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*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive


Gandalf’s Counsel: what would it look like he’s trying to do? (1/49)

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Sorry if this a bother, but I keep seeing posts where you are referring to heart and memories, and I was wondering if you could explain what you mean by that. I'm a new follower and I'm slightly confused. Btw I love your metas! Thanks! ^^


Well, basically its a theme for season 12′s MotW episodes which is a theme for the season and I feel like it is a theme leading to Cas’ death and season 13 re: who HE is, with the AU/resurrection possibilities.

In 12x11 Dean loses his memories but is ultimately still himself because he still has his heart, though without his memories he is an altered, unrepressed version of himself, which Sam says he doesn’t think is DEAN because his Dean is so repressed, but this IS Dean at his core… but it isn’t our Dean as we know him… *this is exactly how AU Cas would be*.

In 12x20 Alesha also remains herself because she has both her heart and her memories although her actions are somewhat controlled, it means it is slightly ambiguous but the bit at the end about her worrying for Max’s arm, paralleled with the exact same moment at the end of the episode before with Cas and Dean in 12x19 is so important to show that the heart is the same even if there is a potential moment of control that can be exerted.

In 12x22 Mary is NOT herself because her memories are intact but her heart has been corrupted.

So what makes us US? It seems to be a mix of memories and heart, but mainly heart.

I think this is going to be super important if we get AU Cas which seems like it is highly likely, though I may be wrong, or it is just really important for Cas in this season and how we see him re: Jack and Mary. But yeah, I do feel personally like this is going to be relevant to an AU Cas as it would be so perfect to show how he would still be the same at HEART but with his memories he would be slightly different, he would still be helping Humanity but without Dean probably not happy, not the best that he could be and Dean will see this and it would be a huge step in him letting himself be with Cas because he wouldn’t see himself as the one who “broke” him like he does (remember that conversation with Kevin where he said that Angels can’t love or feel emotion as it breaks them apart, yeah, he’s still not gotten over that, especially after 12x12 when Cas basically told him that its thanks to him that he is dying, though he didn’t mean it that way, THAT for me is why he looked so upset and angry in that moment, he’s angry with HIMSELF).

So, during the entire MoC era Dean was exactly the opposite of 12x11. 

It was Dean without his ‘heart’, it being tainted by the MoC, but still with his memories.

Originally posted by arabspn

In 12x11 he lost his memories but still had his ‘heart’.

Originally posted by charlie-bradcherry

In 12x22 Mary lost her  ‘heart’ but not her memories in 12x22 and Dean won her back through his own heart.

In 12x11 we saw the real deep down heart of Dean and it was the polar opposite of the aspects of the John part of Dean that were shown in the MoC era, he was SOFT, he was GENTLE, he was apparently kind of not uninterested in a M/M/F Live Skinemax show, he loved Dory *insert Cas = fish meta here*, fanboyed over his best friend being an Angel, treated everyone with respect and was so innocent, whilst at the same time being a BAMF hunter who still saved the day and was clever and ingenious.

There’s loads of excellent meta out there about how Crowley and Cas represented the two sides of Dean, the dark and the light. I put this in this context into memories and heart, past and future, anger and violence, love and compassion. It’s important that Dean was associated with Crowley in the MoC era (s9-10) and Cas in the self acceptance era (s11-12) with Crowley saving Cas multiple times FOR DEAN (he even says “you’re welcome” in 12x12) and then dies by sacrificing HIMSELF in 12x23 after saying he is tired and has had enough, as a direct metaphor for Dean being tired of keeping his facade up and literally blowing down the walls with the big metaphorical grenade launcher, while the bi-coloured bunker lights flash around him… I just cannot get over those pink and blue lights man… amazing.

So yeah, overall:

- John/Crowley = dark childhood / MoC / Demon!Dean memories and violence 

- Mary/Cas = heart and love.

So it all lends itself to a wonderful full circle of metaphors around Dean but also maybe potentially relevant for Cas in season 13…

I feel that we haven’t talked enough about this line right at the end of His Last Vow; particularly by wondering about all the other occasions Mycroft might have said something of this nature to Sherlock.

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Hi there! So I am very very new to this whole ace thing and coming to terms with asking myself if I really am aromantic or not. I know I am definitely not asexual. But I was wondering, how can you tell the difference between being aromantic or just if your uncomfortable with the romantic side of things because you haven't had much experience with it? I just don't want to rush and end up labelling myself wrong. Thanks for your help :)

I just want to start off this reply with something that I have told a lot of the younger members of the community - you are old enough to know what you are in this moment. I’m 22, but I’ve spoken to a few people in the community who are 14-16 and it amazes me everyday that people are so knowledgeable and self-aware and thinking about this stuff! The younger members of the community amaze me everyday. Not just in the AroSpec community, but in all of Tumblr!

When you’re new and young people will try and discredit your identity by saying that you are too young to know what you want or what you are. But scientific evidence has proven that children generally know their sexual orientation by the age of 10-years old. 10! (And people will always try and discredit your identity because they simply cannot believe that anyone could be happy being anything but heteroro… gag). And I can only assume that romantic orientation is along the same lines, as most people don’t even separate them enough - and you are much more aware of romantic orientation than your sexual orientation at the age of 10, when you’re figuring out how to interact with other people! I know that there is documented evidence of children experiencing common romantic signs when they are 5 years old.

So I think the first thing that you need to figure out is: To what extent (if any) do you experience romantic attraction? Remember, romantic attraction is separate from doing romantic things.
This varies between people, but I’ll lay out a few common experiences of romantic attraction.
-When you’re romantically attracted to someone, you want to hug them and be with them for as long as physically possible. I mean, cuddle for hours - even if it’s a weird or uncomfortable position! Your desire for closeness with them (And not necessarily touching closeness, like sensual touch, just physical [proximity) overrides most of your other concerns. I know there have been times with me (when I have had allo partners) that they have been very confused by my… Restlessness, when we are watching Netflix. And I’m like - YOU ARE SUFFOCATING ME, THIS IS NOT FUN. They didn’t understand at all! The experience of being close to me stopped them feeling suffocated, even after like an hour!
-A huge amount of people have reported feeling “butterflies in my stomach”. Similar to exams, people who experience romantic attraction tell me that they feel this whenever they see or even think about the person - sometimes it can be very debilitating!
-Or rather than nerves, people feel “warm and fuzzy” when they’re around the object of their attraction, ESPECIALLY if that person is paying direct attention! 

If you’ve never felt romantic attraction, and you’re worried that it’s because you haven’t clicked with anyone yet, I highly suggest you check out this amazing post by anagori
which contains experiences that you may be more familiar with even if you don’t have a lot of so-called ‘life experience’:

4. You have trouble telling the difference between romantic and friendly feelings.
6. You’re not sure if you’ve ever had a crush on someone or fallen in love.
8. You have doubted whether crushes or love really exist, or if they’re just cultural constructs.
9. You find romance boring, annoying or upsetting when it appears in fiction, even if it’s written well.
13. If you’re not asexual, a “friends with benefits” relationship sounds ideal to you.
17. You don’t understand why people do ridiculous, irrational or over-the-top things in the name of love.
32. It’s not so much the idea of being single forever that bothers you, so much as being alone or unwanted.
33. You are either oblivious to other people flirting with you, or feel uncomfortable or threatened by it.
42. You would rather be huggy, cuddly or emotionally intimate with all of your friends instead of reserving your intimacy for just one person.

Just a sample of potentially relevant ones ^^
As for the other part of your question, I’ll refer you to the definition in our glossary:
Romance Repulsion: a reaction to romance; someone who is romance repulsed is repulsed, “turned off”, disgusted, or otherwise uncomfortable with romance and/or romantic things.

Romance repulsion is separate from our orientation, so you can be uncomfortable with romance while being alloromantic… But it’s true that many aromantics are uncomfortable with romance. I guess that has something to do with it naturally alienating us due to us not experiencing it the way many people do. Aromantics do not have the opposition to the romance repulsion aka we don’t desire it, so why should we get over the repulsion? So there’s crossover, but there’s more to it than that, yfeel?

I guess I just wanted to finish up this reply by saying that it’s okay to change your orientation now or later on. You can identify as aromantic now, or even gray aromantic if you want some leeway, and change it later depending on your experiences. If you identify as it now, you are valid as you are, and people who try and undermine your identity on the basis of your experience are Grade-A Assholes. Society doesn’t tell heteroro 10-year olds that they don’t know what they are until they have sex with every gender, so gatekeeping based on experience is just silly. You know what you are, if you have access to the information you need.

I hope this has been helpful for you, if you want further assistance please feel free to come back to our askbox.

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Would your Red Hood solo pitch involve two face for bit? with that whole connection with his dad thing, i always thought it was weird that they haven't explored that later on.

…why didn’t I think of that omg.

Yes, ideally, Two-Face would be involved for at least an arc. He’s mostly street-level, he has a History with Jason (who insulted his car lmao), and he’s one of my favorite rogues (with specific writers anyway). It would be nice for Jason to have yet another reminder that his black-and-white morality doesn’t work for some people, and for an excuse to delve into his childhood. 

An anon and I were actually talking about the connection to Jason’s dad here, if you’re curious. They intended to explore that further while Jason was Robin, but Starlin wasn’t interested. As for Red Hood, I’m…not sure while no one tapped into that storyline potential. It was mostly relevant in Pre52, not so much now, and this is when Jason is finally getting a lot of appearances, so… I honestly doubt anything will ever come of it in canon. 

- blah blah know what you’re fighting for blah blah kids blah blah feelings
- turns out i can think you’re an asshole as a mom and still want to bang you like a screen door (which isn’t news per say, but, y'know, reconfirmation)
- had to peruse some tags and hem and haw a bit, but self identified as aro on an application (it specifically mentioned it, it was potentially relevant, i was obvs self-IDing as disabled and I didn’t feel like i could do one and leave something else out, especially bc…)
- sweet jesus we need to stop communicating about personal shit primarily through work

The Problem with Premiere Culture

Last week, I arranged for 4 song, video, or album stream premieres with 4 different editorial outlets for my artists. This is obviously not uncommon for any of you, as this is has become a substantial part of our job as music publicists. There are aspects of it that are appealing, both to publicist, label, band, and management. It offers newer artists an in with outlets that might otherwise not give them coverage. It is guaranteed coverage for an artist and asset when otherwise, a press release may have gone out with the possibility that high-profile outlets choose to ignore it. It purports to offer a strategically-timed editorial posting, running coverage just as an artist chooses to make other announcements (tour dates, album release date, etc.). I’m explaining the obvious because I think it’s important to review the reasons we do this. Yes, all the reasons listed above are beneficial. But this system is corrupted. Not in a devious way that takes advantage of anyone without their knowledge, but simply in a broken way that doesn’t hold both parties accountable and doesn’t incentivize the editorial outlet to care about the artist, publicist, or label at all, and truly reduces this content to the “dissemination of an asset.” When we are discussing art, which is what we are discussing here, let’s not forget, it’s pretty much the most antiseptic and dispassionate way to consider it.

Those 4 premieres I mentioned above? They were all botched by the outlet. Three of them were anywhere between 45 and 120 minutes late, mostly with little regard or apology for the inconvenience. With the fourth one, the editor had completely forgotten about the premiere the day before it was scheduled to happen and tried to push it to the next day. After suggesting I find another premiere partner last minute (an extremely difficult proposition), he  finally offered an ultimatum of premiering it 3 hours later than previously agreed upon, all with an air of frustration as though he was doing me a favor. One of my colleagues arranged another premiere where the outlet misspelled the name of the song (clearly spelled correctly on the soundcloud, of course), leading to another high-profile music outlet to pick up the item and also spell the song incorrectly.

This happens because outlets are not incentivized to give a shit. They don’t even strive to write their own copy about whatever asset it is they are premiering; they request a quote from the band or video director, plug that in with one sentence mentioning a release date, and go live with it, often an hour or more after the agreed upon premiere time. This is what we spend our days arranging. We stress and work against the clock to secure premieres that account for publicity campaigns spanning multiple continents that rely on specific timing with editors who have literally no reason to care. Their editors above them saddle them with the job of handling premieres, and their job is simply to secure enough of these for people to believe they are doing their jobs. They are not interested in going out on a limb on a new artist, nor are they rewarded for being the first to premiere a new artist that is going to be significant in the future. They don’t play to win, they play not to lose. This is in direct conflict with what I can only assume is the reason why we all got into this, publicists, label staff, and writers alike. We love music. We live for it, we work for it, and we voraciously consume it. We are music fans and get excited about hearing new music that fills us with emotion.

I recently pitched an editor on a video premiere. I even offered that they host it in their Youtube channel, because this was a new artist I believe to be meaningful and I wanted to expose their viewership to a really great artist and adventurous video. I was prepared to essentially concede ownership of this video to this outlet because this was something they have been asking for recently, (despite their complete lack of involvement, financial or otherwise, in the meticulous creation of this video), but I felt this was a case where truly the pay-off stood to be worth that cost. She passed on the video. I asked if she watched it, and she said no. I protested, saying I usually bring her good stuff, and the least she could do is watch it, and she proceeded to tell me what I already knew, but what is still difficult to hear: It doesn’t matter how good it is, this artist is just not at “video premiere level” yet.

I’m no spring chicken, and I’m not naive about outlets’ ultimate motive of driving traffic, but when an outlet that purports to be a champion of new music is not interested in even viewing something before passing on it, something is broken. When we are unable to get outlets to care enough to double-check the name of a song before posting it, something is broken. When outlets unapologetically and brazenly dismiss agreed upon timing, or simply don’t care enough to get it right, something is broken. When editorial content has been relegated to [insert artist quote here] [insert release date here] instead of actually describing the music, then something is broken and the passion that brought us all here is a fond memory turned to dust.

One big casualty of premiere culture is the truly inventive and creative pitch. Finding premieres takes up such a large part of my week, and I can only imagine it does for most other publicists, as well. This gives us less time to spend on thinking of honestly transformative pieces of press, the kind that both artists and editorial outlets both get excited for. These are the pieces that live on, the ones that people talk about later. They are loving and lived in, approached by all parties with an understanding that this can change the way people think about music. They are a relationship. The premiere is a bad one night stand.

I don’t know what the solution to this problem is. Right now, unless you’re in the position to and the type of publicist to withhold access to your larger clients unless your smaller clients get play (which I personally find problematic and disrespectful to all involved), we are in a position of weakness. I have an imaginary dream scenario where all labels, management, and artists join with publicists in some massive meeting room somewhere and decided en masse that we will not premiere another thing with another outlet. Everything is disseminated via press release, and if an outlet wants to be first on something, they need to be quick on their toes. Think about how much time, energy, and frustration that would save.

Obviously, some, myself included, have artists that are smaller and may be routinely ignored by larger outlets unless they are premiering an asset. This is a problem. But I think this puts the impetus back on the outlet to be a true musical frontiersperson. They have the opportunity to be an early champion of a potentially relevant new artist. It’s fun, it’s why we do this, right? There are so many better ways to make money than doing what we do.

The main thing I see is a model that is unsustainable. We can laugh it off as “one of those pains in the ass we just have to deal with,” or we can identify this as a cancerous aspect of our jobs, something that keeps us from doing truly good work, and find a way to cut it out. I’m open to any sort of dialogue, and want to hear how other people feel about it. And I certainly would not cease pitching premieres for my artists until a better system was in place. I’ve just hit a wall with it, and hope to get back to really promoting my artists through thoughtful editorial rather than mad libs written by unincentivized writers who want to be writing these premieres about as much as I want to be pitching them.

Jacob Daneman

Pitch Perfect PR

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Did you see that new "Pearl didn't know Lapis was in the mirror" theory? (/130564659517) It fits way too well with you "Pearl was Rose's scabbard" theory.

ah, I hadn’t seen that but its an interesting take on the scene and it does definitely fit with the “Pearl was Rose’s scabbard” theory. I could see that possibly being true or partially true, since it is interesting that Garnet looks over at Pearl for a good couple seconds before reacting. I recognize the OP as a liveblogger, though, so they don’t have complete information yet given that we now know Amethyst joined the group much later than the other two, it seems unlikely she’d have been involved in imprisoning Lapis if Pearl wasn’t, not to mention Lapis doesn’t implicate any of them (just says they knew she was in there, I would expect her to be far more accusatory if they were actually present for her capture). Gems powering objects seems to be a “normal” Gem thing so the Gems don’t really seem to see that as odd, although I do think may be uncommon that a fully conscious Gem like Lapis would be used to power an object (the Crystal Gems seemed to think it should be impossible for her communicate, as though she shouldn’t have a consciousness at all)

Still, its interesting and could be potentially relevant in some way

On Vriska Serket

Okay, I wanted to address something for new followers, in wake of the new upd8. And also refresh the memories of old followers. And I think this is stuff that now deserves to be compiled into it’s own post.

For the people who are used to writing Vriska off as a ‘huge bitch’, today’s upd8 probably came as quite a shock. Not for me. What were seeing was Vriska’s ‘true self’. She’s always tried to be a good friend, a hero, and she’s always shown glimmers of genuine compassion underneath her overdramatic ‘mask.’ Just various circumstances, Doc Scratch, her position in the hemospectrum, and he awful upbringing, made it very well hidden.

Those who were around during the last set of upd8s know I did a lot of exploration and analysis of Vriska’s character. She’s one of the deepest, and most complex, and it’s been a hell of a ride character development-wise for her. But the character she showed today has just been waiting to emerge, and now it has and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to take my various analysis of her and compile them into one post, since they are currently scattered about various upd8 and theory posts.

In this post I talked about why Vriska was the ‘leader’ of the meteor crew, and how she had always shown ‘leadership’ potential. Here are the relevant bits:

But more then that, the three years on the meteor will give her the chance to develop two traits that have been in the background for her, but that will assist her: Compassion and loyalty.

The compassion is easy to find. Like when she was willing to listen to Feferi’s problems in Alterniabound:

Or on multiple occasions with John:

The loyalty seems unusual, given the Team Charge incident. Except there was an outside factor in that incident: Doc Scratch. Vriska makes it clear after paralyzing Tavros that she never originally intended to do it:

People like to downplay Scratch’s role in this. When Aradia summoned her ghosts, it’s Scratch, not Vriska, who suggests the idea of killing Aradia. If you examine the conversation closely, you can see how he manipulates her into doing it:

And a little later in the conversation, Vriska implies Scratch pulled a similar thing before, leading to her paralyzing Tavros:

Remember, Vriska’s lusus demanded that she regular feed her fellow trolls to it. And Vriska had specifically designated Aradia, Tavros, and the others as ‘off-limits.’ That means at some point, she got fond enough of them (especially Tavros who she could control unlike Aradia) to not try making them spider food. That also implies significant emotional investment. When the smoke cleared, she was likely mortified.

And it left her with a hell of a guilt complex. At a couple points, she all but begs those she wronged to just be mad and blame her for it already:

I’m getting off track here. Anyway, in Alterniabound, it’s clear no one is going to give her the time of the day. Yet despite that, she makes it clear that part of the reason she’s going off to fight Noir is to help her friends:

Vriska had been treated like crap (justified or not) by the other trolls, and yet she still wanted to be a hero for them. She still cares for them, even if they don’t completely care for her anymore. Her expression after Jack comes back with Karkat and Terezi’s bodies in the doomed timeline says it all:

If that’s not convincing enough, here’s a couple other things. 1. Vriska is a Scorpio personality. A defining virtue of the Scorpio sign is loyalty. And 2. there was THIS quote:

Pride is something we are very familiar with in Vriska, but I think it’s notable that ‘loyalty’ was also specifically cited as a defining trait of troll blue bloods.

Which makes Vriska’s death by being stabbed in the back in the original timeline all the more ironic…

And to add onto the above, Vriska was also trying to seek redemption by fighting Jack. As she says:

In this post I compared Daverezi to JohnVris. Here are the relevant bits:

Unlike Terezi, who didn’t care that Dave was irritated with her and just wanted him to shut up and listen, Vriska showed actual, now I have the word, consideration for John’s side of things. John is the one who reminds her she wanted to talk about something, in contrast to Terezi’s insistence. The conversations are obviously too long to do a thorough comparison, but the differences are stark. Vriska did hide the fact that John wouldn’t see his guardian alive again, but she made a point to apologize about it later:

I still think it’s a damn tragedy John never got the chance to talk to Vriska after finding his dad gone, because I think talking with her would have gone a long way to averting his later angst.

Here’s another example. Dave clearly becomes uncomfortable with Terezi’s morbidity, but she’s quite flippant about it:

Vriska, in comparison, was aware her talk of killing unsettled John:

And again showed consideration for that (and for him in general) when asking him on that d8:

And again, the God Tier debacle. Terezi was unrepentant to Dave for her stunt:

While Vriska was apologetic:

…Y’know, knowing how much Vriska regrets killing Aradia and tried to make it up to her, that just makes this:

Feel more emotionally significant. Aradia has come back to life as the trolls’ second God Tier, and there’s a sense of ‘clearing the air’.

I gathered up some other relevant quotes, which shows that Vriska was drifting from the violent, ‘need to be the best’ mindset, towards effectively saying she’d like to try being what she perceived as ‘weak’ (i.e. human). That’s a pretty big thing coming from an intense competitor like her:

Given all of the above, was any of Vriska’s behavior in this flash a surprise to me? Not in the slightest. In fact, I was expecting it. The potential has always been there, she just needed the chance to bring it out. I mean really bring it out, dreambubbles explicitly cause stagnation so her ghost in the dreambubbles was never going to tap into it.

Apologies for the messy post, I’m tired, but I wanted to churn this out because I’ve been emphasizing Vriska’s well-hidden ‘heroic’ side for a long time and this flash validated it one fantastic swoop. With a fair chunk of the fandom in disblief that the ‘huge 8itch’ could suddenly turn out so nice, this seemed important to share. I’ll probably edit it when I’m less tired, but this is good enough for now.

fic: routine

Office Pet AU. In which Rhys is on Hyperion’s payroll as Jack’s “secretary.” Well, he does spend his time in the CEO’s office, that much is true. (this has literally no substance, it’s shameless, come at me.)

cw: D/s, collars, and breathplay.

Rhys’ work days follow a certain routine.

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so I finally decided to put some of my thoughts down into words about the whole Beth Is Alive scenario. this is gonna be a jumbled mess, but it’s mainly a reference for myself and who knows, maybe one of you will read something new too.

as an obvious warning, I will be talking about the end of Coda, so I don’t want anyone to read this if that bothers them.

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You know who would be a great Peter Parker?

Khylin Rhambo:

Originally posted by retrospectdream

1.) He’s friggin adorable

2.) He’s only 19 (the same age as current Peter-of-the-week Tom Holland)

3.) He does a great job playing a nerdy and intelligent high schooler

4.) A black Peter Parker narrative has a lot more potential power and relevance than yet another white Peter, as detailed in this brilliant post


Octopus-Inspired Camo Changes Color In Light

Researchers have taken a tip from the ocean’s masters of disguise to develop a new active camouflage system. 

An international team of scientists coupled heat-sensitive dye with a distributed grid of photoreceptors to make a flexible material that changes color based on the light that falls on it. When any of the system’s cells is heated above 117 degrees Fahrenheit by a silicon diode underneath, the dye turns from black to clear.

Like the cephalopods that inspired the work, the camo system can respond to changes in light within two seconds using 

“The concepts provide realistic routes to thin sheets that can be conformally wrapped onto solid objects to modulate their visual appearance, with potential relevance to consumer, industrial, and military applications,” the authors write in a report on their work published today in the journal PNAS. 

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I won’t be making profiles for the summer movie Riders until closer to the movie’s release, but for now I’d like to share some interesting info regarding Kamuro, the silver apple-themed Rider who’s heavily modeled after Gaim. While it can be seen as lazy design, since he’s just using Gaim’s helmet parts with a new crest, there’s something pretty cool about it. 

Due to the helmet design, it’s likely Kamuro is based around Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a very notable figure in Japanese history, and it makes sense to base his features on Gaim since he was also a warrior. 

You can read about Hideyoshi in detail here, but to give some finer details: He was a daimyo (ruler) who succeeded Oda Nobunaga and was known as the man who unified the entire country of Japan and brought an end to the Sengoku era, essentially putting a stop to the war. Among other decisions made during his ruling, he created a law that only samurai could carry weapons and also financed the restoration of many temples still in Kyoto today. 

Japanese history is something I only occasionally delve into but I find it fascinating when I do. I thought this would be a fun thing to share given its potential relevance. 

ceekari  asked:

I am a bit confused on the difference between bisexual and pansexual. I could google it, but rather than wading through multiple conflicting sources and still not being sure, I thought I'd ask someone who generally seems to know things.

bisexual is the older term and pansexual was coined to specifically be more inclusive and/or indicate that gender wasn’t really relevant to potential attraction.  but the older term has also been used to mean that for at least some people, so there’s a lot of overlap and fuzzy edges on what they mean to different individuals. plus, people choose their labels for lots of different reasons, including things like ‘this word feels more comfortable’, ‘i like the local community around this word’, ‘this word is more commonly known’ etc.

and then we get amateur linguists who want to argue about what the words should mean which is kind of an exercise in denial, but I understand the impulse.

anyway, one way of looking at it: bi= same and different genders; pan= all genders, yes these are possibly the same thing, yes you should probably just ask someone if you need to know the finer details of their sexuality politics.

I think mostly people get to pick their own labels and it’s really dumb to argue with people about what their own sexual preferences are.


Okay, so things that y’all need to know to set the context of this post:

  1. Pokemon Sun and Moon CONFIRMED. 
  2. I live in Singapore and I spent about 50% of my life being Hype about Southeast Asia. 
  3. Pictures are not mine I took them off GameFAQs and Reddit and some other places. 
  4. This is entirely wrong probably and I am setting myself up for disappointment. 

That said, here is my crackpot theory: Pokemon SM will be based off of Southeast Asia. 

We know that this is probably a new Gen — “a new world” was mentioned in the trailer, plus there was concept art for a new Pokemon shown [I’ll get to that later], so while there is the possibility that they’re going to pull a Johto and make Gen 6 linked up, it’s entirely possible that they’re just going to do an entirely new region. And since Pokemon has already done Japan, America and Europe, it’s likely that the new region is going to be either Africa, South America or another part of Asia [Asia’s the largest continent, js]. Based on what we see in the trailer, we also know that there’s palm trees in the game, probably —

There’s a palm tree next to the hotel [we know it’s a hotel because of the girl with the suitcase outside], which means that it’s possible that the new region is tropical. You know what region is largely tropical? Southeast Asia. It’s smack-dab on the equator. 

[As a side note, the equator is One Of The Few Places where day and night have a consistently timed cycle. We don’t have DST. Sun and Moon, much?]

Anyway, look at that hotel. Now look at this hotel. 

Here’s a picture of Raffles Hotel in Singapore. That is an eerie resemblance architecturally speaking, down to the surrounding fauna and grass patch [without a fountain though, I must admit] in front of the hotel. 

Also! SEA is known for being a largely maritime region, with a whole load of islands [the Indonesian archipelago alone has 17000+ islands], so it would make sense for the architecture to be decorated with water type Pokemon!

SEA can also be divided into two categories — “Mainland” and “Maritime” SEA. Here’s another picture, for your reference:

If the region is conceptualised after the sun and moon, it would make sense to have a region where the sun and moon play a large part in the daily lives of the people. So in what areas of life do the sun and moon have the greatest effect? Agriculture [the sun] and the tides [the moon]. Both things of great importance to SEA, one of the world’s largest producers of rice, and a region largely composed of islands. 

[PS you know what’s in SEA? Volcanoes. Lots and lots of volcanoes in SEA. Any potential relevance to the sun there?]

Also, there are eleven countries in Southeast Asia. If GF were to conceptualise each country as a town/city, it would be about the correct number? 

Anyway, you know how I mentioned that I would talk about the new Pokemon? Here’s a mock-up of the new Pokemon, courtesy of Twitter user Sylvaur:

Based on the features of the bird, most everyone so far has agreed that it’s some form of woodpecker, and that it’s probably going to be the staple bird of Gen 7. What everyone appeared to miss out, though, is that the bird seems to have a white belly, which you can see a little bit of in the original image. 

So we’re looking for a woodpecker with a red head, white face and belly and black/grey wings. The closest I can get to that in SEA is the White Bellied Woodpecker, which lacks the white face, but in Asia in general it’s the White Backed Woodpecker, which has all of the features but extra stripes on the wings and can also be found in Europe. I don’t know. It could be a merge of random woodpecker species. In any case, woodpeckers are available in SEA and that’s what matters. 

Also, there’s new designs for the Pokemon Centers, which vaguely resemble tropical huts for some reason. More tropical region potential. 


I’m not going to spend time being hype about Pokemon vehicles, because I know a few people have already done that, but what I want to point out here is the fact that there is probably going to be a boat, based on what I’ve circled in this image here alone. Whether that’s a singular ferry to another place remains to be seen, but there’s definitely places to go over the water for this region. C:

In any case, I am absolutely hyped for Gen 7 and feel free to refute/add any things to this post. I’m just dumping all my points and pictures here.