thing, the only thing Yoosung could really offer, he was glad it seemed to be helpful.

- In the meantime, he was going to find some cute cat pictures to save for when Jumin was feeling a bit down. It was small, but at least it would show that he cared for him, and he knew Jumin would understand that.

  • Tumblr: omgggg how dare you not tag literally every noun this picture entails of I'm triggereeeeeedddd you ableist scuuum
  • Me, someone whose intrusive thoughts can be triggered by anything my brain decides to morph and twist to its own liking and who knows that people can't be held responsible for my sudden and unusual triggers because it's a public website and makes the cautious effort to stay away from anything that could potentially upset me, knowing shit happens anyway: fucking chill
on Mor & Az

Hey friends,

I’m here to talk about moriel. Not just my feelings or headcanons or whatever, but to put down in writing some responses to arguments that I have seen that have been bothering me. I’ve already made this post about the nature of their relationship - Mor & Az have a comfortable relationship. It’s not dramatic, it’s not crazy, it’s not tumultuous. It’s easy to miss, tbh. Unless you pay attention to how they act, rather than what they say. I have also made a separate post about the way that Mor takes care of Az (and by extension cares for him). I framed this in the context of emotional labor because I wanted to show why people might miss a lot of these hints. Much of that argument is still relevant, and you can find it here.

*I am addressing a few things that have come across my dash, comments, reblogs, and/or direct messages with multiple people. This is not an attempt to call anyone out. (And I was asked to tag @stephaniemac8) And clearly, most of this is under the cut because it ended up over 4k words.

In order to create this post, I pulled together a bunch of evidence from the book; some of it I already had from other metas, some of it I had saved for this purpose. I’m going to focus on how Mor feels about Az because that seems to be the biggest point of contention. A lot of this will implicitly apply to some other common arguments – that they are unhealthy, that they don’t communicate, etc. But the bulk of this is about how Mor feels.

With that said: please don’t respond to this post with arguments/issues that I am intentionally not addressing. This includes: how Rhys or Cassian fit into this, what happened between everyone when they first me re: The Incident, events that may or may not have happened in the last 500 years for which we have no evidence, or whether there is a Mor/Az/Cassian love triangle. Those are all different issues. I am discussing how they/Mor feel based on the evidence we have, which is all coming from the present timeline. (Clearly they discuss the past, but I am intentionally not discussing that, for reasons I have mentioned before in previous posts, namely that time, maturity, perception, etc. color how they might explain/see it.)

The following are several examples of Mor showing that she cares for Az – I also want to note that this is what we see from others’ perspectives (namely Feyre and Cassian, with some commentary from themselves and Rhys). We never see how she treats him when it is just the two of them. And we never get a direct statement of her saying how she feels. But in this case, actions speak much, much louder than words. One of the things I realized while writing this was the fact that it is explicitly stated more than once that Azriel loves Mor – the same explicit statement is not made in reverse. However, that doesn’t make it not true.

I have these in the order they appear in the book, mostly (as usual, with chapters instead of page numbers bc I’m using my ebook – I don’t want to search my physical copy); most of these quotes are examples of things that Mor does to show how she feels, and are not things that she does with other characters:

“But I quieted my own curiosity as Cassian again shrugged, not even bothering to take note of the silence that seemed to leak from the shadowsinger. Mor saw, though—even if Azriel didn’t bother to acknowledge her concerned stare, the hand that she kept looking at as if she’d touch, but thought better of it.” (chp. 16)

I’ve discussed this before, but we have a clear contrast here between the way that Mor treats Az when he is potentially upset and the way Cassian does. Someone who is in love would not ignore the way that person feels, especially when they are upset. Even if she doesn’t act on it, she is in tune with how he feels and feels that she needs to take care of him in this scene. There are many examples of these two acting differently towards each other than they act towards their other friends. This is a major indicator that they are not just friends. Cassian has no responsibility towards Az other than a friend, and so his ignoring of Azriel is fine – the point is not to demonize him, but to show the difference between how a friend (Cassian) treats Az, and how someone else does (Mor, obviously, and I don’t know how to classify her e.g. lover etc.)

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